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introduction Jeff Banks has been at the forefront of British fashion throughout five decades. He has won numerous awards and citations around the world. His career can truly claim that he has changed the course of fashion as we know it today.


clobber 1964

Jeff Banks with partner Tony Harley in the design studio of Clobber, 1965

Clobber opened in 1964 and was one of the first handful of new ‘boutiques’ to open in Great Britain setting the tone of what was to make London the fashion epicentre of the world in the 1960’s.


Mary Quant had two shops in

small village of Blackheath. The

Clobber collection to feature in the

London, Top Gear and Count down,

crowd was such that mounted

new Young Eastside departments

owned by James Wedge on

police had to attend to take

that Bloomingdales were opening

the Kings Road. Kiki Byrne was


in all their stores. This again

also on Kings Road whilst Tracy

In early 1965 Clobber came

enlarged the activity in America

Major owned a single outpost

to the attention of the London

with Bloomingdales buying agent

in Middlesborough. Biba hadn’t

buying Director of Puritan Fashion

A.M.C recommending Clobber to

opened its doors at this stage.

Sandy Moss who selected the

many store groups across the USA

Clobber became a magnet for

Clobber brand to become a key

including Nieman Marcus, Filenes

fashion hungry customers across

brand in twenty six boutiques

And Nordstrom. At the same time

Britain as well as attracting regular

that Puritan were opening in

the distribution of Clobber in Britain

visitors from France and Germany.



began to enlarge substantially with

The opening of Clobber in 1964

and Washington. This opening

some hundred shops and stores



attracted the attention in New York

beginning to stock the Clobber

pop, film and theatre world with

of Ida Schalino of Bloomingdales


onlookers swelling to 10,000 in the

who flew to London to buy the






1966 In 1966 the chairman of Fenwicks in Newcastle Mr Trevor Fenwick Senior decided to open the first shop in shop in Britain, a concept he had seen in America, and opened a branch of Clobber within the prestigious store. forerunner

continuing success in selling its

giant Raybeck Ltd. This was the

of a whole style of fashion

unique style design across the

first personality branding exercise



United States. In America Clobber

in the UK and probably the world

with concessions becoming a

was licensed for manufacture and

with distribution across Britain and

standard practice of retailing.

distribution to Arnold Friedman.

Europe with many leading mail


Two other licensors that Arnold

order companies and retailers.


Friedman carried were French

In 1969 Jeff Banks sold his interest


designers Daniel Hechter and

in Clobber to his partner and

London and enlarged to become

Jean Claude Castleberjac.

opened his own fashion company,

a multi-million pound business.

In 1967 Clobber signed Eurovision




Song contestant winner Sandie

Company, to manufacture and

Europe showing in Copenhagen

Shaw to an exclusive design

market the designs of Jeff Banks.


arrangement with clothing industry



became across


wholesale premises


the the



business in



expanded and





Sandie Shaw wearing Clobber crochet bikini, 1968



The success of Jeff Banks was almost instantaneous with hundreds of fashion stores from Miss Selfridge to Browns in South Molton Street carrying the Jeff Banks brand.


The secret of the success of Jeff

Peter Randell who with Jeff and a


Banks was expensive high quality

committee of fashion luminaries

Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Liberty

fashion that competed in both

created a vibrant export oriented

in London as well as stores in

quality and design with in many of

arm of British Fashion. At the same

Britain’s major city centres like

the new fashion brands emerging

time Jeff was invited to become

Rackhams in Birmingham, Kendal

in Europe. In 1969 Jeff Banks

a member of The Association of

Milne in Manchester and Fenwicks

was amongst the first ten British

Fashion Designers and became

in Newcastle. At the same time Jeff

companies to exhibit in Paris within

the youngest committee member

Banks opened its own showrooms

the newly founded Paris Prêt a

with a group of long establishes

in New York and began showing

Porter. In 1970 in conjunction with

fashion companies such as Frank

in a specialist stand at the Prêt

Douglas Lewis Jeff Banks formed

Usher, Mansfield, John Marks and

a Porter in Paris in conjunction


Andre Peters.

with Stirling Cooper, Quorum and

forming a body that was the

The Jeff Banks brand quickly

John Marks. This led to Jeff Banks

forerunner of the British Fashion


showing collections in Dusseldorf,

Council to promote British fashion

distribution with departments in

abroad. In 1971 Douglas Lewis

most large prestigious department

left and his role was taken over by

stores across the country.










Paris, New York and Tokyo.

Jeff Banks photographed in new showrooms in Cavendish Square, 1971


Design & Sales staff prepare for a night out at the first Jeff Banks showroom in Cavendish Square, London 1970.



Jeff Banks logo during the early 1970’s

1971 For four prestigious years the Jeff Banks brand grew across Britain, manufacturing a brand of high quality fashion to successfully compete with many of the world’s leading brands.


In 1971 Jeff Banks opened head

four weeks before the opening of

either at the Savoy Hotel or the

office and warehouse facilities

the Jeff Banks shop in Duke Street

Dorchester during this period

in Cleveland St, London and

London. All stock for the new

continued the upward growth of

sales showrooms in Cavendish

shop and orders for hundreds

the brand. By 1977 Jeff Banks

Square London W1. Also in 1971

of accounts expecting their new

had twenty two shop in shops

Jeff Banks began a life long

season’s deliveries were lost in

in Britain as well as some three

association with education taking

the fire. Six months later Jeff Banks

hundred other accounts in Britain

on the role of external examiner at



carrying Jeff Banks. In 1979 Jeff

Liverpool School of Art invited by

Ltd Japanese owned fashion

Banks became British Designer

Jean Muir who was the college’s

group who were to continue to

of the Year, in 1980 British Coat

Visiting Professor.

grow and develop the Jeff Banks

Designer of the Year and in 1981

In 1975 The International Clothing

brand for the next four years from

British Designer of the Year for the


new showrooms in Market Place,

second time. It was as a result of

Cleveland Street were burnt out

London W1.

this second win that Jeff began a

after an arsonist attack causing

With the clout of the Japanese

long career in television.

the closure of the offices and

financial backing Jeff Banks grew

distribution centre. This occurred

steadily both home and abroad.

over the August Bank Holiday and

Twice yearly collections shown




Marie Helvin wearing Jeff Banks linen collection, 1976


Warehouse launch 1976

In 1976 due to poor supply of products due to the fire, Jeff’s partners in the Jeff Banks retail store in Duke Street asked Jeff if he had any ideas to use the store in a different way as they were tied into a long and expensive lease. of

designer clothes. This was design

his wholesale Designer Collection

Warehouse. Using his design

from the drawing board straight to

with Rembrandt and concentrate

team and manufacturing contacts

the customer which many years

fully on developing Warehouse.

he created a low price high quality

later was to become the model for

Michael, Maurice and Jeff took

range of designer clothes retailed

the high street retail revolution that

over a small Bath based company

in a spartan environment based

swept Britain and subsequently

Evans & Owen and using the

on the ‘high tech’ decorating rage


public Company status of their

of the time.

The head designers of Jigsaw,

two hundred year old company

The range was fast moving but

Monsoon and Oasis all worked

raised the finance to expand

of high quality. It instantaneously

for Jeff Banks in those formulative

the Warehouse Brand. Twenty

became a success story. Jeff’s

years poached from Warehouse


partners in the new venture were

to enable the formulae to be

quickly opened in all the major

Michael and Mourice Bennett.

reproduced. Shops in Oxford

cities from Bath to Glasgow.

