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Inside this Issue 1.Message from Kru Mark 2.News 3.Seminar Reviews 4.Gradings 5.Fight Show Report – Battleground #2 6.Hammer Gear & Pro-Shop News 7.Upcoming Events 8.New 2011 Timetable 9.Training Tip

Welcome ! Welcome to the 9th issue of Hammer’s Gym Member Newsletter.

Message from Kru Mark I know it’s been a while between newsletters but we are back on track, and you will receive your Hammer’s Gym news fix more regularly from now on. That said, a lot has transpired betwixt newsletters, and our gym has been as active as ever. We’ve had special guest seminars, we’ve had competitors in the latest interclub, I’ve watched several members doing themselves and the club proud by putting forth top quality efforts in their gradings, and of course we organized and hosted the recent Battleground Promotion which was a great success. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our members who participated in any or all of the above events for their contributions. I’d also like to take this opportunity to discuss the importance of being regular with your training, your training schedules may differ depending on what your individual goals are, and that is fine, but don’t stray from your chosen course. Whether you’re here to lose weight, learn a new skill, gain fitness, learn self defence or become a fighter, you need to make sure you are attending training consistently to achieve those goals. I say it all the time but it’s true, there are countless excuses outside the gym for you not to train, but sometimes you need to make excuses to train. All of the boys who represented Hammer’s Gym in the Battleground are perfect examples of people who are able to find the reasons to get into the gym and keep up there training consistently. Each of them had trained for multiple years before stepping in the ring for the first time. When preparing for a fight they each train six days a week for weeks if not months on end. If it’s a humid 40 degrees outside, they’re in the gym. If it’s thunder storming and freezing outside they’re in the gym. Their commitment to achieving their goals is what sets them apart from other ‘fighters’, and that’s why they each boast winning records, and that’s why they were all able to put in such exemplary efforts on the last Battleground show. Not everyone is or wants to be a fighter, but whatever your goal, even if its only to train once a week to learn a new skill, you need to make the excuses to get to the gym, or you’ll never realise that goal. Remember, you’re only as good as your last training session! Always in your Corner Kru Mark


Muay Thai Industry News GET INFORMED! Latest International Kickboxer & Inside MMA Mags are out now featuring training tips, fight show reports, news and views! Gina Cerano back in the cage! Strikeforce has announced that the most popular female MMA fighter ever is making a comeback! Van Damme Fighting? Jean Claude Van Damme is shaping up to have a fight! That’s right, the 50-year-old star of Kicboxer is going Pro! Doco on The Reem! Get online and have a look at the Internet documentary following K-1, Dream and Strikeforce supertsar Alistar Overeem! You can see it at


Watch out on Friday’s 10pm on Fox Sports for awesome Thai Kickboxing and MMA shows.

Hammer’s Gym News NEW CLASSES! – To cater for our growing member base we are including two new Muay Thai Classes for White and Blue Singlet’s! They will be run on Wednesday’s from 7pm to 8 pm, and Friday’s from 6pm to 7pm! Stay tuned for a new MMA class potentially on Fridays!

Kids Kix/Teen Kix- Extra Teen Kix Class starting next Term!

As of Thursday 28th April, Teens can train @ 4.30pm on Mondays OR 4.30pm Thursdays, or train in both classes at a discounted rate.

REFERAL REWARDS!- refer a friend to participate in one of our

intro’s and free trial classes and if they decide to join our great Gym then you will receive a $50 voucher for our Pro Shop!

Jeff Day ‘One on One’ Training plus Nutrition Kick start your training, get fit and refine your technique. One on One personal training available at the Gym, contact reception for more information.

Need more energy? Want better recovery between sessions? Get your nutrition right - the natural, wholefood way. Safe, easy, convenient – Talk to Jeff to assess your diet.

MMA News The MMA classes running @ 7.30pm Wednesday have been a huge success ! There has been a great turnout and lots of enthusiasm! Stay tuned for a new MMA class potentially on Fridays! Make the most of this opportunity and add an MMA session into your training program: •For cross-trainining •To learn new skills 2 •Fortify your self defence

Seminars with Guest Instructors

Ethan Shepp Promoter of Adelaide’s Knees of Fury shows and Former World Champion Ethan “The Iceman” Shepp took an excellent seminar at Hammer’s Gym. Aware that he was taking a group of mixed abilities and knowledge, Ethan geared the session around simple tactics to be used in conjunction with basic techniques. All who attended had a great time and learnt a great deal about Muay Thai strategy.

Stephan Fox Contender Asia Host and Mentor, Stephan Fox recently took a Seminar at Hammer’s Gym. It was meant to go for two hours, be he was having so much fun teaching our students that it went for three. He taught us how to train Thai style, and focusing on grappling and elbowing. He also demonstrated the ancient art of Muay Boran, the style that Muay Thai kickboxing originated from. All the members who participated in this day found Stephan to be both immensely knowledgeable and charismatic, it was truly a great day to train.



