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Stare. It is the way to educate your eye, and more. Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop. Die knowing something. You are not here long. - Walker Evans

Je Freeman 615.294.5175 je Visual Communicator 20 years My Life Experiences US Army Veteran with over 14 years active military federal service in combat arms My grown son is also a US Army Veteran now studying at University of Wisconsin - River Falls College educated with BFA in Graphic DesignAustin Peay State University - May 1995- G.P.A. 3.4 Living & working in Music City USA Specialties Successful creative ability Social Network Technician; Consultant Creative software expert - 2D/3D

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Specialties (continued) Multi-use Designer Visual Artist - Painter, Illustrator, Draftsman Social Services Volunteer Better-than-average Auto Mechanic Dependable Goals

Gain at least four new major clients consecutively for the next 3 years (Major client = minimum $10k annual billable) Increase knowledge and skills in cloud and mobile computing platforms Become niche U.S. ad designer for continued ‘green’ revolution Attend future grandchildren college graduation(s) Have sustainable financial assets to pass along to my heir Leave behind positive influences for others to build upon

Flaws (in certain circles) Defective relationship picker Enjoy flight - favor speed Avid fan of computer gaming Alternative Rock - music of choice

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An example 3D Model development from the beginning conceptual sketch, to rendering and ďŹ nally to promotional support materials, posters and game packaging. This battleďŹ eld weapon was conceived as both a molded plastic toy and as a character machine in a computer game no longer under development. This machine was named SCARAB after the egyptian beetle.

3D/Illustration 6

IRL racecar rendered entirely as vectors all the way down to the cooling slots in the brake rotors. This speciďŹ c chassis was illustrated for the ďŹ rst time back in 1998, however this is updated and colored in 2006. The accuracy is noteworthy as is evidenced by the actual camber of the front and rear wheels as seen in the top view connected by a series of carbon ďŹ ber steering and suspension rods, bolts and universal shims. Also note the rivets in the front and rear wings.

2D/Illustration 7

Developer Tony Giarratana approached me about several ongoing projects in the Nashville downtown area and asked me to provide graphical support for these projects of which I accepted and began work right away. This promotional piece was one of two created in support of The Viridian, a highrise, multi-use condominium tower planned for location on Church Street. This piece was distributed at the final Urban Planning Commission meeting and subsequent press junket held at the downtown Sales Office for project developer Tony Giarratana. Shortly afterward development plans were approved and construction began. You can view the finished work in the downtown Nashville skyline not far from another of Giarratana’s completed developments, The Cumberland.

This brochure was literally thrown together short-notice due to scheduled meeting changes which moved the project timeline forward. With the aid of digital printing available in Nashville, the completed materials were presented at the final planning & zoning commission meeting and subsequent press meeting which followed after.

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Inspired by a suggestion from his 16 year old daughter that the office addition be designed to look like it had been constructed along with the Belle Meade Theater back in 1940, Architect Steve Johnson of Gresham Smith & Partners sketched this project on the back of a Cracker barrel sack. The final design by Steve and his associate Jonathan Smith remains amazingly true to this initial vision - a retro, Art Deco office building integrated with an existing, historic landmark. This conceptual piece was used both to present to the Urban Zoning Commission and also to the potential mixed-use tenants such as Fresh Market and Dean & DeLuca.

Elevation and relief drawings as well as computer renderings were incorporated into this brochure to present the concept accurately. This site has historic importance and significance in the growth of Music City.

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The name for this project The Mayfair came from the development land owners - the Mayfair family. The idea of this project was to build a midlevel condominium suited for senioraged tenants in a near downtown location. Situated on the Metro Transportation Authority lines, with excellent hospitals such as St. Thomas less than one mile away and well within reasonable distance to Green Hills Mall made this project and its location a top priority.

Special Event 12

These are conceptual designs of direct-mail campaign for ENA’s Jamboree held in conjunction with the 24th Annual TETC Conference here in Music City. The guidelines given were to design a mailable piece that presented fun, entertainment, food, drinks and games as well as representing Nashville location.

