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My name is Shirley. I'm 40... yeah, I'm 48 this year. It kind of flew by. I have two children. I'm married. My children are grown. I was diagnosed in August of '05 with breast cancer. They diagnosed it as DCIS and did a lump biopsy which led to a lumpectomy which lead to a mastectomy which brought me here to Doctor Ditesheim for reconstruction. With the procedure I had chosen with Dr. Ditesheim, it was very advantageous to do it all in a one-step procedure. That way, one anesthesia eliminated that extra step. Everything about Dr. Ditesheim and working with him has always exceeded my expectations. He's always been very thorough, very conscientious of his decision making. You can always tell he thinks through every process before he gets involved into it, always looks at my best interest even when it came to do the latissimus flap. One of the staff members here in his office had said a lot of women are very concerned with different side effects and everything, of losing strength and that, and those questions never occurred to me because I knew Dr. Ditesheim would never do anything that debilitating to me, to recommend a procedure that would debilitate my life that I'm so active in. I just need to keep going. I basically don't have time for any of this so let's just do it and get going, so I knew that wasn't going to be an issue. Jan's the best. She coordinates the surgery schedules, always accommodating my schedule, what works for me along with what can be worked into Dr. Ditesheim's schedule. She is taking care of all the insurance situations. Basically I've had no issues with my insurance company because I had found out through this procedure that Dr. Ditesheim is only one in a handful of plastic surgeons who are willing to do reconstruction after breast cancer because of the insurance issues. The fact that he has done that and he is so knowledgeable and so compassionate and so understanding and so willing to take anything that it takes to make sure that the results are what I want as well as what he would want is amazing. When I first started my whole experience here at Dr. Ditesheim's office, Debra was not a member of the staff. She came on board in the past year and what an awesome addition to the staff. She just fits in well and she's very friendly and very understanding and came up to speed really quickly and was just a wonderful... gave of herself and gave of her information and helped me. Any questions at all, she had the information for me or got me what I needed to know. I'm feeling absolutely great. We finally finished off this last surgery and I'm to a point where it's like, "Yes, it's done. That was the last step to take to put cancer behind me", and it's just been a really good experience. Ditesheim Cosmetic Surgery 9336 Blakeney Center Dr Suite 130

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Breast reconstruction post cancer  

A patient explains her experience with a breast reconstruction after mastecomy.