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Many of you already know that the best way to make money online is with affiliate marketing. There are literally thousands upon thousands of dollars to be made with affiliate marketing and if you're reading this, you're about to learn some great affiliate marketing tips from someone who's been doing it for many years now. These affiliate marketing tips have been compiled from years of research. So, are you ready to start making money on the internet and become a super affiliate? Affiliate Marketing Tip #1: Find a business that you know well and have a passion for. It's easy to sell something if you like what you're selling and know the ins and outs of the market. What types of things interest you? What are your hobbies? It's all about finding your purpose and passion and helping others become successful through selling these products. Trying to sell something you don't like will soon become a chore and you will crash and burn fast. Affiliate Marketing Tip #2: Start a blog in your niche market. Blogging has turned into a viable revenue stream for affiliate marketers wanting to promote their products. Instead of a traditional website people are creating blogs centered around their affiliate marketing business. They use blogs to recommend and sell products, talk about current events in their industry, as well as interact and converse with their customers. The key is to focus on one particular market and create a blog to attract those people. The reason I would recommend starting a blog over creating a website is that blogs are fairly easy to set up. You could literally have a blog up and running within 30 minutes. And if you provide unique content on a daily basis, the search engines will rank you higher in the search results. Affiliate Marketing Tip #3: Provide unique content on your website or blog. One thing I highly recommend doing when creating your website is to also create your own content. Some people go to online article directories to copy free articles related to their website, but it's always better to have your own unique content. Plus, Google will rank you higher in their search engine if you have unique content. However, before you begin writing the articles for your website, you'll want to make a list of

keywords that describe your business. Keywords are those words or phrases that people use to find information in the search engines. For example, if your website sells discounted designer shoes, you may want to include phrases like "designer shoes" or "discounted designer shoes" in your website content. Try to use the keywords at least five to six times within an article. Affiliate Marketing Tip #4: Market! Market! Market! You can go and buy all the ebooks on affiliate marketing and read them from front to back. You can also create a website full of rich content, but if you don't have an affiliate marketing plan set up or aren't out there networking or promoting your product, you're not going to do well. There are hundreds of forums and groups you can join to start networking with people. Build trust and establish credibility with people who are in the market for what you have to offer. The key point here is to TAKE ACTION! Everything else will fall into place once you take those first steps. Affiliate Marketing Tip #5: Write articles and submit them to article directories. In my opinion - and I'm sure many other affiliate marketers can agree with me - that this is by and large the single best way to get free traffic to your website or blog. Of course, this will take some time to do because you have to sit down and write the article, but it's definitely well worth the effort. Follow each affiliate marketing tip outlined here and you'll soon be on your way to creating affiliate marketing riches! See you at the bank!

Maria Palma is an internet marketer and owns several online businesses. Learn how to create a successful online business and get more free affiliate marketing tips by reading her blog, Online Business Resources or visit her Squidoo Lens

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==== ==== For Better Tips on Affiliate Marketing Try This: ==== ====

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