Special Event 13

Used Tuscan color theme on this dinner and fund-raising auction invitation for Gilda’s Club Nashville. The piece is two parts; Part A is the threepanel fold-out invitation and Part B is the vellum auction list insert. Part A has a scored RSVP panel the recipient can use to mail in their intentions. Part A was printed on Strathmore 100# White cover with noticeable mold grain and with Part A folded down to one panel and Part B inserted, both pieces were then slid into mailing envelope. Dinner & Auction were held at Fleming’s and raised over six hunded-thousand dollars for Gilda’s Club Nashville.

Special Event 14

Special Event 15

Event mailers for The Phoenix Club of Nashville announcing various fund-raising beneďŹ t events. These mailers were also published in local newspapers and magazines thoroughly saturating the target market. Admission tickets were also added to the Equinox Ball materials.

Special Event 16

Restaurant kiosk positioned inside the main entrance lobby of The Factory at Franklin which serves as a point of information for all the eateries located in this unique retail mall. Those not familiar with this location might be interested to know this was an operating manufacturing facility back in the late 1800’s to mid 1900’s making stoves and iceboxes. These businesses disappeared with technology and the site was left vacant for years. A local developer Calvin Lehew purchased the vacant facility and converted it into a popular retail mall.

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A symbol is a representation of something which can’t be seen, and its effectiveness is based on its appropriateness and universality. Not long ago, a recognizable symbol might be a winged horse, and the world would have known it as Pegasus who signified the creative spirit according to Greek myth. Logos are surely more simple to interpret using name brands and often explanatory tag words which ease the burden of creating an identity. The artistry of logo design is in its compactness - it is micro-design. A logo not only has to create a first impression, it must convey a lasting impression. When a logo becomes instantly identifiable, it becomes part of the unconscious as well as of the everyday world. A logo design is judged immediately; remember it or it is forgotten.

THIS PAGE (Top to Bottom) Simply Visible - small visual design studio Focal Eclipse - web development studio Connecting Hearts - service company for mentally challenged Health Access - medical records card company

OPPOSITE PAGE (Top to Bottom, Left to Right) WeatherVane - lounge and bar in Flying Horse Restaurant PKL Investments - small investment broker Southern Games - regional coin-op vending company Unity Residential - service company for mentally challenged Eastland Café - trendy restaurant with unique lighting Accounting Pro Advisors - accounting firm Vision College Ministries - college campus christian ministry Information Consultants - background investigation agency

Logos 18

Logos 19

The first representive of business besides its principal owners is the logo or brand. To announce, promote and do what most business owners desire - getting the word out is done utilizing marketing and advertising measures. The business collateral’s should be incorporated in these efforts by design. These collateral’s usually consist of three important but separate printed pieces; a) business card, b) letterhead, and c) standard business envelope. In some cases a standard 9” x 12” pocket folder and maybe a trifold brochure may be included to round out this business bundle.

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Twelve years ago the world wide web was taking businesses and homes into a new world of 24/7 information, news, sales and entertainment. Now with improved search engines, higher connection speeds and more robust web browsers companies can no longer afford to dismiss the internet potential as the tremendous marketing, selling and communication tool it has become. Simply Visible offers technically sound, visually stunning web development services including SEO, SMO, blogs, site analytics - complete design and hosting. Another focus is on Cloud computing - essentially allows users to access software in cyberspace to perform work at a workstation that doesn’t have the software onboard. Also emphasis is shifting to the touchscreen technologies as well as the mobile smartphone market. These seem to be the areas where development is most needed. The social media is evolving as well and it is believed that Diaspora will be the next big thing as the world awaits it’s release.

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Example web developments presented here include a flag and flagpole retail company, a personal services company for physically & mentally challenged citizens, a fitness studio, and a local award-winning caterer. Oh yes, almost forgot ours - a full service creative studio on previous page. URLs top to bottom this page: URLs opposite page:

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A Brief View...  

Just a few graphic creative solutions, images, drawings, and paintings from Jeff Freeman - a true visual provocateur.

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