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Final Draft 8 Demo

Address Phone Number

SECRETARY Well I guess you’ll know the answer to that pretty soon. TURTLE Did you really just call security? 2 security guards approach Turtle from the side. SECURITY GUARD Sir you need to leave or we will assist you on leaving.

Final Draft 8 Demo TURTLE Nah, I aint going nowhere until someone gives me some information on these tickets. Turtle sees the studio head from down the hall enter his office and closes the door. The security guards start to approach turtle a bit closer. SECURITY GUARD Sir please come with us.

Final Draft 8 Demo

The Security Guard grabs onto Turtle’s shirt. Turtle immediately shrugs them off, ducks down and makes a sprint for the studio head. The Guards chase after him but turtle manages to make it into the office. INT. STUDIO HEAD’S OFFICE - DAY Turtle busts through the door, the studio head is sitting at his office reading. STUDIO HEAD (annoyed) Can I help you?

Final Draft 8 Demo

The guards come busting through the door immediately but the studio head halts them and tells them to wait outside. TURTLE My name is Turtle, I’m with Vincent Chase and I was wondering if the football tickets he was given in exchange for not being able to do Aquaman, will still be given to him...even though he is doing the movie now.

2. STUDIO HEAD I have a feeling that you have come all the way here, to see if you have access to your friends personal gifts. TURTLE Sir, this is embarrassing enough. Can we still get the tickets and I’ll promise on behalf of Vince that Aquaman III will kick ass?

Final Draft 8 Demo STUDIO HEAD Now you’re getting his gifts and making his promises? TURTLE So that’s it? STUDIO HEAD I’m just giving you a hard time Turtle, it’s been a slow day. The tickets were given to Vince’s Agent yesterday. Although I can’t imagine him giving you any less of a hard time. Good luck Turtle.

Final Draft 8 Demo TURTLE You’re right, he probably won’t. Thank you Sir.

INT. STUDIO MAIN OFFICE - DAY The Secretary is doing clerical work on the desk as Turtle exits the studio head’s office. TURTLE Tell me you weren’t in on this too? SECRETARY I’m afraid we all were, well not the security guards, they were actually going to throw you out.

Final Draft 8 Demo TURTLE Social experiments a daily thing here at Warners? SECRETARY Only to non-clients.

3. TURTLE (whispering) Now I know why E hates coming here. Excuse me?



Final Draft 8 Demo

Turtle is driving in his car and he pulls out his cellphone to call Ari. TURTLE You mother fucker. Ari is laying in bed sprawled out in his Robe. ARI One more step towards manhood Turtle. Learn to love it. TURTLE What I’ll love, is either goin’ to the game or beatin’ your ass for not. I’m swinging by your house now.

Final Draft 8 Demo ARI Relax Turtle, or I’m going to force Warners to make a rocky 7 starring your ugly dago ass. END INTERCUT INT. ENTOURAGE MANSION LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Drama, Eric, and Vince are watching TV in the living room as Turtle comes through the front door. As he comes in, Johnny perks his head up anxiously.

Final Draft 8 Demo VINCE How are my tickets Turtle?

Johnny loses his vigor. TURTLE In the arms of their rightful owners.

4. Vince looks at Johnny and notices his lack of enthusiasm. Johnny-


JOHNNY It’s okay bro, you don’t even have to say it. I’m going to call her tonight and cancel. TURTLE It aint like you worked for em anyway, Drama.

Final Draft 8 Demo Johnny gets up and goes into the nearby room with his phone. INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT Johnny is pacing back and forth dialing the number. JOHNNY Hey Julie, its Johnny JULIE (O.S.) Hey Johnny what’s up?

Final Draft 8 Demo JOHNNY Something came up this related...and I won’t be able to go to the game. JULIE (O.S.) Aww, I was about to go buy face paint and everything. JOHNNY I love your spirit. JULIE (O.S.)

Final Draft 8 Demo And I love a working man!

Johnny puts his head down JULIE (O.S.) (CONT’D) Its okay Johnny, I’ll be watching the whole thing on TV so I’ll be texting you updates.

5. JOHNNY Thanks Julie, call you later this week. Johnny hangs up the phone and walks back into the living room. INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Vince stands up and puts his arm around Johnny.

