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Jeffr e y N G r o s s m an 7 17 .572.6191 Profile:

Avid bicycle enthusiast raised as the youngest of seven children of a construction minded family in Philadelphia, Penn. Associate in the design and building industr y with professional experience in Pittsburgh, New Orleans, and San Diego.

Education: University of Pittsburgh, B.A. Architectural Studies - graduated 2007 NewSchool of Architecture + Design, M.Arch - currently enrolled Professional: The Office of James Burnett - Solana Beach, CA 2010 - 2011 Koch & Wilson Architects - New Orleans, LA 2007 - 2010 Forest Homes Systems - Selinsgrove, PA 2005 - 2007 Dawood Engineering - Harrisburg, PA 2004 - 2005

“ It makes me f e e l gu i lt y t h a t a n yb o d y s h o u l d h ave s u ch a g o o d t ime do ing what they are su p p ose d t o d o� - C h ar l e s E ame s Por tf ol i o

C ontents:

[ NSA +D] The Dune[s] - S p r i ng 2011 [ NSA +D] Ur b a n R ev i ta l i z a ti on - W inter 2011 th [ NSA +D] 5 / Ash L i b r a r y - F a l l 2010 B a r r i o L oga n R ow Home - Summer 2010 [ NSA +D] [ NSA +D] O r d er of the S uf i - S p ring 2010 [ NSA +D] R ose S ei d l er House - Fall 2009 [ P itt] Assor ted Wor ks - 2 0 06-07

T h e D u n e [S]

L ocation: Beaches, San Diego, C alifor nia M ater ials: 3/ 4� p ly wood , stretched canv as, ste e l h in ge s M od eled : Rhinoceros B ud get: $200 T he Dunes: An outreach p roject d esigned to be de ploye d a c ross S a n Diego’s m any b eaches. In resp onse to th e growin g n e e d to te m por a r ily h ouse the hom eless, this shelter sleep s t h re e c om f or ta bly. I t is e a sily a s s e m b led d ur ing the cold er m onths. M ean t to sim u la te th e n a tu r a l f or m a t ion of sand d unes and b lend seem lessly with th e su r rou n din g e n viron m e n t. [ Kit of Par ts D etail]

U r b a n R e v i t a l i z a t i o n Location: Waterfront Harbor, San Diego, California Digital Model: Google SketchUp v. 8 Rendered: V-Ray Detailed: Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign Hand Model: MDF / bass wood / chip board Scale of hand model:1/32” = 1’-0”

Design Objectives:

San Diego’s harbor is the main entrance to the city by water, plane, bus, and train. Presently, there is a disconnect between the harbor and the downtown area. The objective of this large scale project was to establish a meaningful connection in an area that is currently ridden with barren parking lots and vehicle crowding. Design Challenges:

Traffic, congestion, and wide highways pose the greatest challenges to the objectives.

Sa n ta Fe

Design Strategies:

A pedestrian bridge at Santa Fe Depot Train Station diverts foot traffic over the busy Pacific Highway. The barren parking lot is replaced by a beautified waterfront complete with shopping, performance area, jogging path, and water access by breaking up the water’s edge and diverting vehicle traffic up and over.

Santa Fe Depot


Pacific Highway

San Diego Bay

Prevailing Winds

5 / Ash th

live learn shop

Design Objectives: The program maximizes square footage of the following required spaces: - six residential units - retail shop - public library

Design Challenges: The corner of 5th Ave and Ash Street in downtown San Diego is a very difficult urban site that is blocked by existing tall structures to the east and south faces. The site was also on a dramatic slope.


Design Strategies:



Ash Street

On the ground floor, the retail space is situated on the busy corner to maximize foot trafThe building’s energy confic while the library occupies sumption was designed not to levels 1-4 with the residential exceed it’s energy conserva- units hovering on top to maxition with the use of building mize privacy. integrated photovoltaics, site orientation to maximize sunlight and prevailing wind, and use of impervious surfaces in the courtyard.

Existing Building

Location: San Diego, Ca. Square Feet: 40,000 Levels: Six Modeled: ArchiCAD Rendered: Artlantis Detailed: Photoshop

Residential Lobby

Existing Building

5th Avenue


B a r r i o L o g a n

R o w

H o m e Location: San Diego, CA. Lot size: 25’ x 100’ Units: 7 Residential Modeled: Bass Wood Detailed: Photoshop Design Objectives: The program called for the multiunit residential development of one square block in an industrial neighborhood of San DIego. Design Challenges: The dense urban site required constant collaboration with nieghbors. Each student was given equal size lots of the city block. Views to maximize included the San Diego embarcadero and Coronado Island.

O r d e r o f t h e S u f i

Location: La Jolla, San Diego, CA. Lot size: Approx. 3 acres Modeled: Bass Wood Topography: Cardboard from 3D Print Detailed: Photoshop Design Objectives: The design a monastic complex for the Sufi Brotherhood, an order of Islamic monks, required much time spent analyzing and surveying the site to determine locations for the very specific daily activities of the client. These activities include following a path around a bohdisatva tree, study, prayer, nourishment, and sleep. Design Strategies: To orient the place of worship facing the pacific ocean, respect private spaces while maintaining public spaces, and to not disturb the existing landscape. View of the Pacific Ocean from worship space.

Section A

East Elevation

Ro se S eid ler House Front


Location: Sydney, Australia Modeled: Bass Wood Topography: Cardboard from 3D Print Drafted: AutoCAD A Bauhaus inspired home designed by architect Harry Seidler for his ailing mother, Rose, built in 1950. The purpose of reconstructing this home was an excerise in client relations. Every detail of this home including the ramp, low ceilings, and murals were all deeply considered with a very specific client in mind.


Ground Floor (not to scale)

First Floor (not to scale)

Assorted W o r k s

Top - Oil on Canvas (2005) 19” x 22” Left - Charcoal on Paper (2006) 20” x 36” Far Left - Ink on Paper of live nude model (2007) 20” x 36”

Jeffrey N Grossman 4116 Jackdaw Street

San Diego, CA


Grossman Portfolio  

The portfolio of works by Jeffrey N. Grossman

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