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WORK EXPERIENCE – INTERNSHIP (UNPAID) We are looking for people that are interested in working with our group of companies on a work experience/intern basis. Any position offered would be on a voluntary basis for the purpose of gaining direct experience and knowledge. The companies that we operate are called Seventa Image Limited and Be Yourself Marketing Limited; each has its own distinctive role which is explained further below. Please note, we need people that are interested in getting directly involved in the core structure of our group of companies and the necessary tasks required to operate them, not merely to carry out basic office/administrative tasks. ie. You will not be making coffee (unless you fancy a cup yourself), Faxing, Copying, etc. The position we are looking to fill would require the person to be involved across the two companies as they work alongside and support each other. Information about us and our group of companies: •

Operate under the following company and brand names with each having its own tasks and goals: **Seventa Image – - Cosmetics Retail and Wholesale (UK & Ireland exclusive distribution rights to Spain’s Number One Professional Cosmetics Brand, Ten Image Professional Cosmetics, Makeup Services Provider, Make-up Academy and Training Unit.) **Be Yourself Marketing – Services relating to the promotion and marketing activities for Seventa Image and varied other business entities that are owned and operated by Be Yourself Marketing, including: **Events On the Run - born out of the need for people to be able to simplify their search for suitable entertainment for their events, Events on the Run takes the hard work out of finding just the right kind of entertainment for events. The philosophy is very simple: Events on the Run do all the research so the client doesn’t have to. Events on the Run make the whole event planning process as simple as possible with access to an extensive database of contacts that enables Events on the Run to provide the best entertainment at the best value. Events on the Run have many different types of entertainment packages available to give clients a very wide choice. **Social network, promotions and marketing services to clients of Be Yourself Marketing and Seventa Image.

• Any position offered would be on a completely voluntary basis with the future possibility of a paid position if one were to become available. • At present we operate from our home office, so any volunteer would need to be comfortable with working from either our home premises or independently from their own home or, indeed, any other location where we are working on a project or other activity . • We would require the volunteer have a computer with internet access; they would also be required to be contactable via a mobile telephone. • Travel and Incidental expenses, including refreshments - for the day to day activity and travel to and from the home office would not be reimbursed, however we would reimburse travel expenses when required for the volunteer to attend appointments, meetings or events, etc that are outside their own home or our home office. Applications should be sent to email: in the first instance and should be accompanied by a brief covering letter and CV. If you have any questions or need further clarification please contact via email:, otherwise any questions can be discussed when a meeting has been arranged. Please note: This position or positions available is not a guarantee of contracted work (paid), however, opportunities may exist in the future for paid contracted work.


We are looking for people that are interested in working with our group of companies on a work experience/intern basis. Any position offere...

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