Final Draft 8 Demo VINCE We’re going to have a great time Johnny, we can have her meet us back here for dinner after the game.

EXT. DRIVEWAY HOUSE - MORNING Turtle, Eric, and Vince are in the car wearing Giants jerseys. Turtle honks the horn a couple times. TURTLE C’mon Drama, what is he doing?

Final Draft 8 Demo ERIC Being salty I’m sure.

VINCE Did I really disappoint him that badly? ERIC There’s no reason to disappoint, he shouldn’t have given your ticket away in the first place. Johnny runs out of the house with a foam finger on and in red and blue face paint from waist up and gets in the car.

Final Draft 8 Demo JOHNNY Relax turtle, wearing full body paint is more important than getting there on time.

TURTLE Don’t be bitter Drama. Eric, Vince, and I worked very hard for these tickets, so don’t spoil it.

6. EXT. RAIDER STADIUM - AFTERNOON The entourage finds their seats which are front row. are “booing Johnny” as he’s walking down the steps.


JOHNNY We’re bringing the heat today jerkoffs! ERIC Would you relax Drama, you’re making a scene.

Final Draft 8 Demo TURTLE Have a little self respect E. We gotta represent our home town today.

A family of four is sitting behind the gang and the father leans over the crew. FATHER Giants Fans huh? Sometimes you forget Hollywood stars came from other places... VINCE Born and raised.

Final Draft 8 Demo FATHER I heard you’re doing Aquaman III? VINCE I’m looking forward to it. the role. FATHER My kids are too. guys.

I miss

Enjoy the Game

The fathers son, about the age of seven is sitting with his family, next to his father. He has pizza in one hand and ice cream in the other.

Final Draft 8 Demo SON

Is that Aquaman infront of us? Vince turns around with a smile. VINCE Only on some days. Vince winks at the boy.

7. SON Are those the days you’re getting in trouble? Turtle and Drama break out into uncontrollable laughter. Eric puts his heads down. VINCE No, different days. Vince turns around with a shocked look on his face.

Final Draft 8 Demo TURTLE Hey look up at the screen.

Everyone looks up at the jumbotron and they see themselves being monitored. The entourage and the fans get up waving their hands at the screen. TURTLE (CONT’D) Hey Vin, looks like the new Warners is going to treat us pretty well. VINCE Yes they will Turtle. The team scores a touch down and the fans go wild.

Final Draft 8 Demo ERIC Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Remember our last movie with this studio. VINCE No, I’ll admit, the last one with them was my fault. TURTLE Can we drop the negativity and focus on the game, we just got scored on again.

Final Draft 8 Demo

Johnny’s phone rings and he reads the text. INSERT:

Johnny’s phone. Text reads: “I saw you on TV asshole. the way your team is down by 14.” BACK TO SCENE Damnit.



8. Johnny gets angry and hits his phone against the railing causing it to fly on the sidelines hitting a player. Johnny stares in disbelief. PLAYER Hey what the fuck? just throw at me?

What did you

TURTLE What did you just do Drama? The player goes to a security guard and starts pointing at Drama. After a few more seconds he pulls out his radio and then turns back around. Moments later security guards come down to the row.

Final Draft 8 Demo SECURITY GUARD Sir Throwing projectiles onto the field is prohibited, we are asking you to leave the premises. JOHNNY Fuck you, I can’t believe I came to this hell hole anyway. Let’s go guys. FAN It’s the black hole you piece of shit!

Final Draft 8 Demo Drama looks to the guys but the other three remain seated and continue watching the game without looking back at him. TURTLE I don’t know you Drama, you do not exist. Vince?


Vince shrugs his shoulders.

Final Draft 8 Demo ERIC See you on the outside Drama.

EXT. MANSION DRIVEWAY - NIGHT The entourage pulls up in their driveway and Ari is already parked at the house sitting on the front door step. They park and get out of the car. Ari?

VINCE What’s the deal?

9. ARI We have to talk Aquaman Vinny. You, me, and maybe the little Irish man getting out of the car, but only for good luck. Johnny and Turtle enter the house. VINCE Taking this one serious huh? ARI Vince, the three of us all know how big A-1 was which is what has brought me onto you front porch here tonight.

