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Tax Lien Investing for Foreign Investors

Tax Lien Investing for Foreign Investors By Jeffrey Gakstatter

By Jeffrey Gakstatter

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Tax Lien Investing for Foreign Investors Contents Introduction…………………………………………………………………4 Contents.........................................................................2 Step 1 – Get Your United States Address........................4

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By Jeffrey Gakstatter

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Tax Lien Investing for Foreign Investors

Introduction Congratulations on your purchase of this special report and for taking a step towards making a financially rewarding investment. As we’ve seen over the past several years the world’s financial markets have been in turmoil. Bond and savings interest rates have been low while stocks and the equities markets have consistently lost principal. Real estate valuations have experienced significant declines. Despite the economic declines in all countries including the United States one investment stands out among them all – tax lien certificates. Not only do these certificates earn a minimum double-digit By Jeffrey Gakstatter

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Tax Lien Investing for Foreign Investors interest rate they are secured by underlying real estate as well. Since the tax liens have a higher priority than other liens and typically only represent 3% to 10% of the real estate’s value, they have an enviable secure position even if property values decline. If you’re not a citizen of the United States this report will lead you through the steps needed to enable you to purchase this fantastic investment. With advances in technology you can make these secure investments without ever having stepped foot in the United States. Lets get started!

Step 1 – Get Your United States Address One of the first details you’ll need to take on before you conduct business in the United States (US) is a US mailing address. If you have relatives living in the US then this step is an easy one for you – just use their address as your mailing address. By Jeffrey Gakstatter

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Tax Lien Investing for Foreign Investors However, if you don’t have a relative’s address available then what do you do? The easy solution would be to use a mail forwarding service. This service will provide you with a physical US address and not a Post Office (PO) Box. A physical address is important if you ever receive a package by a Federal Express of United Parcel Service since they won’t deliver to a PO box. Besides providing you with a physical address, the mail forwarding service can: 1) Send your physical mail to your foreign address; 2) Open, scan and email your mail to you; 3) Receive faxes for you; and 4) Secure a US phone number that connects to your foreign phone. You only need the basic service of getting an address and forwarding mail in order to move forward with tax lien investing. However, you may find the additional services useful, especially if you’re establishing a US company as discussed in Step 3. All of your tax lien investment correspondence will go to your US mailing address and it’s important that you receive and respond to that information quickly. By Jeffrey Gakstatter

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Tax Lien Investing for Foreign Investors You’ll find some sample mail forwarding services listed in the Resource section.

By Jeffrey Gakstatter

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Tax Lien Investing for Foreign Investors