Queues regularly formed around

Street and Brompton Road quickly

Warehouse had become not only

the block at the first shop in

followed in 1977 and Warehouse

a force to be reckoned with but

Duke Street and a cult status was

had begun to grow. This radical

also a new direction for fashion

quickly achieved with fashion

departure in the method of getting

retailing. Next, Monsoon, French

insiders desperate to acquire

fashion to the public did not go

Connection, River Island all began

the latest new looks at a half of

unnoticed by the fashion industry.

to follow suit.

the price usually expected for

In 1981 Jeff decided to forego









Deidre McGuire on the front cover of Warehouse magazine, 1981


Front cover of Warehouse first magazine inspired by the artist Christo



Deirdre McGuire and Kate Hatch wearing early Warehouse collection





Deirdre McGuire and Kate Hatch wearing Warehouse collection in the early 1980s





Warehouse catwalk show, Brompton Road 1980



the eurythmics 1981

Annie Lennox wearing Jeff Banks in the look that became the hallmark of the Eurythmics

In 1981 Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox created the iconic band the Eurythmics. In 1981 Dave and Annie disbanded their band the tourists and reformed as the Eurythmics. Both Annie and Dave were looking for a new identity that would capture the spirit of the androgynous look of the early 80’s that was prevalent at the time, They turned to Jeff Banks after and introduction by Sue Mann who was working on their make-up look at the time. A five year relationship developed that saw Jeff create wardrobes for stage appearances, European tours and album covers. The Annie Lennox look became part of the fashion history of the time. The Victoria and Albert museum devoted a retrospective exhibition to Annie Lennox in April 2012, where some of the most iconic Jeff Banks outfits from the era were featured.



Pebble Mill 1982

A producer of the daily magazine television show in Birmingham saw Jeff’s acceptance speech of the 1981 British Designer of the Year awards broadcast by Yorkshire Television and phoned suggesting he could become Pebble Mill’s fashion presenter as he appeared to have a natural, easy style in front of the camera.


This led to a weekly television spot

their appearance on Pebble Mill.

weave them together into a thirty

on Pebble Mill at One where he

In five years, Jeff made nearly


created short videos each week

two hundred appearances on

This concept was presented to

showing the latest trends and

Pebble Mill.

Michael Grade the then controller

interviewing most of the leading

At this time there was no fashion

of BBC1 by Pebble Mill studios

British Fashion Designers bringing

on television as such and in

as a possible concept for new

them to the notice of the British

1984 Jeff created a magazine

programmes. It was rejected on

Public for the first time via television.

concept television show titled

the grounds that there was not

Designers such as Bruce Oldfield,

The Clothes Show using footage

sufficient interest in fashion as a

Wendy Dagworthy, Betty Jackson

of the videos he had created


and John Richmond became

for Pebble Mill, editing them

household names partially due to

together and recording links to



Pebble Mill at One TV show, 1982


1983 In 1983 Jeff began a long collaboration with photographer John Bishop who in his younger years had shared an apartment in New York with John Casablancas who owned the Elite model agency.


Jeff created, using John for

New York models were now

In 1984 Jeff Banks and Warehouse

photography, a new form of



won the British Fashion Council


collaboration and all wanted to

Retailer of the year award. The

magazine inserted into Fashion

come to London.


magazines. The first of its kind

Warehouse went on to work with

was also highly recognised. The

featured a young New York model

many prestigious photographers

head of display was a young

Deidre McGuire who became

apart from Bishop such as Terence

James McLusky who won the

the face of the early eighties.

Donavan, Tony McGee, Kim Knott,

Retail Display awards five years



Robert Erdman and the renowned

in succession from 1981 to

represented the era. This style of

Norman Parkinson. In 1985 Jeff

1986. Members of the display

fashion advertising is now much

had six well known photographers

team under James now hold the

imitated. The next young model

create a 100 page tribute to

positions of Head of Display at

from the Elite stable was Andie

Norman Parkinson which was not

Wallis, Head of Design at Gemini

MacDowell who at seventeen was

only distributed across Britain but

Mannequin and Head of Design at

making a big impact in America

also formed a tribute exhibition at

Adele Rootstein mannequins.

but had not been to Europe.

the Hamilton Gallery.











Andie MacDowell on the second Warehouse magazine, 1984


Picture by Norman Parkinson for Warehouse tribute Magazine, 1987

1984 In 1984 Warehouse began a series of shopping centre fashion shows in Leeds. This for many years became part of the Warehouse marketing strategy with shows in Manchester, Glasgow, and Nottingham bringing fashion to the general public. In 1985 with collaboration from two New Yorkers, Richards Krantz and Catherine Deane, Warehouse opened its first New York branch. Ten more stores were to follow in two years.


Self portrait by Norman Parkinson in his tribute Warehouse magazine


Lisa Marie for Warehouse, 1987


Tilda Swinton for Warehouse, 1987


Bymail 1985

In 1985 after a copyright dispute with Warehouse the Mail order company Freemans proposed a more formal arrangement. Jeff created Warehouse Bymail a “Specialogue” as it was called.


It contained forty eight pages of

of Empire stores, Grattan and also

subject of an unwelcome takeover

Warehouse clothing, different from

a director of the mail order giant in

bid by the UK retailing giant Sears

that available in the stores but with

Germany Otto Versand.

(nothing to do with the American

its own handwriting and formulae

So successful was the association

Company). Warehouse became

of affordable great fashion items.

with Freemans that to protect their

a division of Sears’ retail and

This grew to three catalogues for

interest Ralph Aldred the then

apart from substantial growth in

high fashion, one for men and

Managing Director proposed a

womenswear, also opened nine

one for more classical women’s

takeover of Warehouse in 1987.

menswear shops on the back



This was to provide the next push

of Bymail men that was enjoying

successful and at one point had

forward to a forty stores financed

great success.

over 1.2 million subscribers and

by Freeman P.L.C.

The entrepreneurial spirit of Jeff

live customers.

In 1987 Freemans arranged the

Banks and Sears however did

This was to become the pre-

distribution of Bymail in America

not match and in 1989 Jeff Banks

cursor of catalogues such as the

with the Sears group U.S.A with

resigned from Sears and began a

Next Directory. The young man

Bymail going out to 17 million

new direction.

in charge of this ‘specialogue’

customers in the U.S.A.

operation in Freemans was Mike

In 1988 Michael and Maurice

Hawker who subsequently went

resigned in dispute with Freemans

on to become managing Director

and Freemans itself was the



Christy Turlington cover for Bymail, 1985


xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx 19??



Cindy Crawford wearing Jeff Banks in Egypt, 1986


Stephanie Seymour Warehouse cover, 1985


Christy Turlington Warehouse cover, 1985


Cindy Crawford for Warehouse, 1985

Christy Turlington for Warehouse, 1985


Warehouse classic, 1986


Warehouse classic, 1986


Warehouse men 1986

In 1986 the very successful ByMail catalogue created a Menswear offer. The silhouette was typical of the era with wide shoulders combined with smart tailoring and an athletic dance inspired look.



The Smirnoff Awards 1986

In 1986 Jeff Banks was asked by the Public Relations Company Cartmell Associates to create an idea that would lend fashionability to the relatively new drink in Britain of Vodka. The solution was to create a competition that could be entered by any fashion student in the country regardless of their course, with judging carried out by a prestigious panel of judges. Judging and final fashion show was to be held at the Albert Hall. The themes for the competition were created in Paris by a company called Promostyle, a trend prediction organisation. There were over six hundred entries in the first year and the Smirnoff awards very quickly became the ‘one to win’. It went on to be replicated in 33 countries and now has an International Final as well as individual finals held in all countries sadly except Britain. Thousands of students have now benefited from this award scheme.


need pic


Warehouse 1987

Throughout the development of the Warehouse chain the retail architecural design won numerous awards. The design development was a collaboration between Jeff Banks and Stuart Lever Associates.

