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Storytellers for confident brands

In a time where consumers are as influential as reporters, and technology has people interacting with brands in a whole new way, many marketing agencies have been forced to re-think their underlying beliefs and models.

At Small Army, these market changes have only strengthened the core beliefs we built the agency on in 2002 - the power of storytelling, the importance of technology and the value of relationships.

We are 20 full-time professionals who listen as well as advise, have great intuition, focus on results, and quickly respond to results and change.

Every customer has a story. We work to identify a meaningful moral for that story, tell it in unique and creative ways, and engage others to tell it on their behalf. Then, we constantly measure to learn and make the story stronger.

Our customers are confident about their brand and their personality. They understand their audience and market. In turn, we can tell stories with conviction.






We tell clients’ stories in places where people will be most apt to listen – the expected and the unexpected, traditional and non-traditional, online and offline, social and static.

And, their stories get talked about – among customers, prospects, employees and shareholders. In turn, we all succeed. And, both our stories live on.

The End.

The Small Army Story  
The Small Army Story  

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