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==== ==== Having problems falling or staying asleep every night? Here's how you can finally get a good night's sleep! ==== ====

A lot of people contact me complaining that natural insomnia remedies don't work. "I'd like to stop taking sleeping pills," they declare. "But I've tried the herbal sleep remedies and they didn't put me to sleep!" The thing is, nothing will put you to sleep, you put yourself to sleep. You may have noticed how taking a chemical sleeping pill can cause you to sleep minutes later. This is often because you believe the pill will work and so you relax enough to fall asleep. Most people just want to sleep well at night. Sleep is essential for our health and well being and the consequences of too little sleep are well known. No wonder the sleeping pill industry is doing so well; millions of them are swallowed every week! However the cost of these pills are not really our main concern, it's what they are doing to our natural sleep system that is the problem. There may be occasions when you really need to take a sleep medication to help you rest, for instance during extreme stress or a painful illness. This is not necessarily harmful if it is only for a few days, it's only when you take it night after night that the problems start. Have you ever noticed that you need to increase your dose when you've been taking sleep medication for any length of time? A chemical insomnia remedy will build resistance after a while and simply will not work as well as it used to. It's usually around this time that people try to give sleeping pills up and find they simply can't do it. They then turn to natural insomnia remedies and wonder why they don't work. The main reasons that these natural remedies fail is twofold. First the body needs to go through a withdrawal from the chemical insomnia drugs. This is called rebound insomnia and it's simply your sleep system trying to return to normal. You have to expect some sleep disruption during this time and it may take a few days up to a couple of weeks before your normal sleep cycle resumes. Secondly natural insomnia remedies are not instant. They won't cross the blood brain-barrier and medicate you into sleep. Natural remedies may take a few days before you see the desired result. This is because they re-educate your sleep system and help you to fall asleep naturally. So don't take a natural insomnia remedy and expect to be asleep in 5 minutes, it simply will not happen. However you may be confident that a natural insomnia remedy will eventually work - and work better than a sleeping pill - without the build up of tolerance or side effects like daytime drowsiness.

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==== ==== Having problems falling or staying asleep every night? Here's how you can finally get a good night's sleep! ==== ====

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