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We have been growing just fine month by month and like I have said time and time again it is because of you the FTFF member that this is happening. I have heard over and over again our members are the best on the web. You guys help to keep our forum clean and comfortable for others to join. So I just want to once again say thank you so very much for helping my idea, become all that it 40 new members for the could be and more.

Just some areas I would like to high light for the month of March •


Where we are going now

6,744 page views for the We have talked about it before and I feel that with the number of people we have on the forum we should always be looking to give back. I will be talking to my month

1,968 new views for the month

Fools Baits joined our ever growing family

local city (La Habra) to see how we can help with their youth summer camp. We have also talked about getting involved in taking wounded soldiers out for a day of float tube fishing. This has always been in the back of my mind but I will need some help to get this to happen if anyone has some connection please let me know. “Float Tube Fishing is a great way to get off the shore and experience the sport of fishing in a new light.”

IT IS TIME TO MAKE A STATMENT We are going to be making some big moves here really soon, first off I have purchased a domian and will we making what I am calling a front door to the forum. With this new page and and domain I hope to build on our advertising that is already in place. We are going to become more professional and this will help us all out in the long run. In 4 years we have come along way so now we can become a force in the fishing community so it is time to make a statement.

LET IT FLOW Don’t be shy if you have something you want to say please post it we want to hear from you. There are great ideas out there and there are things that we are missing from time to time. So please don’t be shy and take the time to say what is on your mind, we will listen and if your idea makes sense we just might put into play.

This is going to be our new true Newsletter Contact Us The Float Tube Fishing Forum

This is the direction I am planning to go with the newsletter and I will try and put this newsletter out on the board at least quaterly if not sooner. It will be a pretty big task so I am looking for individulas that would like to offer up there writing skills to help us produce this often. Tell us what you would like to see in the letter and if you are intersted in helping to write sections of the letter. For example I think we sould have a section for picture and small stories for Catch of the Months. What ideas do you have and what would you like to help with.

The ftff newsletter (board)  

Our FTFF March Newsletter

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