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RESOURCES FOR BASICS • Today: What’s New in Connect 8? • Today’s session assumes you’ve used Connect before • Basic how-to and tips for effective webinars • Creating Engaging Webinars In Adobe Connect • li

NEW PLUG-IN • Need to go to test site to download new plug-in and test connection speed • p/en/support/meeting_test.htm • Attendees should go there again for new version • Once is enough

• Particularly important for hosts and presenters

ATTENDEE STATUS • No longer in attendee pod • Now in top toolbar • I put instructions for doing this in my opening layout • A good idea to put any necessary “how-to” instructions in your opening layout • They can use chat pod or, if option is enabled and they have a mike, they can talk

• Let’s try it!

NO MORE LAYOUT NAVIGATION BAR • Used to move from layout to layout during a presentation

• Sadly, no more… • Use the Layout menu instead


Click “Start My Camera” Gives you a preview New step: Click “Start Sharing” to share Pause is in lower right; roll-over to see Turn on/off Video in top toolbar pulldown as well

SOUND • Meeting>Audio Setup Wizard is still there • Essential!!!

• Two new sound icons in toolbar • Speakers • Off, Mute conference, volume

• Microphone • Disconnect, mute, volume • Don’t click the icon! • It’ll disconnect the microphone

AUDIO MENU • Audio menu allows: • Single Speaker mode • Only one person can talk • Disables mike for other participants • Asterisk means you are the speaker

• Enable Audio For Participants • Multiple speakers • Very easy to step on each other’s sound • Set up ground rules if you use this option • E.g. – Raise hand before you speak


• No longer in lower right corner • Now in upper right corner • Specific options depend on the pod

NOTE POD • Allows formatting • • • •

Text size Color Italics Bullet points

• You can format selected portions of text • Previously it was all or nothing

SHARE POD: START-UP • Only one pulldown, that shows you all options • Share your screen • Share a PowerPoint, PDF or .jpg • Bring up a whiteboard

SHARE PODS: FULL SCREEN • For any share pod • An End-user or Presenter option • Participants can go Full screen with any share pod • Click “Full Screen”

• Hosts can go full screen WITHOUT affecting Participant view • To force full screen as host, go to “Pod Options” and choose “Force Presenter View” • Then click “Full Screen”

SHARE POD: DRAWING, POINTER • Whiteboard (Draw) and pointer options are now at top right of pod

• Last and next buttons, and sidebar (which is helpful for speaker’s notes) still at lower left


ATTENDEE POD • Divides participants into three groups • Hosts, Presenters, Participants

• You CAN’T raise hand from here • Use top toolbar for that

• You can start a private chat from here • Click on the person you wish to chat with

ATTENDEE POD: PROMOTING • Click a name to promote to Presenter or Host

• You can enable their camera and sound from here too • They need to then turn on their own audio/video from top toolbar

BREAKOUT ROOMS • Click icon at top of Attendee pod • Drag attendee icons into rooms • Default is to evenly distribute

• Click “Start Breakouts” to start

CHAT POD • Options pod allows you to: • Change text size and color • Text size change only applies to your screen • Color change will be seen by all

• Start private chat • More convoluted path to a private chat than previous versions • Easier from Attendees pod

MORE RESOURCES 1 • Adobe Tutorials and Quickstart Guides • • Or, Google “Adobe Connect 8”

• Creating Engaging Webinars In Adobe Connect • li

MORE RESOURCES 2 • Practice Room: •

• Iowa State tutorials (Breeze=Connect): •

• tutorials • • Free, need username and CSU eID

• Connect’s Help menu • dex.html

what's new in adobe connect 8  

what's new in adobe connect 8

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