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Working Capital for Your Business • Working capital is money utilized to finance daily operational costs of a business. For a new business to have the chance to be a great success, it needs working capital to settle operating expenses on a daily basis. These everyday expenses include property rent, salaries, marketing expenses, and inventory. A business owner should always have enough capital on hand to cover these types of expenses.

Working Capital for Your Business • A working capital loan is one of the most common types of loans businesses seek. Getting one from friends and family can be easy, but it does have drawbacks. Will they be willing to lend a large amount of money? Is missing one or more payment worth the risk of losing a relationship? Bank small business loans have even more disadvantages. Most new businesses will not be able to qualify for bank loans.

Working Capital for Your Business • If you do qualify, you'll need to offer collateral and personal guarantees for repayment. Even worse, missing a payment can hurt your credit and cost you the collateral. One of the most popular and sought after forms ofworking capital funding is a business cash advance. The borrowers do not have to worry about fixed monthly repayments, and they do not have to have an overall good credit score.

Working Capital for Your Business • The repayments come from taking a small percentage of the company's future credit card sales. This means that the merchant does not need to worry about making monthly repayments. A prerequisite for a cash advance is that the small business must accept credit cards as a mode of payment.

Working Capital for Your Business • Financing for small business working capital is not difficult to obtain with a business cash advance. An entrepreneur should weigh his funding options and factor in the ease of repayment, liability burden and flexibility • Before applying for a business cash advance, find out as much as you can about the provider. Good business cash advance companies, such as RapidAdvance, will inform you about the terms of the funding.

Benefits of Choosing RapidAdvance • Deal Direct - Work directly with the funding source. Cut out the middle man and any extra fees or delays associated with a 3rd party broker. • Experienced - RapidAdvance has a proven track record for providing small businesses with the capital they need to grow and succeed in today's economy. RapidAdvance is a leader in alternative financing to small businesses having provided hundreds of millions of dollars to over 20,000 merchants both domestically and internationally. • No Collateral Liens (UCC-1) Filed at Time of Funding - Our Cash Advance program places no restrictions on your ability to access additional financing. Many competitors file a UCC-1 at time of funding.

Benefits of Choosing RapidAdvance • No Need to Switch Credit Card Processors - We offer multiple funding solutions through partnerships with the industry's best processors and through an alternative payment solution that gives you the flexibility to stay with your current processor. • More Money - RapidAdvance offers 5 different funding programs designed to maximize the amount of capital your business can receive.

Benefits of Choosing RapidAdvance • Respected - We are a trusted member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). • Broader Funding Range - Our average business cash advance is $20,000 but we support requests from $3500 - $150,000. • Trusted - Over 85% of qualified merchants renew their advance with RapidAdvance.

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Working capital  
Working capital