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JC&. WHO IS JEFF CHRISTIAN & COMPANY? PROFILE: While Jeff Christian is considered one of the top retained executive search consultants of all time, by managing and completing high-level CEO, COO, Presidential, Board, and C-Suite assignments; he has created the process that assures that an enterprise finds the executive with more than intellectual firepower and relevant experience to do the job. Our process assures that the hired executive is the right fit. OUR FOCUS: CEO, Board member and senior-level executive search and selection. OUR CLIENTS: From high-profile early-stage companies to the Fortune 500. To find the right fit, means we have the capacity and know-how to dig deeper into the culture of an organization. A candidate on paper is simply that: paper. We delve into the reality of an executive's firepower, branding ability, culture and more to assure that increased value is realized and that a partnership is created. The right executive can take an organization to the next level. Our proven process combines a focus on personal attention and service, with the leverage of deep resources and reputation. MARKET SEGMENTS: Our practice area encompasses a broad and deep grounding in technology, industrial, social media, manufacturing, financial services, high tech, healthcare, consumer products, and cleantech.

JC&. VISION CAPTURE PROCESS Only JEFF CHRISTIAN & COMPANY has the exclusive 'VISION CAPTURE' PROCESS that guarantees integration of your corporate vision into the search process. We consider the articulation of vision for a managerial position, board seat, division head, or any C-level hire, critical to the deliverance of excellence in leadership. Providing extraordinary value to clients starts with intense listening and understanding of your needs and objectives. Our ability to capture a brand and culture in a position profile is unparalleled in the search business. We have the proven ability to capture your vision, articulate it, and demonstrate why an assignment can be the opportunity of a candidate's lifetime. VISION CAPTURE is the start of breakthrough, high-quality search work. From there, we do not leave a stone unturned. We scour source environments, and delve further into candidates' hard credentials and human skills. All are the critical components of a successful search. It is our total investment in each and every client that consistently ensures a successful completion.

JC&. VISION REALIZATION Starting a search is one thing. Finishing it is everything. As a result, we take our clients from VISION CAPTURE to VISION REALIZATION. Do you envision a brand perception change, a revenue boost, a turnaround, or an improved market valuation? We envision it with you and make it happen. Below are just some of the ways we do it: •  Exceptional leadership assessment capabilities, starting with Vision Capture, guarantees that you are presented with

•  Exhaustive, high-quality research •  One of the shortest search completion times in the industry

the very best candidates. •  Most comprehensive collection of source environments identified for every search •  Unencumbered network – free of 'hands off' relationships. We are able to personally interview every top candidate for the position

•  We value relationships. As such, our partners actually complete all of the recruitment - your search will not be passed on to an associate •  Vision, drive, and experience ensure that our clients always get all of these benefits.

intensity of  effort  


source environment  

assessment ability   hands-­‐off  rela?onships   access  to  the  best  

Quality of  Search  

search comple?on  ?me  

quality of  research   partners  complete  the  search  

Bou?que Firms  

Large Firms  


JC&. ENVISION THE DIFFERENCE JEFF CHRISTIAN & COMPANY captures your vision and makes it a reality by delivering tangible, actionable capabilities that no other search firm provides. These include: •  The power  of  a  mul?na?onal  but  with  the   personal  aPen?on  and  commitment  of  the                best  bou?que   •  Unparalleled  track  record  of  comple?ng  CEO,                COO,  and  GM  searches.     •  Success  across  a  broad  range  of  industries  and              company  sizes.   •  CommiPed  to  quality   •  Unlimited  Hands-­‐On   •  Excep?onal  research   •  One  of  the  top  search  consultants   •  Strong  personal  network  of  top  CEO's  and              execu?ve  rela?onships   •  A  big  brand  in  CEO  search   •  An  ac?ve  CEO  mentor  and  coach   •  Strong  personal  experience  as  an  opera?ng  CEO   •  We  begin  with  incredible  knowledge  of  your                industry  and  its  leaders.  

JC&. VISIONARY BOARD PRACTICE A key component of our BOARD SEARCH PRACTICE is our deep expertise in defining Board roles, composition and assessment. It is encapsulated in our VISION CAPTURE PROCESS. We want to assure that your board meets and exceeds the expectations of the following constituencies: •  •  •  • 

shareholders, regulators, the capital markets, and other stakeholders.

Great leadership at the board level coupled with great executive leadership is a key solution to overcoming increased scrutiny and challenges. Exceptional boards and CEOs can see critical success paths other cannot. Current conditions combined with the increased expectations and responsibilities of boards today make board composition even more critical. JEFF CHRISTIAN & COMPANY SPECIALIZES IN CONDUCTING BOARD SEARCHES FOR A WIDE VARIETY OF DOMESTIC AND GLOBAL CLIENTS. Our clients include: TOP-TIER VENTURE CAPITALISTS: Today, more than ever, venture capitalists look to strengthen the boards of their portfolio companies with outside directors who have exceptional talent and expertise. EARLY-STAGE COMPANIES: Early-stage companies must attract investors, solve critical operating issues, and have great counsel to make the right strategic moves. MID-LARGE SIZE CORPORATIONS: JEFF CHRISTIAN AND COMPANY helps mid-large size corporations and their directors continually upgrade their boards. LARGE PUBLIC COMPANIES: In this post Sarbanes-Oxley world, we help large public companies find the scarce board talent comprised of the top 1% of all executive leadership.

