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Sherlock Homes: PorchLight’s One-of-a-Kind Market Update Service Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or simply stay current with what’s going on in the market, PorchLight’s Sherlock Homes is the most powerful market update service available. We download listings directly from MLS (Multiple Listing Service) hourly and make them available for you to view online. We customize home searches for you based on your criteria, and we send you email alerts as often as you choose.

Benefits to Buyers: » Because Sherlock Homes is linked directly to the MLS, automated emails are sent with property listings minutes after they hit the market so you can get the most current information available. » There is no need to visit other listing websites; every property that fits your criteria is automatically emailed to you. » Searches can be tailored to meet your specific criteria and multiple searches can be set-up for different neighborhoods. » Neighborhood values can be quickly and easily compared.

Key Features: » Direct Link to the MLS Automatic emails alerts with new property listings are sent just minutes after properties hit the market.

» Interactive Map Search The interactive map allows you to locate and preview properties with drop and drag functions so you see only houses in a specific area. Or if you’re unfamiliar with a neighborhood, you’ll see only where the available properties are located.

» Vicinity Search With Vicinity Search, you can locate properties near or around a target address.

» School District Search

Benefits to Sellers & Homeowners: » Allows sellers and homeowners to keep current about what’s going on in their neighborhood and in the market in general. » If and when you do decide to sell, you’ll already be armed with the most up-to-date information about your home’s value…no surprises!

General Benefits: » Allows for non-invasive communication between the client and the broker. You can stay up to date and your broker can see your activity without having to exchange emails or calls. » You can receive emails as often as you like: Immediately—great for investors; daily—great for buyers; and weekly—great for home owners. | 303.733.5335

The School District Search allows you to locate properties in a specific school district.

» My Points of Interest Search Use the My Points of Interest search to see how far each property is from important locations, such as your work or daycare center.

» Driving Directions Sherlock Homes provides driving directions to properties, and even driving directions between multiple properties!

Benefits of Sherlock Homes  

The best resource for up to the minute info in Denver Real Estate.

Benefits of Sherlock Homes  

The best resource for up to the minute info in Denver Real Estate.