Warehouse interiors, 1987


Mandy Smith wearing Warehouse designed by Jeff Banks, 1987



Warehouse Newcastle

Warehouse King Street, Manchester


Warehouse Autumn Winter Catalogue, 1986



Warehouse Catalogue, 1986



supermodels Jeff Banks was very much at the forefront of the supermodel phenomena. It was after a chance phone call with John Casablanca of the Elite model agency in New York that Jeff brought the first of what would become the first supermodels to London. At that time they were unknown but by constantly using these high profile girls as well as constantly featuring them on his television show The Clothes Show they became household names. The list is endless but includes the following: Deirdre McGuire Andy McDowell Christy Turlington Cindy Crawford Naomi Campbell Carla Bruni Stephanie Seymour


Carla Bruni for Bymail Spring/Summer 1985




Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford for Bymail Autumn/ Winter, 1988


Stephanie Seymour and Naomi Campbell for Bymail Spring/ Summer, 1988




The Clothes show 1987

Although Jeff Banks’ first approach to BBC1 controller of television Michael Grade was rejected in 1984 Michael Grade (now Lord Grade) returned to the BBC after a stint in America to become controller of the BBC in 1987.


Michael phoned Jeff at home late

For some two years the BBC

to show their blossoming fashion

one night in 1987 to ask if anything

Clothes Show was to be the only

industries. In 1991 the show was

had happened to the fashion

television company broadcasting

moved by the new controller

programme idea. The answer was

all the major fashion shows

BBC1 Jonathan Powell to a

no! This was June and Michael

from Milan, Paris and London.

Sunday evening slot and the

asked if Jeff could produce eleven

When New York fashion week

audience rose to just under 10

shows to go on air by September.

commenced in 1996 the organiser

million. In 1995 with the launch

He phoned Jeff at midnight to

Fern Britain made special “access

of BBC World the programme

suggest his co-presenter could be

all areas” for The Clothes Show

was broadcast worldwide with

Selina Scott. His plan was for an

and interviews with all major

an estimated audience at 150

afternoon show as he was looking

American designers such was

million each week. Jeff Banks

to revitalise afternoon viewing

the importance in which the

was not only responsible for

figures. Jeff’s proposal was that

show was viewed in America.

hosting the show but was also

if the audience figures exceeded

The Clothes Show covered every

responsible for the story lines and

3 million the show would move

major fashion event for ten years

new innovations such as Model of

to an evening slot. After just two

in over three hundred broadcast

the Year Competition, Bride of the

shows the figures were exceeding

shows. It was the first show to

Year Competition and Christmas

3 million and true to his word the

perform make overs on members

Specials created in town centres

show was moved to Wednesday

of the public and started a whole

and work places across the

evenings from January 1988.



At that time it was the only

participation television. The show

terrestrially broadcast television

made programmes abroad in

show on the subject of fashion in

twenty six different countries often

the world.

invited by National Governments




Jeff Banks with Selina Scott, 1986



In 1990 Jeff Banks was invited to

In 1991 Jeff Banks was chosen

responsible for creating the genre

select the ‘Costume of the Year’

by Menswear Industry as British

of Supermodels with continuous

by the Bath Museum of Costume.

Menswear Journalist of the Year

interviews with the likes of Christy



as a result of the exposure given

Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Linda

journalists to either recognise

to menswear design on Clothes

Evangelista, Stephanie Seymour,

a long established talent or hail

Show. Jeff Banks resigned from



a new emerging talent. Jeff

the Clothes Show in 1998 and

Campbell. This was all brought

prophetically chose a black and

one year later the programme was

about through Jeff Banks having

white check outfit by the relatively

withdrawn from television due to

brought them to Europe for the

unknown designer John Galliano

falling audiences.

first time to work on Warehouse on

as his choice.




Bymail catalogues.










vivienne westwood 1987

In 1987 Jeff was approached by Mark Tarbard, a mutual friend of both Jeff and Vivienne to ask if he would help Vivienne establish her own fashion label. Jeff lent to the designer without guarantee priming funds to get started and acted as guarantor for banking facilities. Jeff established the company appointed public relations expert Jean Bennett show producer John Woolford to produce Vivienne’s first shows and tutored her young son Joe Corre to run the business. Jeff also established and negotiated Vivienne’s first lucrative licences in Japan. He took no equity or financial recompense from the fledgling business but felt that it was important that this British Designer become properly established.


Jeff with Vivienne Westwood, 1987


The Girl Guide Association 1987

In 1987 at the request of Dr June Patterson Brown the Chief Guider, Jeff Banks was asked to create a new world wide uniform for the Girl Guide Association.


The little brown dress was deemed

The whole project was to take two

association. Each set of designs

to be outdated (worn by the

years with endless research and

had to be verified and voted upon.

Queen when she was a Brownie)

study group meetings. Jeff set

All were proposed and seconded

and also inappropriate for many

up design group meetings and

with final approval being given by

of the tasks that the modern

competitions so that Rainbows,

The Princess. It was all passed

Guide movement undertook. The

Brownies, Guides and Rangers

and such was the shock at this

association had over 1.2 million

across the country could become


members and was the largest

involved in the design process


single organisation in Britain. Since

and take ownership of their


it inception in 1910 the uniform

design. In mid 1988 Jeff Banks

fainted in shock.

had changed little and the 75th

presented his design work to

Jeff Banks carried out the whole

anniversary had passed without

the HRH Princess Margaret at

process free of charge and

the redesign that Dr Patterson-

Kensington Palace who gave her

donated all the copyright to the Girl

Brown desperately wanted. In

approval to the design work and

Guide Association. Royalties from

addition the organisation received

sample production began with a

the sale of all uniforms now pass

no financial benefit from the sale of

final presentation of the finished

to the G.G.A and over ÂŁ10 million

its uniforms which were made and

designs were made to Her Royal

has been received as a result.

distributed by various companies


with no remuneration going to the

Halls in Whitehall and modelled

association itself.

by 250 members of the Guide













New Brownie uniform launched in 1987, but worn by the Duchess of Cambridge during her time as a Brownie.


1988 The 1980s was a period of extremes in fashion. Hair, make up and clothes were all pushed to the limit. The Christmas look for Warehouse in 1988 was not for the faint hearted. The styling and colour was pushing the limit and hair and make up were also taking colour to the extreme.





The Clothes Show Live 1988

In response to a viewer’s letter asking for tickets to fashion shows in either London or Paris Jeff realised how few members of the public ever saw a fashion show. In 1988 in conjunction with BBC the Ideal Home, The Motor show courses to young people and and Barker Brown Exhibitions Jeff and The Boat Show. The exhibition also space for The Princes Trust created Clothes Show Live where included a giant fashion show in a to display the work of business members of the public could meet purpose built catwalk theatre that set up by the Princes Trust in the the presenters, see fashion shows seated 8000 visitors for each show. fashion and jewellery fields. This and engage with new products Seven shows a day for six days all association was to prove a long and techniques in hair and make hosted and commentated by Jeff association with Jeff Banks and the up. The first event was held at banks and Caryn Franklyn. Even Princes Trust. Clothes Show Live Olympia with a level of success without the support of a television with the addition of the word ‘Live’ that almost saw the event closed show the exhibition continues to was to become a precursor for the by the London Fire Department. At attract over 150,000 visitors each BBC to create exhibitions around one stage on the first Sunday the year although Jeff Banks no longer many of their leading programmes exhibition was full to capacity with plays a part in the event. the queues for entry completely

such as Gardner’s World, Top Gear

In 1995 the event was also and Master Chef.

surrounded the exhibition venue launched in Glasgow attracting In





with over 12,000 people queuing over 40,000 visitors over a three combined with the D.T.I to create an

to gain access at any one time. day period.