JC&. GLOBAL CEO VISION We specialize in helping boards of directors succinctly articulate corporate vision to identify, assess, and secure the CEO who can make that vision a reality. We're hands on - not hands off: Often, the large multi-nationals have their hands tied on all CEO searches because they have conflicts of interest. This narrows the pool of possible executives to a very small percentage of the total candidate universe. You never get to choose from the very best and you will always wonder: "Did we even learn who are the very best candidates?" One the other hand, boutiques do not have the combination of resources, experience and brand to gain access to exceptional leadership. JEFF CHRISTIAN & COMPANY does not have those hands off relationships. It has a hands-on relationship with you. Working with Jeff Christian & Company, you start with a significant advantage. In addition, at JEFF CHRISTIAN & COMPANY, each CEO search is critical to you — and critical to us. The search is never handed-off to a junior associate. Our partners complete the search from VISION to REALITY. It is hands-on with our senior team.


•  Chief Executive Officers

•  Senior Vice-President of Sales

•  Chief Operating Officer

•  Senior Vice-President of Marketing

•  Chief Technology Officer

•  Senior Vice-President of Marketing

•  Chief Marketing Officer

and Sales

•  Chief Financial Officer

•  Vice-President of Engineering

•  Chief Talent/People Officer

•  Senior Vice-President of Human

•  President


•  Chairman

•  Vice-President of Technology

•  Senior Vice-President

•  Senior Vice-President International

•  Group General Manager

•  General Managers

•  Senior Vice-President of Technology

•  Vice-President International

JC&. OUR PRACTICE Practice Areas in which we Specialize: •  CEO Searches •  Board Searches •  President and COO Searches •  C-Level Searches •  GM and other Searches



C-Level Searches



CEO Searches Board Searches President & COO Searches


GM Searches Other Searches



JC&. CLIENTS SERVED Our Clients Include: •  Large Multi-National Corporations •  Mid-Market Companies •  Turnarounds •  Venture Capital Firms •  Private Equity Firms •  Board of Directors •  Early Stage Companies

JEFF CHRISTIAN & COMPANY Clients Large Multi-National Corporations 11%

Mid-Market Companies

Private Equity Firms Boards of Directors Early Stage Companies



Turnarounds Venture Capital Firms


6% 10% 29%

In The News








“Hewlett-­‐Packard hires  NCR  chief  as  new  CEO  Mark  Hurd  to  take  place  of  ousted   Carly  Fiorina”   “…But  he  has  one  huge  asset:    ‘He’s  almost  the  opposite  of  (ousted  H-­‐P  CEO)  Carly   (Fiorina),’  says  Jeff  Christian,  the  executive  recruiter  who  brought  Fiorina  to  H-­‐P.”       “…It’s  something  that  a  person  really  should  walk  around  with  kind  of  a  mental  set  of   dos  and  don’ts,  kind  of  their  checklist,  so  when  a  gray  area  pops  up  they  can  apply  it  to   their  own  set  of  morals  and  their  own  set  of  personal  ethics…”       “Well,  certainly,  there’s  pressure  today  on  the  board  and  my  guess  is  that  if  she  loses   the  vote  there’s  going  to  be  increased  pressure.    But  it’s  a  very  strong  board.    So  what   does  that  board  do?      Do  they  give  up  on  Carly?    I’m  not  sure  there’s  someone  better   inside  the  company  or  outside  the  company  to  run  it  today.    And  they  certainly  don’t   have  a  clear  person  behind  her.    So  I  think  that  she’s  going  to  have  to  get  out  there.       She’s  going  to  have  to  sell  her  new  vision.    It’s  going  to  have  to  be  something  that   people  believe  in  and  are  willing  to  follow.    And  she  has  been  able  to  keep  the  company   excited  through  some  pretty  hard  times.”       “According  to  leadership  expert  Jeff  Christian,  Egypt,  with  the  ouster  of  Hosni   Mubarak,  has  met  its  Enron  moment.    Christian,  who  is  the  founder  of  Revenue  Beast,  a   revenue  acceleration  company;  the  Number  12  Foundation,  a  foundation  that  finds   lasting  recovery  for  men  in,  and  coming  out  of,  the  penal  system;  and  founder  of   CTPartners  executive  search  firm,  has  worked  with  hundreds  of  CEO’s.”       “CHRISTIAN:    Absolutely.    The  turnaround  CEO  is  probably  the  job  that  is  hottest  in   demand  and  the  reason  why  is  there  are  so  many  troubled  companies  out  there  today   –  stock  prices  falling,  profits  down,  you  know,  people  in  the  organization  that  are   lacking  motivation  and  going  out  and  finding  a  turnaround  CEO  that  can  come  in  with   a  new  perspective  and  really  be  able  to  lower  costs,  you  know,  get  the  company   reinvigorated,  get  people  passionate  about  where  the  company  is  headed  in  terms  of   the  new  direction  is  a  very  special  skill  that  not  everybody  has.”       “’The  general  trend  is  for  stronger  outside  boards,’  said  Jeffrey  Christian,  says  his   company  is  bolstering  its  board-­‐search  practice  to  take  advantage  of  the  increasing   number  of  companies  that  retain  outside  help  to  find  outside  directors  with  no  ties  to   their  managers  or  boards.    

