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It is you that determines what kind of personal trainer salary to enjoy. Many current fitness professionals, as well as want-to-be personal trainers, are misled when it comes to the almighty fitness trainer salary. Many think when they start their personal training business money will immediately fall from the sky. Fitness enthusiasts, such as yourself, always hear stories of fitness trainers making $100 plus per hour, and over $100,000 per year. I am the first to tell you, yes, it is possible. The fact is when it comes to a personal trainer salary the possibilities are endless, especially with the aging baby boomer obesity rate, and escalating medical costs. Before you get too excited, here is the whole truth. Most personal trainers don't make $100 per hour, or $100,000 per year. Why? Because they simply do not know how. Just by printing up a personal trainer business card does not necessarily mean you will immediately generate a six figure fitness income. Just as building any other business, it takes know how, time, and patience. The fact is the average salary of a personal trainer is around $40,000 dollars. That is if you combine personal training business owners with club hired trainers. If you look closely at the last paragraph, you will see the word "average." Average fitness trainer business knowledge, and work ethic will generally yield you an average $40,000 a year career. However, ask yourself one question. Do you want to command an average personal trainer salary, or an above average one? So what separates an average personal fitness trainer from an above average $100,000 per year trainer? First off, it is the complete understanding of how to market your personal training business. That includes how to market your services, as well as yourself. The fact is a fitness trainer that makes the highest personal trainer salary is generally not the one that is a rocket scientist in exercise physiology. The person with the most profitable fitness trainer career is the one who knows how to market. Secondly, high earning personal trainers understand leverage, and fitness business planning. Six figure trainers know the value of time, and how to leverage that time. Some may have their own personal trainer business, while others offer value added products, and services for residual profit. The most successful personal fitness trainers carefully plan their businesses, and set goals. They continue to change the course of action until they ultimately reach their desired income level. They are all about building their personal training business.

Another aspect that sets average income earners apart from elite trainers is dedication towards continuing education. Even the professionals with the highest personal trainer wages continue to educate themselves by investing their time, and money in continued personal training education. I am not just talking about the latest exercise physiology research, but continuing personal training courses on fitness marketing, and sales. They are constantly trying to learn more so they can earn more. So the truth about a personal trainer salary is you can generate whatever salary you wish as long as you start by following the three common characteristics of six figure fitness trainers mentioned above. Yes, it is possible to thrive financially as a fitness trainer, as long as you have the know how of what to do.

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==== ==== Your Own At Home "Personal Trainer" Check This Out: ==== ====

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