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We exist to keep alive the greatness of the American Spirit and empower individuality through authenticity and adventure. -Jeff & Jacky Clyman FOUNDERS

Founded in 1975, the Cockpit USA brand is synonymous with timeless American tradition. For over 40 years, we have taken inspiration from iconic eras of American fashion to provide handcrafted “made in the USA” products that stand apart. Cockpit USA has remained steadfast in its commitment to producing the highest quality products with the greatest attention to detail. Benefitting from Jeff Clyman’s private archives of genuine historic pieces, Cockpit USA’s core collection preserves the authenticity and integrity of these original designs. His expertise in highly specialized leather and fabric treatments allow Cockpit USA to offer a contemporary line of clothing and a range of products that are bold, authentic and unique. It’s this combination of American heritage and thoughtful design that are inherent in the legacy of the brand. A supplier to the United States Air Force since 1980, Cockpit USA is field tested and approved across the globe.

STYLE # Z2109

R.A.F. SHEEPSKIN BOMBER JACKET Designed according to the 1938 Irvin Airchute Co. pattern, the British Royal Air Force Sheepskin Flying Jacket represents the epitome of English heroism during WWII.

STYLE # Z21X015

THE “DAKOTA”© HOODED B-3 COAT The “Dakota” has all of the original features of our standard Hooded B-3 with added length in the body, designed for maximum coverage and warmth.

STYLE # Z21P007

“AVENGER” © G-1 JACKET Specially treated vegetable tanned goatskin, weathered to represent hundreds of hours of flight time.

STYLE # Z26L008

M-65 FIELD JACKET Our classic M-65 is impeccably tailored and truly authentic, this U.S. Army field coat is made to 1965 military spec.


STYLE # Z28P006

The true tailored military classic Peacoat. Used by both the U.S. and British Royal Navy during WWI to the present day. It is produced in the original Mil-Spec P90 fabric.

STYLE # Z21V41

U.S.A.F. 21ST. CENTURY A-2 JACKET U.S.A.F modified version of the original WWII issue flight jacket. This A-2 is today’s benchmark for traditional design and modern convenience.

STYLE # Z2213

B-15 NYLON BOMBER JACKET This jacket replaced the leather A-2 as standard issue for aircrew and pilots after 1943. The blue nylon version was adopted in 1947 when the U.S. Air Force was established.

STYLE # Z26X029

M-51 DMZ FISHTAIL PARKA Our M51 Fishtail has adopted the architecture of the G1 issue shell and liner, and has now been modified to fit a zip in/zip out soft shearling hoody, which can be worn separately.

STYLE # W201036

WOMEN’S TOP GUN FLIGHT JACKET Our antique lambskin USN flight jacket is the perfect fit for today’s adventurous woman.

STYLE # W71X001

MOTORCYCLE CAFE RACER JACKET English style, adopted by American bike racers, a timeless fashion statement tailored to a slim fit.

STYLE # Z21U022

TYPE M-69D AIR TRANSPORT COAT Issued to Navy Pilots and crew members on transatlantic flights during WWII. USN specifications with a contemporary fit.

STYLE # Z21P019

VINTAGE LEATHER NAVAL OFFICERS COAT Vintage Naval officers coat in goatskin, drawing from the original design used by sailors on the high seas and below in the shadowy world of submarines.

STYLE # Z21A026

VINTAGE MOTORCROSS JACKET Classic motocross style of the 30’s, born in England, adopted by America, a slim fit cut, which stays true to its historic tailored roots.

STYLE # W72N300

B-3 SUEDE BOMBER JACKET The iconic B-3 American shearling tailored especially for women, offered in soft supple double-faced shearling.

STYLE # Z203615

B-3 HOODED SHEEPSKIN BOMBER JACKET Modified version of B-3 Bomber. Addition of a real coyote fur trimmed shearling hood, for harsh winter weather.

STYLE # Z94X011

STYLE # Z94X009

STYLE # Z94X008

STYLE # Z94X005

STYLE # Z94X010

EMBROIDERED HELMET BAGS The perfect flyer’s storage kit for helmet, gloves, and Ipad.

STYLE # Z12X006D & Z21H008 JACKET , OPPOSITE: Z42Y003

VPB-24 BLACK CATS TEE Boldly printed with Patrol Bomber Squadron 44’s Black Cat insignia.

U.S.S. TICONDEROGA G-1 JACKET Stylized by a U.S.S Ticonderoga Navy fighter pilot who would have removed the fur collar for more comfort in the hot weather.

WWII FIGHTER PILOT SHIRT Issued to Army and Navy pilots during WWII. Made from finely woven french twill for softness and ultimate comfort.


STYLE # Z24E004I

Made famous by the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard, Mil-Spec Nylon Flight Satin, with patches representing different task forces, and military flight groups.

STYLE # Z26X031

BEDFORD CORD N-1 Since it was issued in 1944, the U.S. Navy’s N-1 deck jacket has become one of the most famed & utilized U.S Armed Forces jackets in history..

STYLE # Z26U013

B-11 WINTER PARKA Original 1944 Army Air Corps issued B-11 design, with modern materials to provide for up to date comfort and durability.

STYLE # W21G001

THE AMELIA JACKET As worn by Amelia Earhart, the leading lady of aviation during the 1920s and 1930s, this flight jacket is a beautiful re-creation of the original.

STYLE # Z21W016

“GLENN MILLER’S AAF BAND” A-2 FLIGHT JACKET Legendary Big Band Leader Glenn Miller joined the War Effort in 1942 with the intent of entertaining soldiers overseas to boost morale on the front lines. He and his crew disappeared aboard an aircraft over the English Channel on December 15th, 1944, while on a mission to lead his band in entertaining troops after D-Day.

STYLE # Z24X004


1950’s, 60’s Souvenir jacket based on servicemen stationed in the Hawaiian islands.

STYLE # Z201036T

MOVIE HEROES© TOP GUN NAVY G-1 JACKET The original, patched Goatskin G-1 made famous by the 1985 hit movie “Top Gun”, this jacket conforms to the movie original.

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Cockpit usa style guide 2018  
Cockpit usa style guide 2018