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Kaulkin Media Creative Services Design for the ARM Industry

A tale of Two ARM FIRMS

If your website were a person, What would they look like? Your website is your representative online. It welcomes potential business partners, coaxes payments from your account holders, and is probably the first thing people look for when they’re angry with you. A poorly designed website not only makes a bad first impression, but can limit your options for business development and customer engagement. A great website, on the other hand, will improve your credibility, provide new channels to attract clients, and communicate your message effectively. So how do you get a great website? Kaulkin Media Creative Services can help.

Logo Design

Reputation Management

Kaulkin Media can create a custom logo for your company which will be ready for print and the web. This work includes interactive revisions and highresolution output so you can repurpose the logo or modify it for use in different media.

Custom Letterhead & Business Card Design

Don’t underestimate the power of disgruntled account holders to affect your brand »

These are critical components of a company’s brand

Suppress Negative Results – We can review and re-engineer your web-

which we build to match the styling and tone of your

site to rank higher and produce more positive and productive results on

other collateral. We deliver templates in multiple

search engines – pushing damaging results further into obscurity.

formats so you can use and reuse them as easily as possible.

Engagement – If you’re not responding to consumer complaints made through various forms of social media, your story will go untold and your reputation will suffer. We can help you

Identity & Brand Logos, Custom Letterhead & Business Card Design, Reputation Management

plan and execute a social media strategy that will tell your real story. Thought Leadership – Once you have a good defense in place, take your reputation to new heights by sharing your insights with the industry. White papers and other thought leadership tools are effective for boosting your profile and growing your business.

Promote Yourself

Deliver Your Content

You already know that an engaging website is the

Does your website limit your voice? We help craft your message and set up the perfect site to deliver it.

foundation of any modern marketing campaign. Leads come to you on their own, as long as you’ve optimized the structure and content of your website for search engines. If your website isn’t built for SEO, or if you don’t have the time to write

Content Management

keyword-heavy copy that will attract your prospects

We design sites using

in the credit and collections world, we can help.

the WordPress content

Our designs are SEO-capable and use current best practices to increase your organic search ranking. While a simple sales brochure may be all that some companies require, the best way to gain visibility on search engines and elsewhere is with fresh content. Continually engaging with potential clients, industry leaders, and even the competition will bring more eyes to the website and grow your business. A flourishing website will give even a tiny business the impression of reliability and certainty regarding your services.

management system (CMS). It’s flexible, easy to learn and use, and gives our clients control over nearly everything on their website. There’s no code to interpret or hurdles to leap – just a clear path to communicating your message.

Typical Types of Content

Online Essentials

Passive Lead Generation, Flexible Websites, Building a Presence Online

Simple, static pages for sales brochures

Corporate blog posts

Press releases

Interactive forums and post comments

White papers

Data, charts, & infographics

Landing Pages A mature marketing engine doesn’t just perfect one sales pitch and stick to it – conventional appeals are going to produce conventional results. Targeting a specific pain point for your clients or using catchy creative elements requires a different landing page for each campaign. Why settle for a website that’s just an online sales brochure? Flexibility is what makes a marketing engine truly exceptional and it depends on having a website that can adapt easily to your needs.

Lead Generation Converting Visits Into Sales, Innovative Data Capture, Bells & Whistles

Tailor Your Site with Our Conversion Tools When you build your website with us, you can select from our pool of Prospect Magnets – bells and whistles we’ve designed to attract and capture sales leads: Data capture – these site widgets are built to gather contact and other information which your sales team can follow up on.

Click Me!

Provocations – These are ‘calls-to-action’ relevant to the prospect. We’ve been publishing about the ARM industry for 10 years — we know what’s compelling to make visitors take action. Honeypots – These ‘lure’ prospects into engaging with your sales team by offering enticing rewards, such as white papers or other valuable content.

Internet Marketing

Campaign Execution

E-mail Newsletters – For 10+ years we have owed our success to e-mail newsletters and can help you develop a winning strategy.

Print & Web Ad Creation – As an advertising-driven publisher, we’ve provided effective advertising creative for the ARM industry for the life of our site.

Pay-Per-Click – As well as running your Google AdWords campaigns, we can integrate conversion tracking into a website we design for you – then you can gauge the effectiveness of each dollar spent promoting your services.

