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April 12, 2013

New Hours in the Pharmacy JRMC’s outpatient pharmacy is now closing a little earlier. The new hours are 8:00 a.m. until 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Don’t Forget: Employee Health Has Moved Some employees have been surprised recently when they headed toward the Employee Health office and found... nothing! That’s becuase Employee Health/ Infection Control has moved into new offices on the Human Resources hallway, off the 42nd Avenue lobby. Once you pass PBX, Employee Health is the second door on the right.

Dates Announced for Nurse’s Day, Hospital Week Hospital Week 2013 will be celebrated May 6-10, and JRMC will hold its annual Service Awards Breakfast on Wednesday, May 8. Our Nurse’s Day celebration will take place on Tuesday, May 7th. Keep watching Pulse for complete details!

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JRMC will e-mail you a brand new employee survey on April 19. If you respond, you could be one of ten lucky employees who will receive a crisp $100 bill as our way of saying thanks! Here are a few things you need to know. • Your opinion regarding employee issues is very important to us. That’s why we are conducting this series of brief surveys. • So far, we have completed three surveys and expect to have three more this year. • Each survey is a completely different topic with different questions. • The next survey will deal with Communication and Involvement, and will be active April 19-May 5. Survey #5 will be Workplace and Resources (May 17-June 30), followed by Survey # 6, which will focus on Organizational Culture, and will run June 14-30. All you have to do is click on the link in your e-mail and answer the survey questions. Watch your e-mail and be sure to respond to Survey # 4 by May 5. Ten names will be randomly drawn, and ten employees will receive $100 CASH just for taking part. Survey # 1 Winners: Anita Egar Sue Terry Maranda Yates Barbara Barr Alyce Carraway

Survey # 2 Winners: Lucy Mullikin Judy Ann White Lora Bengston Diane Holloway Vivian Martin

Survey # 3 Winners will be announced in the April 26 issue of Pulse. Be sure and complete the next survey - you could win in round 4!

Flooring Project Underway in South Lobby Replacement of the flooring in the South lobby is currently underway, and will continue for several more weeks. As you’ve probably already seen, the wall between the lobby and the main hallway is already down, and work on the floor itself is ongoing. Here’s the projected schedule: • Through April 18: Flooring and expansion joint repair project phase.

Access to the hospital through the South lobby will not be affected. • Thursday, April 18 through Sunday, April 21: Flooring installation. During this phase of the project, the South lobby will be closed and no access to the building will be allowed during this time period (see map below).

Construction and installation will be performed at times that will least affect normal business. If you have questions, contact Facilities at extension 7700.

This Issue Komen Grant 2 Service Excellence 3 Allscripts 4-6 Notes from Walter 7

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JRMC Receives 2013 Komen Grant JRMC has been awarded a grant in the amount of $63,427 from the Arkansas Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The money will be used to continue supporting JRMC’s Reach Every Woman program, which provides free mammograms for uninsured women, as well as women who are underinsured and those who have not met their insurance deductible. In addition, the Affiliate recognized 20 sponsors including JRMC - who have been Komen Arkansas Race for the Cure supporters since the first race in 1994. A total of 20 grants were handed out in Arkansas this year, totalling more than $1.1 million dollars.

JRMC’s Jamie McCombs (left) and Wendy Talbot receiving a check from a representative of the Komen Arkansas Affiliate.

Retirement Celebration for Willie Hall Congratulations are in order for Willie Hall, who recently retired after 37 years in JRMC’s Facilities department! Willie has made many friends at JRMC over the years, which was obvious from the large turnout at his retirement party. Staff members from many different areas of the hospital turned out to say goodbye and wish Willie a happy retirement. Clockwise from top: COO Brian Thomas, CEO Walter Johnson and Wilie Hall; Willie is feeling the love from Joy DeHart (left) and Wendy Nicholson; beautiful retirement cake; Willie receives a retirement gift from Facilities Manager Danny Holcomb.

