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TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE HOTEL PERFORMANCE SYSTEM® MODULES Vision Statement • Aspirations for the Company. • How does the company see/visualize itself, what is the dream? Example of a Vision Statement, 'XYZ Committed to Excellence in Product and Service'.

Mission Statement • Method used to achieve the Vision Statement. •The mission statement is the route, method, manner or practice to accomplish the vision. For instance, a method demonstrated in XYZ Mission Statement. 'XYZ will anticipate the needs of our customers and associates'.

Company Manifesto • The essence or philosophy of the organization. The belief components; core values giving the vision and mission of the company it's energy, drive, and life.

Business Plan • Business plan structures all revenue streams and cost containment strategies in a comprehensive, measurable, and attainable document. Necessary vision and mission statements link to business plan.

Job Design • Job designs encompass two areas: attributes and skill set. Imperative job designs are aligned with company strategic plan. All job designs are audited annually during the business planning session to ensure job tasks pertain to all strategies.

Individual Development Plan • Essential to business plan success, managers complete an IDP with each associate. IDP includes job design tied to business plan goals per department. Open, clear and frequent communication with manager and associate to review objectives.

Service Leadership • Service-Leadership training provided to managers creating intensely determined and profoundly humble leaders. Coaching, mentoring, guiding management style is vital to the success of the business plan.


Hotel Organizational Analysis The Hotel Organizational Analysis(HOA) is a 7 part quality assessment to reveal if the Triple Bottom Line Hotel Performance System速 modules are aligned. When aligned quality of product and service improves, when quality improves Financial performance improves, Team member engagement improves, and Guest loyalty improves.

7 Part Quality Assessment

Leadership Organizational Service Leadership Public Responsibility and Citizenship

Strategic Planning Effectiveness Strategy Development Strategy Deployment

Customer and Market Centricity Customer and Market Knowledge Customer Relationships and Satisfaction

Information Analysis Measurement and Analysis of Organizational Performance Information Management

Organizational Development & Human Resource Emphasis Institute Job Analysis & Training Institute Team Member Education and Development Team Member Well-Being and Satisfaction

Process Management Product and Service Processes Business Processes

Business Results Customer-Focused Outcomes Financial and Market Outcomes OD and HR Outcomes Organizational Effectiveness Outcomes


7 Part Quality Assessment Point Allocation

HOA will highlight areas of excellence and areas of improvement. Levels of score are as listed:   

Excellent in Product and Service Quality Average in Product and Service Quality Subpar in Product and Service Quality

1000 - 900 899 - 700 699 and below

Excellence = Hotel understands operational efficiencies are separate from strategy. There is constant improvement within process of product and service, there is an atmosphere of innovation and creativity, and modules are aligned. Average = Core values of hotel not distinguishable in behavior of team members, top down approach not consistent, guest centric mentality not consistent, hotel only single bottom line drive. Subpar = Hotel has no clear purpose, direction. Goals are not aligned to purpose, team members not trained adequately, no job analysis or evaluations available, company lacks business plan.


Triple Bottom Line Hotel Performance System  

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