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Death Entertains By Jeffrey J. Van Houtte

The audience slowly enter the grounds, bringing their wreaths of flowers and memories of loved ones no more. Shadows take on human form, with the movement of the sun. The groundskeeper stares at the parade of Mercedes, Lexus’ and various other cars slowly driving by each and every grave, observing the different grave markers as visitors to a museum. He smiles to himself. It reminds him of a summer resort in season. Bouquets of bright colored flowers are presented to each gravesite as though an offering being placed at the feet of a Pagan king. A cool breeze moves the petals of the flowers and the attendees pull their coats up close around their neck. Silence is a whisper welcoming them to the show. Not wanting them to go but to stay and keep them company. For just a little longer. Sun begins to set. Silence embraces each grave and soon the visitors are no longer wanted. On cue they move to their cars, an invisible chaperone guiding them, pale hand on the small of their backs. Crickets shatter the silence of the dusk filled cemetery. The white gates clasp their iron hands. Quietness, like death itself, engulfs the graves. The corpses, in their slumber, wait for the people to come again next year, so once again they can entertain them.

Memorial day  

Short prose that I wrote while working on my undergraduate degree in Journalism.

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