The exhibition was transferred As part of the Jeff Banks artistic featuring the work of ten British to the N.E.C in Birmingham and control over the Clothes Show Companies. The exhibition and occupied ten halls with over Live he was able to insist that show was hosted by Jeff Banks 250,000 visitors each year. It free exhibition space was given and Mary Quant and succeeded in quickly grew to being the fourth to


largest exhibition in Britain following Universities



Fashion promote

Week bringing a heightened awareness their of British Fashion to Hong Kong.


DRapers record Independent Retailer of the Year Awards 1988

In 1988 Julia Warkentyn who was the editor of Drapers Record approached Jeff Banks for ideas to stimulate the independent retailer market in the United Kingdom. The small independent shop was being drowned out by the high street and needed a morale boost. Jeff Banks’ idea was to create a showcase award scheme that would recognise the best in British retailing. The Drapers’ awards were born. Three decades on it has become one of the most prestigious events in the retail calendar.


Draper’s Fashion Awards 2011


HQ Design 1989

In 1989 after having sold his interest in Warehouse Jeff Banks started a fashion design studio in partnership with Richard Carnill. The first design brief HQ Design received was to create the Thomas Burberry Collection for Burberry’s. HQ Design has since progressed into being a design company mainly responsible for designing and licensing products designed and manufactured under various Jeff Banks brands in the United Kingdom, Japan and Australia. HQ Design now occupies premises in Soho housing a team of designers and marketing experts carrying out all aspects of design for fashion companies including design art directional photography, television commercial production and trend forecasting.


Jeff Banks womens Stvdio Collection, 2000


Licences Include: BMB Menswear Womenswear Sainsbury PLC Menswear Womenswear Osan Ltd Men’s Underwear Men’s Hosiery Women’s Hosiery Debenhams Menswear Womenswear Lingerie Swimwear Home wear Shoes International/ Watches Watch Co Women’s Jewellery Men’s Jewellery Debenhams

In 2000 Jeff Banks became an international designer for Debenhams creating ranges for the following.

Jeff Banks Stvdio Jeff Banks Intimates Jeff Banks Beach Jeff Banks Real Jeff Banks Home Jeff Banks Shoes Hankyu Department Menswear stores(Japan) Men’s gifts Menswear Luggage Men’s Knitwear Myer Group Men’s Suits (Australia) Men’s Shirts Men’s Ties and Cufflinks Men’s shoes Woodstock Ltd Men’s Ties and Cufflinks Men’s Leather goods Men’s accessories


Norville Group Ltd

Men’s and women’s optical eyewear Men’s and women’s sunglasses

Matalan plc

Menswear (Jeff & Co) Womenswear (Jeff & CO)


Corporate Clothing design

Nick Moran wears Jeff Banks Stvdio Collection Autumn, 2005


The Royal Society of Arts 1990

The RSA medal awards scheme has been one of the cornerstones of furthering the creative arts in Great Britain. Students across various disciplines submit their portfolios each year to be judged for some of the prized medals to be won. Each category fashion architecture graphics and many more have their illustrious panel of judges to review their work. Each panel has a chairman who is renowned in their respective field to oversee the process. Between 1990 and 2000 Jeff Banks was chairman of the fashion RSA board.



Graduate Fashion Week 1990

In 1990 Jeff Banks received a letter from Roy Peach who then was head of Department for Fashion at Brighton School of Art bemoaning the fact that out of London students did not get the same opportunity to show in the capital as did the London colleges.


Jeff persuaded Smirnoff to move

to ensure the continued life of

Week and have gone on to national

their event to The Business

the event. The venue has varied

and international success.

Design Centre in Islington and to

its location from The Business

In 1998 Jeff Banks combined with

pay for the facility that was built

Design Centre to the Festival Hall

the British Council to take the Gala

to remain in position so that it

at the South Bank, The London

show abroad to show in various

could be used by universities to

Eye Site Planet 2000 in Liverpool


bring their students to London to

Street and latterly in Battersea Park.

Columbia and China. Promoting

show their collections and gain

It not only comprises some twenty

not only the excellence of British

jobs or funding for their business

one fashion shows during the

designers but also the excellence


week but also a vast exhibition of

of British Design Education. This

Jeff with the help of John Woolford

student work. The week culminates

has not only increased the flow

and Vanessa Denza formed a

with a Gala Evening for International

of foreign students into Britain

charity called Graduate Fashion

Industry luminaries to see the work

but also franchise arrangements

Week to facilitate the event on an

of students and the presentation

being made by British Universities

annual basis. Jeff Banks has now

of various awards including The

in foreign territories. As a result

been the Chairman of Graduate

Student of the Year award.

of his television programme The

Fashion Week for fifteen years.

Such prestigious designers as

Clothes Show the finals were aired

During this time he has raised

Chris Bailey, Stella McCartney and

annually on television for the first

some half million pound each

Hussein Chalayan have had their

ten years.

year from a variety of sponsors

first showing at Graduate Fashion



Cover of Graduate Fashion Week newspaper, 1990


Prima Retailer of the Year 1991

In 1991 Jeff Banks was approached by the editor of Prima magazine to create an awards scheme for the mass high street retailer. Nothing like it existed except for the British Fashion Awards. Jeff mailed the industry and along with the editorial board of Prima judged the criteria. The presentations were held at a low key event at the Atlantic Bar at the back of Picadilly with about 50 people in attendance. Now, 21 years on the event is held in a massive marquee in Battersea Park with over 600 members of the trade attending as well as 600 readers of Prima magazine.


Jeff Banks with the editor of Prima magazine, Moira Fahey, presenting the 2011 Prima Awards.


Chartered Society of Designers Awards 1994

After raising substantial sponsorship from Cushman Wakefield the Retail Estate Agents Jeff Banks created the CSD Awards Medal for Fashion. This is a competition entered annually by some 500 fashion students with a first prize of £10,000 to the winner as well as a substantial donation to their respective University. The finals are held each year at a prestigious Fashion Show at the Covent Garden Opera House Atrium showcasing the work of fashion students. The CSD Awards have become a major fashion competition in the student calendar.

The Minerva Medal Each year The CSD awards their Minerva Design medal for worldwide contribution to design. Previous winners have included:


Milner Gray – Design – U.K

Alberto Alessi – Product Design – Italy

Misha Black – Designer Festival of Britain 1951 – U.K

Milton Glaser – Architecture – U.S.A

Sir Terence Conran – Product Design – U.K

Achille Castaglioni – Furniture – Italy

Mary Quant – Fashion Design – U.K

HRH Duke of Edinburgh – U.K

Charles Eames – Furniture Design – U.S.A

Lord Foster – Architecture – U.K

Jeff Banks was awarded The Minerva

Saul Bass – Product Design – U.S.A

Medal in 1994 for fashion Design.

The Duke of Edinburgh presents Jeff Banks with his Minerva Medal for services to Design, 1994


Ports of Call 1994

The Ports of Call Home collection is based on the various visits made by Jeff Banks during his career. Initially it was all location based with cities and regions providing the inspiration. Latterly the inspiration has come more from visits of imagination. Not quite time travel but close. All of the origination and theming is created personally by Jeff with much of his illustrative work being created in his home design studio. The collection spans a wide range of home products including wallpaper, paint, bedlinen, carpets and rugs, as well as ceramics.