It’s All About You: Hospital Week, Nurse’s Day 2013 This year, National Hospital week is May 6-12, and JRMC’s annual Service Awards Breakfast will take place on Wednesday, May 8. Details of other activities to come. Bulletin Board Contest - Competition among all units in the hospital. Winner receives a Pizza Party for their unit (both shifts) Deadline for judging: May 2nd

Nurse’s Day at JRMC will be celebrated on Tuesday, May 7. Among the scheduled activities: Noon Presentations • Nurse of the Year • JRMC Contest Winners State Compassion Nursing Nominations Patient Satisfaction – Nurses – Winners

Dillard’s Celebrates Nurses Day Classrooms 2 and 3 10% of all sales donated for scholarship to JRMC School of Nursing

JRMC Celebrates Nursing Staff with one meal of their choice * Breakfast served: 6:30 AM - 8:30 AM Henslee J&R * Lunch served: 11:00 – 2:00 PM Henslee J&R * Dinner served 6:00 PM - 7:30PM Nurse Admin Conference Room 3rd Floor


Louise, I just wanted to express my appreciation for the nursing staff on 2NW during my recent stay. The first thing I want to point out is that they remained professional even though I knew all of the staff personally. Even nurses that I knew who were working abided by the privacy policy and did not come to my room just to visit. They respected the need to know and that meant a lot to me. There was one student nurse from JSN who I knew personally and when asked why he did not come see me he said “I wasn’t going to get in trouble for violating HIPPA since I was not assigned to Mrs. Nail.” I called Carolyn Morrisey before surgery and specifically asked to have students while on the floor and she assigned Deanna who did a nice job. I also had a SEARK student in surgery but cannot recall her name. Of course the nurses on 2NW were great and Ashley came to check on me also. My nurses for day shift were Carol, Kelly, and Jamie. For nights I had Leanne for the entire stay. Katie, Jennifer and Jessica were my PCTs and they were great and always asked if I needed anything else before they left my room. I had a choice of JRMC or another hospital for my surgery but I chose JRMC and always will. I tell all of my family and friends that even though I don’t work there anymore, I still trust and value the care provided and especially the nursing care. Please share my regards with the staff on 2NW as well as the rest of the nursing team in SDS, OR, and Recovery.

Patient satisfaction banner on the wall between 2 North East and 2 North West, highlighting positive survey comments!

“The nurse that got me prepared for surgery was absolutely amazing and treated me like I was a family member. And just very good-hearted and make me feel very at ease prior to surgery I was very nervous about.” “I would like to thank the entire neurology floor. I was in a lot of pain during this visit and, like I said before, they went above and beyond to make sure that I was comfortable and that I understood everything. My room was kept impeccably clean. The housekeeping staff is outstanding. But, the nursing staff on the neurology floor as whole is wonderful and I appreciate every single one of them.” “The nurse that got me prepared for surgery was absolutely amazing and treated me like I was a family member. And just very good-hearted and make me feel very at ease prior to surgery I was very nervous about.”

Yours, Mickie Nail

“All the nurses, male and female, were excellent on the orthopaedic floor. I think one of the guys’ name was Zach, and one was named John. They were very, very good. Sally was one, she was very good. And Taryn, that’s over the floor, she’s very good.”

What’s been going on in your department? From awards and degrees to weddings and new babies, we’d love to know about it! Send information to or call extension 7636.

“I would like to thank all the nurses on first, second, and third shift. I know the nurses work from 12, they work 12 hours. I would like to thank Dr. Christy Walker, most of all, who pushed me and the doctors that came in the room talking to me too. Thanks.”


Allscripts Updates Privacy Status In order to protect patient privacy, we will be making changes to the facility board (on your computer screen) and the display board (on the wall) views. Both boards will now display the word PRIVATE in the “Patient” column if the patient chooses to be non-disclosure during their stay. Currently, if a patient is non-disclosure, you can still view the patient’s name on your facility board list, and a red flag appears on the display board list in the “Patient” column.

After the change takes place, both boards will read PRIVATE in the Patient Name column. NOTE: If you are accessing your patient from your facility board, view the patient’s name and information will display in the header once you highlight them.

Update: Entering/Reviewing Home Medications 1)

Home Medications are now entered via the Home Medications section within the MSE and/or KBC Patient Profile.