Final Draft 8 Demo ERIC What is it? ARI They are filming A-3 out of California, I don’t know why, but that’s what the producers want, the hype is also out of control and they are trying to move the shooting up 4 months.

Final Draft 8 Demo

Eric folds his arms with an uncomfortable look. ARI (CONT’D) Since when did E start putting dots together? What?


ARI Vince, didn’t you listen to anything they said in there? You’re on probation for a year. There’s no “outside of California” for you. Especially if they move the shooting up four months.

Final Draft 8 Demo VINCE So there’s nothing I can do? ARI We convince Warner’s that you’re worth the wait. Or...


10. ARI Are you kidding? Or? oh wait, I got one for you Eric, “or” you hope Judge Henderson wants to see Vince in Aquaman so bad he shortens his probation. VINCE “Or” I just scrap the film and we move on. ERIC No fuck that Vince, Ari what about the “sweeping fan base” Vince supposedly has? The producers won’t listen?

Final Draft 8 Demo ARI You two need to let me Finish. Vince, there is no need to make a rash decision right now, because it’s not really up to you at this point. The Studio is deciding the best option for themselves, and they are notifying me with an answer this week.

Final Draft 8 Demo VINCE No ari, you need to let ME finish. Something hit me today when I was at the football game. ARI Yeah, I heard about Drama’s phone incident. VINCE No Ari, I’m serious. I mean I’m not sure that my character is currently worthy of playing a super hero. I had a similar feeling back before A1. Only then it was a matter of Ego, not integrity.

Final Draft 8 Demo ARI Alright, well it looks like we all have a lot to think about this week. We’ll be in touch.

Ari gets into his car and drives away. inside.

Vince and Eric go

11. INT. MANSION KITCHEN - NIGHT Turtle and Drama are eating pizza in the kitchen as Vince and Eric enter. VINCE Johnny you’re not inviting Julie over? JOHNNY I don’t know baby bro, I’m kind of tired tonight.

Final Draft 8 Demo TURTLE Bullshit Drama, you wanted to hang out with this girl all week and now your bitching out? JOHNNY Shut the fuck up Turtle. in the mood.

I’m not

VINCE You should just go over to her place. ERIC He’ll probably get kicked out of there too.

Final Draft 8 Demo JOHNNY Fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you, I’m not going to her house, and she aint coming here. I told her I wasn’t going to the game because i had work... it was the easiest thing I could come up with. Well she’s a die hard dan alright, and she saw me on TV when we appeared on the jumbotron. She texted me during the game...I’m such a dumbass.

Final Draft 8 Demo

The three try not to laugh.

ERIC And that’s why you threw your phone at Darren McFadden. TURTLE I can’t believe work was your “easiest” response.

12. JOHNNY I’m going to bed. Johnny Puts his plate in the sink and exits the room. VINCE So what should I do guys? TURTLE Yeah, what was that Ari thing about?

Final Draft 8 Demo VINCE I can’t be in A-3 currently because my probation won’t allow me to leave California to film. ERIC I think we should just do what Ari says. Lets wait for the Studio to make a decision. TURTLE No fuck that, Vince you can go affect their decision. The only reason we’re having this talk in the first place, is because everybody wants you as Aquaman.

Final Draft 8 Demo INT. ARI’S OFFICE AREA - DAY The phone rings and LLoyd answers it.

Ari Rushes in.

ARI Is it Warners? LLoyd covers the mouth piece of the phone. Yes, shhh.


Final Draft 8 Demo ARI Don’t SHHH me LLoyd, put it on speaker.

LLoyd goes back to focusing on the phone call. LLOYD Thank you so much. I will let him know immediately. LLoyd hangs up the phone.

13. LLOYD (CONT’D) They want Elijah Wood as the new Aquaman. ARI Elijah Wood as in the Elijah Wood I represent? Afraid so.


ARI Is it for sure?

Final Draft 8 Demo LLOYD Unless you can convince them to wait for Vince, Either way Ari Gold, you are representing the next Aquaman. Congratulations! Ari doesn’t know what to do, he starts to get nervous and then goes into his personal Office space and stares out the window. Fade to black

Final Draft 8 Demo

Final Draft 8 Demo

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enourage script new 2

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