Ports of Call Lighting Collection by Jeff Banks, 2005


Incorporatewear 1996

After having been asked to create corporate design wear for many organisations Jeff Banks created his own corporate clothing company in 1996. Incorporatewear is now the third largest company in the United Kingdom producing corporate clothing. The company produces a wide range of clothing for various types of companies. Jeff Banks has been responsible for designing clothing for everybody from Barclays Bank to Butlins Red coats to British Airport Authorities. Some of the company uniforms designed by Jeff Banks: Barclays Bank plc My Travel

Nationwide Building Society

B.A.A Abbey National

Swinton Building Society

Bradford & Bingley Building Society

John Lewis Thompson Holidays Woolworths Stagecoach Boots Incorporatewear have won many designers awards as a result of Jeff Banks designs, including: Designer of the year

Best Financial Design of the year

Incorporatewear now employs over 100 people in a purpose built location in Coleshill, Birmingham and is credited with ISO 2000 as a standard of manufacturing excellence.


Incorporatewear shoot for Barclays Bank, 2011


The Style Challenge 1997

In 1997 in conjunction with BBC Pebble Mill in Birmingham Jeff Banks created a new television show with a studio audience where two teams of hairdressers and make up artists were pitted against one another to make over members of the public. The contestants were not allowed sight of themselves until reaching the end of the catwalk and facing the ‘revolving’ mirrors that revealed all. This programme went on to make household names of hairdressers such as Nicky Clarke, John Frieda, Trevor Sorbie, Anthony Mascolo and Charles Worthington and make up artists such as Barbara Daly, Charlie Greene and Maggie Hunt. Jeff presented over 120 shows two mornings a week for over a year. He withdrew from the show due to work commitments in design but the show went on to run for 1200 episodes.



The Princes Trust 1998

As a result of the association with The Princes Trust and Clothes Show Live His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales asked Jeff Banks if he could open a showcase shop to sell the work of businesses that had received start up funds from the Princes Trust. Jeff Banks persuaded John Hoerner the then chief Executive of The Arcadia Group to donate a shop free of charge for two years to facilitate such a request. Arcadia made available a shop in Kings Road free of rent and rates. Jeff Banks created a shop called Trust and designed the shop and packaging which was opened by HRH the Prince of Wales in 1998. All shop fitting and lighting was provided free of charge by various companies that were persuaded by Jeff Banks to become involved.



Jeff & Co 2000

In July 2000 Sir Peter Davies invited Jeff Banks, the then C.E.O of Sainsburys PLC, to create a wide range of men’s & women’s clothing for retailing in their supermarket stores. The concept was for Jeff & Co shops (the brand devised by Jeff Banks) to be presented in 6000 Square feet, trading spaces in twenty stores initially and then rolled out across The Trading Estate. The Jeff Banks concept was to create a series of sub brands to give segmentation to the product and create a mini department store feel. The product and retail management were carried out by BMB in Leeds with Jeff Banks providing Design and Marketing. The number of outlets rose over 18 months to 100 outlets. Sainsburys decided in 2004 to create their own Brand and Design and gave notice in 2004. The Jeff & Co Brand is now part of the Matalan portfolio.


Jeff & Co lingerie for Sainsbury’s, 2000


Jeff & Co swimwear, summer 1993



jeff banks home 2000

Jeff Banks Home is a collection of Homeware that draws on not only decades of design experience but also a feel for contemporary British design. The ranges draw on a knowledge of the history of the 20th Century Arts & Crafts movement but with a use of modern technological developments in the manufacturing process. It is one man’s view on modern British Home living. Eclectic decorative attitude but at the same time modern. It is designed to fit into a well furnished country house or a contemporary city loft. All of the fabrications and techniques used in the creation of the collection are unique to the Jeff Banks range.


Jeff Banks Home Collection


hankyu 2000

In 2000 Jeff began a broad association with Hankyu department stores of Japan to market the Jeff Banks brand in Japan. This has involved Hankyu establishing a cluster of sub licences that produce Jeff’s designs in Japan that are sold through Hankyu and other department stores as well as many independent retailers in Japan. Licences include:

Men’s suits

Men’s Shirts Men’s Knitwear Men’s Leather Goods Men’s luggage

Men’s ties and scarves

Expansion of concessions in Japan Hankyu department stores by 2007 had begun to expand the Jeff Banks presence in Japan. A fine collection of menswear including suits, ties, shirts, small leather goods, luggage, underwear, hats and even umbrellas have their feet in the Japanese market.



jeff banks womenswear 2002

Having sold Warehouse in 1987, Jeff Banks concentrated his efforts into building a menswear brand from 1988 onwards upon the invitation of Debenhams. He returned to designing womenswear in 2002. The collection was based around Theodora Richards, daughter of Rolling Stone Keith Richards, as his muse. A highly intelligent, fun loving young lady with a love of Rock & Roll as her heritage. The collection continued to appear in Debenhams for four years, with pieces that were intended for life on the road in the day and a hectic party schedule at night.




Theodora Richards wears Jeff Banks, summer 1993


Jeff Banks lingerie collection, Spring 2003




Jeff Banks womenswear, Autumn 2003



Jeff Banks womenswear, Autumn 2003



Jeff Banks womenswear, Autumn 2003


Jeff Banks womenswear, Autumn 2003



Chartered Society Of Designers 2002

The Chartered Society is the only body representing designers which holds a Royal Charter. Jeff Banks has been a fellow of the society since 1978. In 2002 he was elected President for a two year period. He inherited an organisation which was in debt to the tune of ÂŁ1 million and with a failing membership. In two years he turned the society around moving it financially into the black and putting it onto stable financial footing. In addition he re-instigated national assessments for membership and re-established it as ‘the voice’ of designers in the United Kingdom. In 2003 Jeff Banks reinstated the Milner Gray Lectures with a lecture by Ian Cullum Chief designer of Jaguar.


Jeff Banks with John Strachan C.E.O of Cushman & Wakefield presenting the CSD Awards



In 2003 Jeff Banks created a collection of made to measure mens tailoring. Jeff Banks Bespoke gentleman’s suits are of the highest quality. The designs draw from years of Jeff Banks’ experience in cutting and tailoring. The fabrics are individually designed and coloured by Jeff. The madeto-measure Bespoke collection is currently sold in 39 departments of Debenhams. In 2008 Jeff Banks expanded the already successful Bespoke range to embrace visiting tailors. They would attend clients at their home or office. The collection expanded with a range of top end British fabrics as a designers choice. To complement the collection he also added a range of made to measure shirts.


update copy

Model Tom Pricone wears Jeff Banks Bespoke, 2012


London 2012 Olympic Bid 2005

Jeff Banks was chosen from an eminent list of British designers to design the clothing that 130 members of the Olympic bid team would wear in Singapore to help secure the bid for London. This involved making made to measure clothing for all members of the bid team. These included Lord Coe, Sir Steve Redgrave, HRH Princess Anne, Cherie Blaire, David Beckham, Denise Lewis, and The Mayor Ken Livingstone. The bid was successful and the celebrations of the London team in their beige wool and linen suits with mid blue shirts and striped ties and scarves became engaged in the public consciousness. Each of the entrants had a nationally eminent designer produce their wardrobe. The Singapore Times in a double page spread the day after awarded London five gold medals for style with France getting four and New York coming in last with one.




After many years of collaborating with Maggie Hunt on fashion shoots and shows Jeff & Maggie decided there was the opportunity to create a range of make up based on their years of experience. Foundations, mascaras, eyeliners, nail polishes and varnishes were all part of the collection. Maggie’s knowledge of the best choice of colourations and textures for all sign types. Maggie has previously been retained by Shu Uemura of Japan as a technical adviser brought an even wider expanse of knowledge.


Jeff & Maggie launch campaign


Matalan Plc 2005

In September 2005 Jeff was invited to redesign the visual communication policy of Matalan PLC. Jeff Banks redesigned the company logo, advertising policy, photography for point of sale, sales, brochures and mailers.In addition Jeff also advised on the re-introduction of staff conferences, fascia design and public relations policy. The document Jeff Banks created for “The Way Forward� has become the route map for the revitalisation of the company.



