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Youth Camp  2011 Our  biggest  to  date!

Dear Pastor  and  Praying  Partners,   We   just   3inished   our   ninth   annual   youth   camp  at  Twikatane  and   it  was  the  biggest  to  date   with   148   campers   from   3ifteen   churches.     For   those   of  you  that   have   given   to   make   our   youth   camp   possible,   your   investment   is   not   in   vain.     Each   year   we   continue  to   improve   our   facilities   as   the  3inances  are   available.    We  were  contacted   by   Forestdale   Baptist   Church   in   Forestdale,   MA   asking   what   project   they  could  help  with.     Each   year  their  VBS  kids  raise   money   for   a   missionary   project.     This   year   their   kids   gave   us   $1,400.00   for  our  camp.    The  money   was  put  to   immediate  

use as  we  only  had  mattresses   to  sleep  104   kids.     The   44   kids   that   had   to   sleep   on   the   concrete   3loor  the  3irst  night  were  excited  to  see  the  truck   bring   enough   mattresses   to   accommodate   them   the  rest  of  the  week.     West  Division  Street  Baptist   Church  in  Spring3ield,  MO   youth  department  also   gave   money  to   pay  for  all   of  our   pastor’s  kids  to   attend.    Some   of  them   had   never   been  to   camp   because  they  could  not  afford  the  small   camp  fee   and  transport.    All  of  the  youth  are   very  thankful   for   the  sacri3ice  you  made   to  help  with  the  youth   camp.     We   had   3ive   saved   and   several   others   making  decisions  for  Christ.

Our new   work,  Cornerstone  Baptist  Church   of   Northrise,   is   continuing   to   have   growing   pains.     Two  of  our  regular  attenders  have  stopped  coming   because   of   work.     Davis   found   employment   ten   miles   from   Ndola   and   cannot   afford   transport   each  week   and  Luneta  has   been  in  Lusaka  the  last   four  weeks  attending   to   family  business.    The  Lord   is   continuing  to   send  visitors   almost   every   week.     Some   are   coming   from   a   Nursing   School   in  town   and   others   are   coming   from   our   neighborhood.     August   21   George   and   Musonda,   who   live   two   blocks   from   us,   came   for   the   preaching   service.     After   the  service   was   over   I   lead   Musonda   to   the   Lord.    George   said  he  was  saved  at  his  house  after  

studying a   Gideon   Bible  he  has.     They  both   came   back   the   next   Sunday   and   both   of   them   brought   their   younger   brothers.     Our   average   attendance   was  18  in  July  and  August. We   are   also   starting   the   building   project   for   Calvary   Baptist   Church   in   Kabushi.     I   will   be   posting   some   pictures   on   our   web  site   as   we  are   building. Thank   you   for   enabling   us   to   serve   Christ   in   Zambia. Your  Missionaries,   John  &  Marcia  Riggs

Rigss- Missionary Prayer letter- 8/2011  

Riggs Prayer Letter- 8/2011

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