CONGRATULATIONS ALL! Students preparing for gradings can find the Protocol for Students online by visiting

Red Level Tristan Stowell, Dion Wintle, Kakada Ven, Andrew Nguyen, Sonny Phanvongsa, Cathy Paoli, Roman Pitaliadda, Jake Witchelo, Colin Levey, Miguel Morales, Tom Norbury, Peter Trionfi, Harry Koulouris, Mark Ho

Yellow Level Andrew Biviano, Scott Feltham, Jake Ferraro, River Daz, Rod Gaut

Blue Level Fonda Diamandis, Dean Stevens, Michael Eliou, Jono Almond, Wiremu Heath, Leslie Chan, Craig Stevens, Kevin Liew, Jagpreet Singh, Thomas Wong, Ka Wah Leung, David Eliou, Mitchell Lennie, David McGuiness, Travis Roach, Steve Collins, Edgar Amiryan, Frank D’Aluisio, Andrew Chen, Nick Iacovou, Hardeep Singh, Andrew Feramez, Brayden Taylor, Girard Roca, Amanda Haskayne, Henrietta Zervos, Tessa Ernst, Samantha Ernst, Daniella Tripodi, K. Siani Draper, Jenna Leek



BATTLEGROUND #2 Another Great Event at Hammer’s Gym. With the late cancellation of Warriors Way 4, the team at Hammer’s Gym decided that it was the perfect time to resurrect the Battleground franchise. With a little help from a few contacts outside of the gym, and the support of sponsors Punch and Badass, the members of Hammer’s Gym rallied together to put together a very successful show. Michael Jenkins had a nice win over Ryan McIntosh, Chris Harrington prevailed in style over the significantly more experienced MMA fighter Nick Patterson, while David Baschinir endured a loss against a very strong opponent flown in from Sydney, the NSW WMC Title holder at 64kg’s, Hamody Najjar. All three fighter’s represented the gym with the class and skill that the Melbourne kickboxing community has become accustomed to seeing from the fighters of Hammer’s Gym. But the real story of the day was the smoothness with which the event run, and the willingness of all our members to lend a hand when it was needed. Truly it was an example of just how lucky this gym is, to have such quality people willing to go that extra mile to make Hammer’s Gym so special.

Everlast and Contender T’s, $20! Make sure you check out what stock we have before its all gone.

Pink Hand Wraps! $5, normally $15! Ideal for the ladies looking to

keep their wrists supported, or any guys who like the magnificent Mr Gribbin, like to stand out in line!

10oz MTG Gloves! $59, was $79. Really cool training gloves, perfect for pad and bag work.

Getting Colder…

New HAMMER’S Gym and BLITZ THAI KICKBOXING Hoodies have arrived! Keeping Warm…

Check out the newest Hoodies available in our Pro Shop, they not only look great and keep you toasty warm, but they let everyone know where you get your technical excellence from… 6


Michael is awesome!!!

The next Interclub Challenge is being hosted by Hammers Gym. Blue Level & higher students have the opportunity to spar students of similar experience from other gyms, in a light semi contact tournament. Let your Instructor know if you are interested in competing !

Grading Dates White to Blue – June Blue to Red, Red to Yellow – June Yellow to Green, Green to Brown – June

On FOX this May “Domination 6” featuring Nathan Carnage Corbett! May 6th from 9pm11pm

“Kings of Combat # 3: The Showdown” May 20th from 9pm-11pm

“Evolution 23” May 27th from 9pm-11pm 7

New 2011 Timetable Effective as of 9th of May


Training Tip

Are You Getting Enough Sleep? Are you having trouble sleeping? Kids or partner keeping you up? Waking up at 2am, 3am, 4am? Sleeping but waking tired?

Why Sleep? Sleep allows the body to: · Recover · Regenerate Sleep is possibly the most important thing we do everyday!

What affects Sleep? · · · · · · · · ·

Nutrition & Hydration Activity prior to bedtime Bedroom environment Mattress, Pillow, Doona Routine and timing Anxiety and Stress Exercise General Health Breathing Difficulties How do I get good sleep?

Maintain a regular bedtime and awakening schedule Avoiding caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and strenuous exercise in the hours prior to bedtime can also help. Many people report that they lie awake at night worrying about problems or situations they will face during the coming day. In this case, it can be helpful to write a to-do list or a list of items to act upon the following day prior to bedtime, giving yourself permission to "let go" of these items during the night. The right balance of vitamins and minerals can promote restful sleep, and certain herbs can also assist. Ask us how to get better sleep. Dr Tracey Lademann (Brown Level) Eastland Family Chiropractic Ph 9095 7990

A Special thank you to Cafe Oggi for its ongoing support of Hammer’s Gym. If you’re looking for a beautiful dining experience for Lunch or Dinner, visit the friendly staff at Cafe Oggi, 1 Lakeside Drive, East Burwood, 3151 (Located in the business park near the corner of Burwood Hwy & Springvale Rd). Or call on (03) 9887 7727 or (03) 9888 8380

Highly Recommended By 9 Kru Mark

Hammers Gym Newsletter - April 2011  

The Hammers Gym Newsletter for April 2011.

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