Jeff Banks smart casual range at Debenhams 2006

2006 saw the opening of 130 departments in Debenhams stores. The collection came as a result of the changing face of mens fashion and a growing demand for a smart casual wardrobe. Clothes of a high quality and a style that was right for a sharp social calendar and a more relaxed style of entertainment. What do you wear for a concert, gastro pub night out or a dinner with friends was the demand. All of this and more was taken into account to produce a range of high quality menswear with the usual Jeff Banks attention to fit and detail.



launch of jeff banks shops 2006

Jeff Banks shops were clean and clear cut. Bringing together the best of Jeff Banks in one place. The ethos of the Banks style is to create a look of style, quality and fit, all at an affordable price. Jeff calls this design engineering where you look at every detail to decide if it is contributing to the overall desired effect of the finished product. In Jeff Banks retails shops all of this comes together to provide a sharp clear shopping experience of design and quality that is not going to break the bank.


Jeff Banks retail concept



The Jeff Banks team descended on the Old Kent Road to measure individually all the players, some of whom had never previously owned a suit. Not only did Jeff design a sharp grey suit with pale blue shirt and club tie for the occasion but endowed the lining with something memorable special. The inside lining of the jackets incorporated the club colours but also a heavily embroidered team crest. Something the players could be proud of for the rest of their lives. Millwall lost the final 1-0 to Manchester United... but won on style.



Tour de france 2007

In the world of cycling, the Tour de France is the highlight of the sporting calendar. To host the departure of the event is something quite special, especially on foreign soil. The ‘London’ style brought something of Britain to this very French event. In the cycling calendar “The Grand Depart” is a much honoured event. Mayor Ken Livingstone invited Jeff Banks to design the clothes for all the officials at this auspicious event. Since that time British cycling has gone on to enjoy huge international success.


Tour de France Grand Depart committee uniform



2007 saw the launch of Jeff Banks concessions in Australia. A co-operation with global accessory distributors Ransil and the Myer Group has seen a triumvirate partnership explode onto the Australian market. The collection is due to expand for formal suits, shirts and ties. Plans are well ahead for this moving onto a smart casual range, due to launch in 2009.


Melbourne 2007


Jeff Banks Jeans launch 2007

For years Jeff eschewed creating a denim collection. It was a psychological barrier as for years he had seen his father, a sheet metal worker, toiling in the obligatory work denims and had avoided this area that brought back tough memories. He also wanted to create something of fit, style and quality that have always been his stock in trade. In 2007 he re looked at his already successful range, redefining it from top to bottom with new fits, technologically advanced fabrics, and a whole new range of denim washes brought about by advances in laundering technology. In a new departure he added lycra to some of the denim qualities. This was a new departure as a lot of denim traditionalists had avoided the development of their female counterparts. It has proved a huge success, bringing a new area of fit and comfort to the denim wearer.



the drapers interview 2007





portsmouth fc fa cup final 2008

Portsmouth Football Club make it to the cup final for the first time in 49 years. Under the guidance of Harry Redknapp, Portsmouth Football Club unbelievably found themselves at the Cup Final. They simply could not believe their luck. Harry called Jeff and asked if he could produce the same magic as he had done for Millwall two years before. Again the Jeff Banks Bespoke team swung into action. Harry appointed Sol Campbell as design co-ordinator for the project to make sure the players felt comfortable for their Cup Final debut. Sol went for a chalk stripe business like suit with a pale blue lining. We’re going to the Final to do business was his phrase. Fifty two team members, management and training staff were all individually measured and hand made suits were made for all including the bus driver. Jeff and his team were on hand at the hotel the morning of the Final, to get them dressed and ready. Making sure their tie knots and buttonhole carnations were perfectly positioned. All came together on the day…… They won!



cbe awarded 2009

In 2009 Jeff Banks is made a Commander of the British Empire for services to fashion and charity. After forty five years in the fashion industry Jeff was finally acknowledged for his work. As usual a brief letter from Buckingham Palace enquired whether or not the recipient was willing to accept the honour. At a ceremony in July at Buckingham Palace the award was finally made by HRH Prince Charles. This seemed fitting to Jeff as he had worked closely for The Prince’s Trust for twenty five years as an ambassador.


Jeff Banks receiving a CBE in 2009


store openings in china 2009

After three years of planning the first Jeff Banks shop opens in Beijing. It took almost three years of planning and market research to create the joint venture in China that culminated in the opening of the first Jeff Banks shop. The research showed that the young Chinese consumer was seeking luxury combined with a spirit of Britishness. Jeff Banks, with his joint venture partners, then set up a design studio in Beijing to create a collection that is in the Jeff Banks spirit, but targeted more at the luxury end of the market, designed and coloured to fit a Chinese consumer. The next step was to find the right locations for the first shop in one of the several luxury shopping malls that exist in Beijing. In time Lotte was chosen for the first location, which opened on the 28th September 2010. The British Ambassador Sebastian Wood did the honours and cut the ribbon while Chinese music artists and TV stars showed the collection.



the princes trust people’s catwalk 2011

A catwalk show at the Trafford Centre raises money for The Prince’s Trust. It was a simple idea to raise money for charity and satisfy the desire of huge numbers of the public to take to the catwalk. In the autumn of 2010 Jeff persuaded the management of the Trafford Centre to leave the catwalk they build every season for a further week so that any visitor to the centre could show off their outfits on the big stage. Thousands of people took to the catwalk paying £10 a time, with all the proceeds going to The Prince’s Trust. The next year, 2011, Jeff repeated the exercise again with the Christie Hospital Cancer Unit in Manchester being the beneficiary.



fashion on the field launch 2011

Fashion at the races go hand in hand, but 2011 saw them formally presented. For many years Jeff Banks has presented Fashion on the Field at the Melbourne Cup in Australia. This is an event that has been run for the last fifty years. Members of the race-going community, both men and women across the country, take to the catwalk to show off their outfits. There are six regional heats, who all come together in Melbourne to judge a national winner. Jeff, prompted by milliner Yvette Jelfs, decided that it was right that a similar event was held in Britain. In conjunction with the Jockey Club and York Races, Fashion on the Field was launched at the Ebor meeting in August 2011. It was deemed a huge success with the winner Victoria Bailey receiving a holiday for two in St Vincent, a pair of Jimmy Choo couture shoes, which proved to be the last pair he would make before retirement, a London photoshoot and a clutch full of Debenhams vouchers. Many more events are to follow.



green edge cycling team 2012

The Australian pro cycling team get the Jeff Banks treatment. In January 2012 Australian entrepreneur Gerry Ryan launched the first UCI approved international Australian cycling team. It was the brain child of Australia’s team manager Shayne Bannan. The team comprised of some of Australia’s iconic professional cyclists. World champions, Tour de France green jersey winners, stage winners from the Tour de France, Tour of Italy and the Tour of Spain as well as some winners from Europe’s biggest classic road races. The brief was to create a team look for official events when the team had to appear booted and suited. The Jeff Banks V.I.P. Bespoke team were despatched to the team headquarters in Varese in Italy and were allowed to choose their own individual styling based around one fabric. By January 2012 every team member had their own personal suit, shirt, shoes and the set all made to measure.


