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Top 3 Strategies For B2B Email Marketing

Top 3  Strategies  for  B2B  Email  Marketing     Business-­‐to-­‐Business  (B2B)  is  arguably  the  most  effective  email   marketing  strategy  to  date.  However,  just  as  it  is  important  to   understand  every  other  marketing  campaign,  it’s  crucial  for  a   business  owner  to  learn  the  intricate  facets  of  B2B  email  marketing   before  employing  it.     Getting  started,  you  will  have  to  research  the  right  company  or   person  to  contact.  Don’t  work  your  way  to  the  top,  asking  a  lesser   staff  about  the  higher-­‐ups.  Simply  find  the  person  who  makes  the  call   and  decides  for  the  company.  If  anything  goes,  contact  the  CEO   directly.  When  dealing  with  larger  companies,  you  will  have  to  be   more  persistent  so  that  your  business  concerns  don’t  end  up  in   general  email  accounts.     Change  your  sender     B2B  email  marketing  is  effective,  but  only  works  when  done   properly.  In  essence,  it’s  a  direct  collaboration  between  two  decision-­‐ makers.  To  make  it  work,  your  company’s  business  owner  has  to  be   the  one  to  talk  directly  to  the  other  business  owner.  If  you  belong   with  the  marketing  staff,  or  have  lesser  position,  be  sure  to  change   your  sender  to  make  it  look  as  if  the  message  comes  directly  from  the   president  or  founder  of  the  company.     Compared  to  sending  an  anonymous  general  account,  this  increases   the  urgency  of  your  email.  This  makes  your  business  concerns  more   pressing,  and  gives  you  more  chance  of  having  your  proposals   reviewed.     Compelling  subject  line     It  doesn’t  work  if  the  subject  line  says  a  simple  "Hi!"  or  reflects  a   timid  greeting.  It  doesn’t  work  to  exaggerate  for  attention  and   demand  with  "Urgent!"  either.  What  works  is  creating  a  compelling,  if   not  completely  tactful  subject  line.  It’s  obvious  you  will  have  to  keep   it  short,  so  you  might  feel  a  little  limited.  In  any  case,  you  will  just   have  to  make  do  with  half  a  sentence  to  get  your  message  across.  The  

subject line,  to  be  compelling,  has  to  be  a  summary  of  your  entire   email.     One  tactic  to  make  an  effective  subject  line  is  exactly  that:  write  a   summary  of  your  email.  Make  the  summary  a  short  paragraph.  Make   it  sell.  Then  edit  it  to  skip  fluff,  until  it’s  only  one  sentence  long.  Edit  it   over  until  you  have  it  half-­‐sentence  long.     B2B  email  marketing  studies  suggest  that  nearly  a  third  of  all  emails   opened  are  opened  with  sheer  curiosity.  The  reader,  at  first,  isn’t   interested  in  the  email  itself,  but  the  subject  line  is  so  compelling  he   can’t  resist  opening  it.     Keep  content  short  and  sweet     It’s  equally  important  to  write  your  email  concisely.  Typically,   readers  would  click  an  email  because  of  the  subject  line  and  skim  the   body.  The  readers  subsequently  reason  with  themselves  why  they   should  spend  the  next  five  minutes  reading  a  positively  spam  email.   Keeping  your  content  concise  and  direct  to  the  point  relieves  the   reader  of  this  decision.  That  makes  it  easier  to  decide  for  a  reader  to   spare  a  few  minutes  reading  your  email.  As  a  general  rule,  give  the   reader  only  a  glimpse  of  the  content  body,  but  nothing  longer  than  a   few  lines.     Jeffrey  Cheah  is  an  online  list  building  specialist.  Discover  how  you   can  make  money  online  as  quickly  as  by  visiting  where  you  can  download  your  FREE   copy  of  "Inbox  Cash  Techniques"  now.  It's  only  for  a  limited  time!        


Top 3 Strategies for B2B Email Marketing  

Business-to-Business (B2B) is arguably the most effective email marketing strategy to date. However, just as it is important to understand e...

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