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There were many different ways Sue cold have handled this situation and had better purchasing procedures. First and foremost, she definitely needs to have better time management. She said she was stressed and didn’t have time to check inventory and that snot acceptable. When she was making the list she could have even glanced for 30 seconds. Also she could have asked what the difference was with the 8 dollar lemons.

Adrian, the head chef, definitely was over the line. Granted he may have a little right because this isn’t the first time Sue has done something like this, but he didn’t have to throw her under the bus the back over her again. He could have brought it up with her and told her she needs to do a little better job or if she doesn’t have time to delegate since he knows what is needed most of the time being the head chef.

Sue can ask what she is getting for her money when there is such a reduced offer with the vendor. She didn’t even think if the quality was different.

When Life hands you Lemons  

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