Green Edge Cycling Team clothed by Jeff Banks, 2012


FRONT ROW: Robbie McEwen – 3 times Tour de France green jersey winner (2011), Sebastian Langeveld – 1st Tirreno-Adriatico, Stage 1 (2012), Michael Albasini, - 1st Volta a Catalunya, Overall (2012), Simon Gerrans – Australian National Champion (2012), Winner Milan – St Remo, Simon Clarke – 1st Vuelta a Espana, King of the Mountains, Alan Davis – 1st Commonwealth Games, Road Race (2010)


MIDDLE ROW: Stuart O’Grady – 1st Paris Roubaix, Leigh Howard – 1st Berlin Six Day (2012), Baden Cooke – 2nd Tour of Oman, Stage 2: Sur – Wadi Dayqah Dam (2012), Matt Goss – 1st Milan – St Remo, Matthew Wilson – 1st King of the Mountains Tour of Ireland (2009)

BACK ROW: Mitch Docker – 1st Route de Sude, Stage 3 (2010), Michael Hepburn – 1st Track World Championships, Team Pursuit (2010, 2011), Luke Durbridge – 1st Australian National Time Trial Championships (2012), Brett Lancaster – 1st Tour of California, Stage 2 (2009), Fumy Beppu – 1st Eneco Tour, Stage 2, Cameron Meyer – 1st Track World Championships, Points Race (2012), Jack Bobridge – 1st London World Cup, Team Pursuit (2012)



A well tailored wardrobe for small companies that are looking for uniformity. For many years through his own company, Incorporatewear, Jeff Banks has been providing some of the world’s leading blue chip companies with design and clothing to enhance their corporate image. Along the way many smaller companies have requested this feel and quality but their size made it difficult to accommodate. To satisfy this need Jeff created his own ICW collection. A small number of styles made to a very high standard and constantly available. It is marketed to small financial institutions, law firms, motor dealerships and health trusts. It enables the teams working in these organisations to adopt a dress code that is equally professional to their larger companies.


ICW tailored by Jeff Banks collection, 2012


Benchgrade shoe Launch 2012

A new collection of high end shoes, handmade in Italy. A benchgrade shoe involves over two hundred careful processes to make a single pair. In 2012 Jeff Banks created a set of lasts in Italy to create a collection of shoes with maximum comfort and retaining his own unique style. The response of the European leathers is critical to the finished product and only the finest hides are used. The result is a refined modern shoe collection with it’s own unique handmade feel.



Jeff banks 24:7 2012

24:7 is the he concept of a round the clock wardrobe for Matalan. In this inexpensive wardrobe the same Jeff Banks care and attention has been applied to choice of fabrics, fit and design. 24:7 as it’s name implies is a round the clock wardrobe that works as well at the office or in the pub after hours. Attention is paid to all the style indicators both in colour and style. The price is truly astounding and has quickly struck a chord with the consumer.



suit collection launch in australia 2012

Jeff Banks has already a considerable following in Australia through his relationship with the Salco Group and Myer stores that began in 2007. This has led to a broadening of the shirt, tie and accessory range into a full suit offer. The collection consists of three fit shapes, Classic, Stvdio and Modern. Each targeted at a different profile of customer. Apart from the Travel suits all the fabrics are 100% pure merino wool and are very lightweight as are all the interlinings. The Travel suits are a composition of wool and polyester with an element of lycra included as well as a special nano-technology that resists creasing and spills. This is a collection designed and specifically made for the heat of the Australian market.



china 2012

Since the launch of the first Jeff Banks launch in 2009 a further 10 shops have opened and the collection has begun to mature into a very definable look. The tailoring remains as sleek as ever with a particular accent on the new short modernist silhouette. The Jeff Banks shirt collection remains full of hidden design surprises that continue to delight the inquisitive customer. Trousers have taken on a life of their own with a plethora of imported interesting fabrics that accent against the unstructured blazers. Inventive outerwear accentuates the collection as design driven and innovative.



debenhams 2012

The position of Designer at Debenhams has really come into focus during 2012. The smart casual area within the stores has expanded while broadening in the range of designs that it embraces. The launch of Jeff Banks White is a huge success with all eight collar shapes performing well, proving that this is appealing to a wide and eclectic audience. The denim collection increased as well and now begins to embrace colour as well as enhanced details and an upgrade in quality. Christmas 2012 saw the launch of a whole programme of dress shirts and waistcoats with all the attendant accessories. February 2013 heralded the launch of the single biggest men’s watch launch that Debenhams have ever undertaken. Jeff created six body shapes that required all new tooling, along with all the integrated watch straps that go with them. This fundamental piece of design has then been further enhanced with new face dial design and colorations. A momentous year!



japan 2012

2012 saw the opening of the first full blown Jeff Banks shop in the new menswear store at Hankyu in Osaka. A new black and silver contemporary shopfit has embraced everything that encompasses the Jeff Banks brand. Suits, rainwear, shirts, ties, hats and small leather goods. Finally the Japanese customer can begin to embrace the complete lifestyle look in one location, which will begin to enforce the brand as it is established in other locations.



retail 2012

Jeff Banks shops have now increased to twenty, stretching the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. The range has expanded significantly with the smart casual aspect and denim making up more than 40% of the mix. The retail shops also launched shoes for the first time and Jeff continued to make personal appearances and gentlemen’s make over sessions at all the stores.



belize olympic team uniforms 2012

The smallest country at the Olympics gets the Jeff Banks look. After an approach from the Belize Olympic Ambassador Rt Hon Andy Wicmore, who is also a member of the OIC, Jeff agreed to create the clothes for the opening ceremony of the Olympics for Team Belize. Jeff took the Great Gatsby as a theme and created thirties style blazers for both men and women in the country’s national colours. The men wore white flannel trousers while the women wore either white flannel skirts or trousers. A stripe team shirt with white collars perfectly set off the specially created stripe silk ties and scarves. Milliner Yvette Jelfs worked with Jeff to create stunning headwear. Fine panama hats for the men and panama cloches for the ladies. General reviews were smallest country at the Olympics but best turned out.


Jeff Banks designs Olympic opening ceremony clothes for Belize


launch sponsorship catford cc equipe junior race team 2012

In December 2012 Jeff Banks agreed the launch of sponsorship of the Catford Cycling Club Junior racing team. The launch was attended by Sean Yates, stage winner of the Tour de France and Race Director of the Sky race team who successfully guided Bradley Wiggins to his win of the Tour de France. Jeff Banks also designed exclusive racing kit for the team, which is only worn by race members accepted on to the team and entitled to wear team colours.



launch of jeff banks pink pants 2012

In December Jeff launched an initiative along with Debenhams to raise money for various Breast Cancer charities. Jeff Banks Pink Pants will be sold in 140 Debenhams stores and all profits donated to charity. Men across Britain were invited to ‘sport their support’ by wearing pink pants. Their loved ones sent in pictures and the ten best were invited on to the catwalk at the Prima Awards. The best pink pants sport won a trip to the Caribbean.



Jeff banks e-commerce website launch 2012

Towards the end of 2012 Jeff Banks’ e-commerce website was developed and went live in time for Christmas 2012. Following the success and interest in Jeff’s previous showcase website, customers were demanding to be able to shop online to secure their favourite Jeff Banks items with greater ease. Jeff responded, “I wanted to wait until the time and technology was right for a seamless shopping experience that works across a multitude of platforms, from the Ipad to the Iphone to the desktop computer. Now it’s here, and I’m very excited to present you with my latest collection.” The full Jeff Banks range is now available to buy online, from suits and formal wear to casual wear and accessories.


Jeff Banks e-commerce site viewed on the Ipad and desktop computer


Education Jeff Banks first became involved in fashion education when he was asked to become an eternal examiner at the John Moores University in Liverpool.