Campaign Strategy – As the biggest and most credible source of accounts receivable management industry news, opinion, and information, we know the industry and our seasoned marketers can provide a clear path to help you – and your future clients – meet their goals.

SEO Review & Copywriting – We constantly redevelop our own website to stay ahead of the competition. We can review your site’s SEO or rewrite copy to boost your own search ranking.

Thought Leadership – What could be better than outrageous success? Letting everyone know about it! We can set up your delivery platform, realize its marketing potential, and even help develop the content.

Social Media Promotion – Don’t have the time? We’ve kept ahead of the trends in social promotion and can manage your social media accounts for you.

Custom Content – Have an idea need help expressing it? We’ve been developing white papers, surveys, and other custom content for premiere clients for 2+ years.

Market Strategy Building an Audience, Generating Interest, Promotion in New and Old Media

Website Packages Strategy & Project Management – This is where we will map out with you what each page will be called, and what will be included on each page, including the goals of the copy, conversion tools, etc. – and then manage to the completion of this map

Copywriting – This is the step where specific copy is written for each page of the website


Full Service

$5,500 - $7,000

$15,000 - $20,000

$23,000 - $30,000

(up to 6 website pages)

(up to 14 website pages)

(up to 24 website pages)

        

        

Primarily Editing

Keyword Analysis & Copywriting for SEO – To identify what terms you should be focusing on to draw the most targeted visitors, and then editing your copy to ensure the website is likely to draw people from Google searches

Design – Look/feel, color scheme, navigation design with one revision round Site Development & QA – This is where we do the actual programming of what’s been decided, building the site, hooking up your conversion tools, etc., and then testing and proofreading to make sure all is good.

Google Analytics – So you can monitor traffic to your site, what people are reading, etc.


If necessary, we’ll train 1-2

people on your staff how to use it (they don’t have to be terribly technical).

Content Management System – So you can update the content on your site going forward at no cost.

   


train 1-2 people on your staff how to use it (they don’t have to be terribly technical).

Marketing Email Template Design – This is what you send to your list periodically promoting your services or activities. Coordinates with the look & feel of your new website.

Landing Page Template – This is where your targets arrive when they click on a link in your marketing email. Coordinates with the look & feel of your new website.

Each company’s situation is different. For example, some know exactly what they want and can spell out what goes on each page. Others would like more guidance in how to organize their site and what to feature. Some have marketers in-house to write copy and others would rather do almost any other task. The cost ranges provided above are driven by details like this that will be discussed with each client.

Packages and pricing subject to change.

Contact Jennifer Minges Phone: E-mail:


Monthly E-mail Newsletter – $1,200 start-up, $1,000/month

(Minimum commitment 3 months)

Let us handle this task you’ve wanted to get to forever but just haven’t had the time. We will compile an e-newsletter for your target list each month, within a template designed just for you. Each edition will include company news or articles from that are relevant to your targets (or articles written by your team if you have them), and a space for you to include a photo/message from your president. If you don’t have the resources or know-how in-house we will set up and maintain an email list account for you (for a small monthly fee), and send the newsletter on your behalf. We can also create a package with custom content.

Reputation Starter – One-time fee TBD Based on where you currently stand in the court of public opinion, we will design a program to jump start a “repair” effort, or to get you started in establishing a positive public image. Pricing varies based on the situation (i.e. when you do a Google search for your company, have you got 0-2 negative results, or are the first two pages chock full of bad will?)

Ongoing Reputation Protection – $1,300/month after completion of Starter program

(Minimum commitment 3 months)

Just like you monitor your credit, it’s essential to monitor your reputation. We will stay on top of what’s being said about your firm and, when necessary, implement a plan to push negative comments down in the Google rankings so that the first page of results produces only positive or neutral company information.

Lead Gen Evaluation – $2,950 one-time fee Not sure where to start improving your website for best lead generation results? Let us do an analysis for you; we’ll produce a report with a suggested roadmap. Because we realize each client has unique needs, we also offer an entire range of customized and consultative solutions to meet your marketing goals. One-off ad creative, pay-per-click campaign management, and custom content are also available. Contact us for more details.

ARM Marketing Packages Packages and pricing subject to change. (Photo credit: Neil via Flickr)

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A sales brief detailing the web design, development, and consulting services Kaulkin Media performs for the ARM industry.