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Do You Really Need Help Or Just A Good Read?

We all look for something that we don’t have, we look to have a better life, we look to be better people and we look to business help books to put us in control of our income. The dreams of losing weight or being a better marriage partner or simply a better person are all covered in various self help books that are published and available in the market. The truth about self help books is very much a mixed bag, some are genuinely solid manuals that offer rock solid advice, others are no more than a gimmick helping no one or nothing but the author’s bank account. Self help books generally fall into three categories;   

Self help books on literally anything A better route helping to remap your life Finding help with your problems

Finding which book may be the best for your particular situation is not easy.

Are there really more books than readers? Browsing the aisles of your favorite bookstore or going through the myriad of title on Amazon it certainly appears that there are more titles than people who need the help. Regardless of the topic, there will be a self help book there to guide you on your way to anew you. It is not just a matter of a couple of titles, thousands have been published, and it’s not just the typical “How to lose weight” books, it’s the hundreds and hundreds of diet books as well. People are drawn to self help books because they offer (some promise) to aid in all the things that stand between what we are and what they think equates to happiness and success. If you buy the wrong book you have wasted your money, if all self help books worked as claimed we would be a nation of extremely thin, insanely rich with a perfect family life and children with straight A grades and a social life fit for a queen. Books for business would lead us in the right direction for employee harmony, perfect business plans, roof bursting sales and wages far greater than the norm.

Are there good self help books or is that a fallacy? There most certainly are good self help books, as a matter of fact everyone of them probably have some content that offers something useful however as with everything, if you are using a self help book to do a medical diagnosis it will be wise to have your doctors telephone number handy as well. Many self help books can point to studies which prove beyond a shadow of doubt that they have helped and inspired many. Books like Weight Watchers and Alcoholics Anonymous are perfect examples of self help books that truly work; however there are very few that can offer these backup statistics. Take the time to investigate the author’s credentials before you buy the book, check his background, his training, years in practice and any peer recognition. Even positive results in these investigations are not a guarantee that the book will help but it is a good start. Do not forget the internet, check for testimonials and see if you can authenticate the sources of the testimonials making sure they have the competence needed to perform an effective, honest review. Take the right precautions and there is nothing standing in your way from reading self help books, however bear in mind that there are other ways as well to change your life in your favor.

Do You Really Need Help Or Just A Good Read?  

We all look for something that we don’t have, we look to have a better life, we look to be better people and we look to business help books...

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