A recent  survey  of  chief  executives  of  Fortune  500  companies  shows  how  eager  big   corporations  are  to  strengthen  their  boards:  43  percent  planned  to  replace  or  add  at   least  two  directors  this  year;  as  opposed  to  an  estimated  15  to  20  percent  in  an   average  year;  and  92  percent  no  longer  wanted  to  fill  board  seats  with  friends  or  close   associates,  but  were  seeking  instead  to  create  a  board  that  would  ‘push  back,’  the  firm   said.”       “’I’ve  never,  ever  had  conversations  with  people  along  these  lines,’  says  Jeffrey   Christian,  a  top  U.S.  headhunter  who  placed  Carly  Fiorina  in  her  job  as  CEO  of  Hewlett   Packard.    ‘CEOs  normally  have  to  be  dragged  out  kicking  and  screaming.’”      

“Jeff Christian,  is  on  the  short  list  of  folks  board  members  call  when  a  company  needs  a   CEO  in  a  hurry.    Here’s  what  he  tells  them  to  look  for:   An  irrefutable  reputation.    ‘A  reputation  for  honesty,  integrity  and  personal  values  is   No.  1.’   Intellectual  Horsepower   Superior  Listening  Skills   Contagious  Passion.    ‘…People  have  to  think,  Boy,  I  want  to  be  around  this  person.    He   or  she  is  exciting,  smart,  creative,  with  great  ideas  and  a  lot  of  energy.’   Leadership  Talent.    ‘To  me,  that’s  the  ability  to  put  that  stake  in  the  ground  that   everybody  can  see  that  says,  here’s  where  we  are  going.’   A  sense  of  humility.    ‘They  can’t  be  blind  to  their  weaknesses…’”      


“The most  important  factor  in  any  turnaround  is  the  leadership  ability  of  the  boss.     ‘Find  out  as  much  as  you  can  about  the  new  CEO,’  Christian  says.    ‘Typically,  a  troubled   organization  will  try  to  bring  in  someone  who  has  already  proved  that  he  can  revive  a   company.    Turnaround  CEOs  make  up  a  small  and  exclusive  club.    If  the  company   you’re  looking  at  has  a  known  turnaround  expert  at  the  helm,  taking  this  job  could  be  a   career  maker.    If  the  new  boss  is  a  question  mark,  you  should  look  elsewhere.’”       “Call  it  an  early  warning  sigh.    Last  week’s  decision  by  No.  2  computer  giant,  Hewlett-­‐ Packard  Company,  to  tap  Jeffrey  E.  Christian  to  find  its  next  chief  executive  is   conclusive  evidence  that  a  changing  of  the  guard  is  underway  in  the  rarefied  world  of   CEO  executive  search.    And  with  a  growing  number  of  other  top  search  deals  going  his   way,  Jeff  Christian,  the  recruiting  firm’s  43-­‐year  old  founder,  is  fast  becoming  the   titular  head  of  a  new  generation  of  enterprising,  in  demand  –  and  unrestricted  –  search   industry  powerbrokers.”       “According  to  Jeff  Christian,  founder  of  executive  search  firm  CTPartners,  Steve  Jobs   cannot  be  replaced.    He  is  Apple  Computer.    ‘I’ve  known  Steve  for  over  15  years.    At   one  point,  I  did  most  of  the  search  work  when  Steve  was  gone  and  John  Sculley  ran  the   company.    I  worked  with  Steve  and  got  to  know  him  pretty  well  when  he  returned.    It   was  like  they  were  two  different  companies,’  said  Christian.”       “Many  recruiters  and  management  experts  argue  that  companies  would  be  better  off   biting  the  bullet  by  laying  off  their  least-­‐productive  workers,  while  being  careful  to   lavish  enough  on  truly  valued  employees  to  ensure  they  stick  around.    Salary  and   benefit  cuts  ‘are  the  last  thing  you  want  to  do  in  a  down  economy,’  warns  Jeff  Christian,   chairman  of  Christian  &  Timbers,  a  leading  executive  search  firm.    ‘It’s  never  good  to   take  anything  away  from  the  people  you  want  to  keep.’”       “Christian  says  the  economic  slowdown  has  been  good  for  diversity.    It  often  takes   more  time  to  search  for  women  and  minorities,  and  companies  were  hiring  as  fast  as   they  could  last  year.    Today,  they  have  the  luxury  of  time.    And  among  companies   searching  for  new  executives,  32%  more  are  asking  for  women  and  minorities  to  be   among  the  candidates,  Christian  says.”      


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