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Comfort Shawls Gift of Life Michigan 2011 As a hug imparts comfort and love, so these shawls will embrace, enfold and  comfort those who will receive them.  Shawls, made and worn can provide  warmth, solace and beauty to those who wrap them around themselves.  The Michigan Donor Family Council, MDFC, started the “Comfort Shawl  Program” to provide donor families comfort in their time of need.    The shawls can be knitted or crocheted in various shades of pastels, ivory or  white. The pattern should be fairly simple and the shawls should be  approximately 36” by 60”. After the shawls are complete members of the MDFC will attach a heart  locket and note to each one. They will then be given to the coordinators who  are with the families at the hospital. Completed shawls should be turned into: Gift of Life Michigan 3681 Research Park Drive Ann Arbor, MI 48108 Attention: Penny Colthurst

*** Thank you for being a part of this project. ***

Comfort Shawls  

As a hug imparts comfort and love, so these shawls will embrace, enfold and comfort those who will receive them. Shawls, made and worn can...

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