Jean Muir was the visiting lecturer

The CNAA. This involved the

Fashion in Shanghai.

and this began a lifelong friendship

review of Colleges and Universities

As a result of this involvement Jeff

with Jean. Between them they not



now holds a cluster of Honorary

only taught and examined but

programmes ensuring the quality

Doctorates, Honorary Degrees

also at their own expense brought

of courses and teaching as well

and Fellowships of most of these

Liverpool students to show their

as the maintenance of national

prestigious Universities and Art

collections to London to expose

standards. The CNAA sadly no


them to a much wider international

longer exists and therefore an

In recognition of his work for

market and up coming students

independent overview of course

education Jeff Banks was awarded

that were looking to achieve

standards has lapsed.


employment in London.

Apart from CNAA assessments,

Education in Art and Design annual

Jeff Banks went on to become

Jeff Banks was also a visiting

medal for distinguished services to

an external examiner at Brighton

lecturer at Central St Martins

art and design education in 1990.

University, University of Central

Harrow School of Art, Middlesex

The CHEAD medal is the highest

Lancashire, Central St Martins,


award that can be given by the












collective of all Universities and

Westminster University). University

Northumbria, Kingston Polytechnic

is only awarded to one individual

of Northumbria, Royal College of


each year.

Art and Surrey Institute. In 1978

Croydon Art School, Bournemouth

Jeff was elected to become a

School of Art, London College of

Council member of The Council

Fashion, Swire School of Fashion

for National Academic Awards,

in Hong Kong, La Salle School of








Education History 1971 –


External examiner Fashion, John Moores University, Liverpool

1974 –


External examiner Fashion, Brighton University

1979 –


External examiner Fashion, University of Central Lancashire

1983 –


External examiner Fashion, Central St Martins School of Art

1984 –


External examiner Fashion, Harrow School of Art

1986 –


External examiner Fashion, University of Northumbria

1990 –


External examiner Surface Decoration, Royal College of Art

2000 –


External examiner, Fashion Communications – Surrey Institute

Visiting Lecturer -Central St. Martins School of Art

-Croydon Art School

-Harrow School of Art

-Bournemouth School of Art

-Middlesex Polytechnic

-London College of Fashion

-University of Northumbria

-Swire School of Fashion Hong Kong

Kingston Polytechnic

-Manchester University

Awards and Degrees Honorary Degree Newcastle and Cumbria

Honorary Degree College of Wales,



Honorary Degree Lancashire University

1980 Designer of the year

Honorary Degree University East London

1982 Designer of the year

Honorary Degree University Westminster

1981 Coat Designer of the year

Doctor of Letters (Arts) University of

1984 Retailer of the year


1991 Men’s journalist of the year

1990 C.H.E.A.D. Medal for services to

Fellow of the Kent Institute of Art & Design

Higher Education

Honorary doctor of letters (Design),

1994 Minerva Medal for Design

Middlesex University

Doctor of Design Nottingham and Trent University Chairs 1992 – 2001

Chairman of RSA Fashion Medal Award

1990 – 2001

Chairman of Graduate Fashion Week

2001 – 2003 President of Chartered Society of Designers


Jeff Banks during one of his many sponsored bike rides


Charities Jeff Banks works for several charities carrying out a variety of different functions. British Heart Foundation Sponsored Cycle Rides

Lands End to John O’Groats

875 miles

London to Lake Como 1000 miles Lecci to Venice (Italy) 1080 miles

La Diagonale – Brest-Mention (France) 1000 miles

Sport Relief (BBC) Sponsored Cycle Ride

Lands End to John O’Groats in six days 875 miles

Macmillan Nurses

Hosting Fashion Shows

Retail Trust Annual Auctions NSPCC

Bi - Annual Auctions

Graduate Fashion Week

President and Fundraiser

The Princes Trust

Ambassador & Chairman of Retail Group

Christies Hospital

Fundraising Activities

Children with Cancer

Annual Auctions

The Diana Louise Trust

Sponsored bike ride - John O’Groats to Land’s End


Jeff Banks enters the highlands en route in Land’s End to John O‘Groats in 2007




Left: Jeff Banks and Hilton Green complete Land’s End to John O‘Groats in 2007

Above: Jeff Banks during The Giro Ride - Lecci to Venice 1080 miles in 2006


bibliography 1964 Created Clobber 1966 Clobber opens first shop in shop Newcastle Fenwicks 1969 Opens Jeff Banks company

First UK exhibitor in Paris Pret. A Porter

Council Member Association of Fashion Designers.

1970 Created British Fashion Council

Opening Jeff Banks showrooms New York

Opened seven international agencies.

1976 Rembrandt Ltd amalgamation to enlarge Jeff Banks 1976 Opened first branch of Warehouse Duke Street London 1980 British Designer of the Year 1981 British Coat designer of the Year 1982 British Designer of the Year

Presenter BBC Pebble Mill at One

Warehouse opens 10th store

Ceases trading Jeff Banks label

1984 Awarded British retailer of the year 1985 Launch Bymail catalogues 1986 Launch BBC Clothes Show

Launch Smirnoff student awards

1988 Launch Clothes Show ‘Live’

Created DR Independent Retailer of the Year

1989 Nine Warehouse men’s branches open

Launches HQ design

1990 Launch Graduate Fashion Week

Costume of the year – Bath Museum of Costume

1991 Created National Designer at Debenhams 1991 Created Prima Retailer of the Year 1991 Mens journalist of the Year 1992 Doctor of Letters at the University of Westminster 1994 Launches Ports of Call Home collection 1994 Launches Jeff Banks Black Label Menswear


Jeff Banks Stvdio Menswear Label

CSD Minerva medal winner

1995 Doctor of Design at Nottingham Trent University 1995 Royal Society of Arts Award 1995 Launch Clothes Show live Glasgow 1996 Opening Incorporatewear Ltd

Clothes Show Expo Hong Kong

1997 Created new TV show ‘The Style Challenge’ 1998 Opened Prince’s Trust showcase shop on King’s Road 2000 International Designer at Debenhams 2000 Launch Jeff Banks – Bespoke Tailoring Collection 2000 Launch Jeff & Co at Sainsbury’s 2000 Fellowship of the University of Wales 2002 President of Chartered Society of Designers 2003 Open 11 Jeff Banks concessions with Hankyu Department Stores Japan 2005 Jeff Banks designs clothes for London 2012 Olympic winning bid 2005 Launch Jeff & Maggie make up collection 2005 Launch of Jeff & Co Men’s Matalan 2006 Millwall Football Club Cup Final clothing 2006 Launch of Jeff & Co Women’s Matalan 2006 Bespoke Collection Launch 2006 Formal Hire Collection Launch 2006 Launch of Jeff Banks Retail Shops

2006 Launch of Jeff Banks Smart Casual range in Debenhams 2007 Opening of concessions in Australia 2007 Expansion of concession in Japan 2007 Tour de France Grand Depart collection 2007 Launch of Jeff Banks Jeans 2007 Drapers Lifetime Achievement Award 2008 Bespoke Collection expands to include visiting tailors 2008 Portsmouth FC clothed for the FA Cup Final 2009 CBE awarded to Jeff Banks 2009 Nominated for the Prince Philip Designer prize 2010 Portsmouth FC clothed for the FA Cup Final 2010 First shop in China opened (Beijing) 2011 The Princes Trust People’s Catwalk event 2011 Fashion on the Field launch 2012 Green Edge Cycling Team clothed for the official launch 2012 ICW Tailored by Jeff Banks launch 2012 Benchgrade shoe launch 2012 Jeff Banks designs Olympic opening ceremony clothes for Belize


Jeff Banks completes the Amstel Gold Etape 150km in April 2012


Jeff Banks 21 D’Arblay Street, London W1F 8EF Telephone: +(44) (0)20 7287 1142 Fax: +(44) (0)20 7287 9677 Email:


Biography of British Designer Jeff Banks