2) To Review & Enter Home Medications: click on the Pill Bottle icon.

3) The Outpatient Medication Review tool will open. To enter new home meds, click on the plus sign icon.


Allscripts Continued 4) Type in the name of the medication and the system will guide your selections for dosage information. To enter additional home meds, select Add Another, and when complete select Save at the bottom.

Note: If patient has home meds that are currently listed in the tool (from previous visit), these meds MUST be reviewed using the following options:

These options are icons displayed on each med, or can be seen when right clicking on the medication. If all medications listed are correct, the icon Mark Remaining as Verified can be selected at the top.

Verify (patient is currently taking) Follow Up No Longer Taking Entered in Error

Discharge Medication Reconciliation Order modification history shows the changes for an order in chronological order. To view an order’s modification history: On the Orders tab, select an order and do one of the following: • On the Orders tab toolbar, click the View button, and then click History > Modify.

Right-click and choose View > History > Modify.


Allscripts Continued The order Modification History dialog box opens. This box will show all changes made to each field on the order with the date, time and entered by.

Chart Check Task ·

Admitted patients will have Chart Check orders placed automatically on admission.


Chart Check orders will create a task for 12 Hour and 24 Hour Chart Checks.


Tasks will need to be “marked as done” when chart check is completed – this will take the place of documenting this on paper Physician Order forms.


Remember to report any issues with the Task not displaying in the Worklist Manager.


If you have to Re-Enter these orders use “Requested By ME,” this keeps the physicians from having to sign these orders.

Discharge from Sub-Acute to Acute/Arrive the Visit for Acute ·

Discharge order entered on Sub-acute will create Pre-Admit account automatically.


Orders will be entered on Pre-Admit account on Hold.


Acute floor will be able to “Arrive visit” and activate the account.

Please contact clinical Informatics at extension 7730 option #1 for questions.


Notes from Walter It’s always great to hear compliments about JRMC and the care provided here, and we have received some really nice comments recently, including quite a few on Facebook. It was especially nice to hear from a former resident who returned to JRMC for medical attention. Hal Gunter lived in Pine Bluff for many years and ran several successful businesses in our community. He lives in Jacksonville now and works in Little Rock, but

as you can see from his comments, this is still home. “Went to JRMC today for my old man stress test. The people in PINE BLUFF are fortunate to have JRMC and the staff there. Got right in and all the people connected with the test - Cath Lab, X-ray and even admissions - were great. So glad I came home for my test.” We appreciate positive comments, and we love to see them stated publicly. Thanks to Hal for the support!

Welcome to JRMC!

Meet the newest members of the JRMC family! Derrick Shelton Nutrit. Svcs. Gary Domineck Nutrit. Svcs. Kenneth Battles Environ. Svcs. Teresa Gill Environ. Svcs. Heather Hatley Environ. Svcs. Jasmine Kearney Environ. Svcs. David Metcalf Environ. Svcs. Shonda Moore Environ. Svcs. Tahry Nelson Environ. Svcs. Dwight Pugh Environ. Svcs. Tonya Smith Environ. Svcs. Nicholas Tadlock Environ. Svcs. Jimmy Via Environ. Svcs. Harvie Attwood Hospitalist Lauren Anderson Wellness Ctr. WH

Crystal Lundy Rehab Dareas Sibley Rehab Gabrielle Ingram 3 Center East Kimberly Harris ER Sarah Thao ER Sandtego Henderson Central Supply Eddie Finch III Pharmacy Shaquia Hamilton HealthCare Plus Lillian Jynes HealthCare Plus Kasie Matthews HealthCare Plus Andrea Owens HealthCare Plus Khalid Mohammad Pine Bluff Specialty Wasonna Hayes Nutrit. Svcs. Sabrina Hood Nutrit. Svcs. Jaylon Jones Nutrit. Svcs. Malic King Nutrit. Svcs.

Super Teen Sitter Squad June 27

Relay for Life Come out and support JRMC and all the other teams raising money for the American Cancer Society! The fun starts Friday, May 3, at 6 p.m. at Hestand Stadium.

For details, call Lisa Duke at extension 8735.


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