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Monthly E-mail Newsletter – $1,200 start-up, $1,000/month

(Minimum commitment 3 months)

Let us handle this task you’ve wanted to get to forever but just haven’t had the time. We will compile an e-newsletter for your target list each month, within a template designed just for you. Each edition will include company news or articles from that are relevant to your targets (or articles written by your team if you have them), and a space for you to include a photo/message from your president. If you don’t have the resources or know-how in-house we will set up and maintain an email list account for you (for a small monthly fee), and send the newsletter on your behalf. We can also create a package with custom content.

Reputation Starter – One-time fee TBD Based on where you currently stand in the court of public opinion, we will design a program to jump start a “repair” effort, or to get you started in establishing a positive public image. Pricing varies based on the situation (i.e. when you do a Google search for your company, have you got 0-2 negative results, or are the first two pages chock full of bad will?)

Ongoing Reputation Protection – $1,300/month after completion of Starter program

(Minimum commitment 3 months)

Just like you monitor your credit, it’s essential to monitor your reputation. We will stay on top of what’s being said about your firm and, when necessary, implement a plan to push negative comments down in the Google rankings so that the first page of results produces only positive or neutral company information.

Lead Gen Evaluation – $2,950 one-time fee Not sure where to start improving your website for best lead generation results? Let us do an analysis for you; we’ll produce a report with a suggested roadmap. Because we realize each client has unique needs, we also offer an entire range of customized and consultative solutions to meet your marketing goals. One-off ad creative, pay-per-click campaign management, and custom content are also available. Contact us for more details.

ARM Marketing Packages Packages and pricing subject to change. (Photo credit: Neil via Flickr)

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