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Written by: Brandon Zelward

That’s right he’s back! The king has returned and he looks better than ever! The game that is based on drinking alcohol, kicking some alien ass, taking steroids and having sex is back! Duke Nukem is a First person shooter or FPS as the cool kids call it .

This game is not made for little kids, through out the game there are several Playboy calendars and in the Duke Hotel there are several violent ways to kill or injure people.

This game has to affect most of the players that play. Of a certain age of course, people that are above 17 will probably be the ones that get the most of the (sexually) jokes in this game and wont get in trouble. Now anyone who is below this age wouldn't get any of these jokes or funny quotes: “My balls, your face.” what would be the kids reaction if he read this? That is one of the quotes that the King will repeat over and over again through out the game play. His most famous one is “ It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum...

and I'm all outta gum” Just imagine for one second that you buy this game for your son/daughter or yourself. Out of no where's you hear your son or daughter say “Eat shit and die.” How would you feel? There would be some hurting going on there. Especially when it would be your fault. The king has changed many lives in the past, by changing peoples attitude towards females or people in general. It’s ruined peoples lives by them only having thoughts about women being toys, to kids just disrespecting everything or everyone, this is not a proper way to raise a child. How do I know this? I wasn’t allowed to play the original game until I was about 10. Now that I'm older and have more experience with violent video games. While I have been playing the new game I’ve picked up some funny quotations and some funny jokes. Only June 14th Duke Nukem Forever was released for a retail price of $59.99, this game was the biggest disappointment of the year. But while it was the biggest disappointment I enjoyed it greatly not sure why I just did. Now how many children do you think bought this game? Roughly 10,000 of the buyers were under 18 and the game only sold 376,300 units in one month! After the game was released there was a huge debate over the internet if violent games should have a tougher rating system. According to that the games are fine and children violence is related to violent video games is BS. Although there are some kids who are out there and can play any game and will not be affected by it. Duke isn't made for little kids, he’s made for people who can actually sit down and laugh at a game and not to get mad. Nukem’s jokes are made for a MATURE audience that is why we have the ESRB to rate and say what age you have to be to play this game. In an overall conclusion, it’s up to you to tell your son/daughter what they can or cant play. I'm the author of the page and I was playing the original Duke Nukem at the age of 5. I'm not a violent person. So choose wisely on what you let your kids play. In the overall verdict Duke is still the same game and just as bad as the original, but kids under a mature age shouldn't be able to play this game.

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By: Marcus Doherty

Real Life Dangers! You may think that people are being dramatic when they say that games such as World of Warcraft can destroy your health, but there could be more truth to this claim than you realize. World of Warcraft can affect you in many ways and even a few problems can add up on your health. Knowing these ten ways World of Warcraft can affect you might make you rethink your gaming habits. First off I bet you know people who lose entire days playing World of Warcraft. Maybe you are one of these people. Loneliness can harm your immune system and your sleep patterns, both of which could devastate your health. Even playing with others online lacks real social connection. World of Warcraft addiction may not be taken as seriously as drug or alcohol addiction but it can be detrimental to health. Even if it does not reach a full blown addiction, playing World of Warcraft can easily change that about a person. A person could play endlessly. It may sound harsh to talk about obesity, but it is not. The chances of being overweight go up with the amount of time spent playing this type of game. It is especially true for teens. Teens need more exersize then adults and if they use all of their time on video games they run the risk of being obese Finally but most importantly, this argument is dismissed by some and taken very seriously by others. Watching violence desensitizes you to it. It happens to anyone and can have consequences in the real world. A prime example si when Blizzard canceled a Childs account he was enraged and destroyed his computer. World of Warcraft can destroy your health. There are so many aspects of one’s health that could be adversely affected that this game must be played responsibly. This is true for all games, of course, but this is one of the most popular, and potentially most dangerous, of the moment.

By: Austin Lewis

Call of Duty’s Undeserved Success The enormous videogame franchise that is Call of duty has established one of the highest grossing videogames in world. Calls of Duty’s success revolves around the pick up and play controls of the game and the action movie type moments in the game. This article however is not about how call of duty is so good, it is about how it shouldn’t get so much recognition because there are very stupid for a lack of a better term things about these games. My personal opinion of this game is that I don’t feel that the Call of Duty’s being produced are very good quality. I feel that there are no improvements being made to the new additions to the series. Yes there are brand new exciting story modes but with regards to the online aspect of games which is the most anticipated part of the games it is lacking. There are barely any improvements in graphics for each game being produced and the amount of hacking of the online is appalling. Changes are needed in order to improve important parts of the game. One thing about this game series is that everyone buys them! it seems that Call of Duty has become a very big part of gaming and media culture even though it’s been the same game practically for the past couple of years. It seems gamers are buying these games and

are not looking at the facts such as the cheating , cheap weapons being used to get ahead unfairly, and the graphics which are terrible compared to most games produced these days. Call of Duty is making millions upon millions for each addition to the series and they are just sitting there and not fixing anything. It appears their mind set is well let’s just keep the same graphics put new guns in and ship it out to the world. Then they make tonnes of money for doing nothing. Do people not understand that they are being ripped off and used for their money. What scares me the most is that gamers are completely contempt with these games and play them mindlessly not looking at the ridiculousness of the online experience of Call of Duty. I know from personal experience that the online of the games is ruined by the players and the acceptability of cheating and modding. Call of Duty has many game modes to play online but one thing that is lacking is that even though most game modes have teams Call of Duty is definitely not team oriented. Every player is for themself. Nobody cares if their team wins or loses as long as they had the most points and the most kills. Call of Duty remains to be extremely successful but next time u play, think about it for a second why is this even being made. Things need to be done to make this a game series that everyone can enjoy.

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Boy Murders Parents Over Video Game! By: Jon Higgins

Seventeen year old Daniel Petric, is now facing life in prison with the chance of Parole in twenty years for taking the life of his own mother and trying to kill his father at the same time; all because of a video game! Daniel was involved in an accident the year he turned 16 and was stuck in his house for months, during this period he apparently played a lot of games and watched a lot of TV, no surprise there. There was no sight of head injuries from this accident, it was an injured leg which led to an infection. In September two thousand seven, Daniel Petric snuck out of his house to go buy Halo 3, a violent game his father forbade him from playing. When Daniel got home with the game his father immediately took it away from him where he kept it in a lockbox with a 9mm handgun. Unfortunately Daniel knew where the key was and retrieved the game and the gun the next month on October twentieth two thousand and seven. He took the gun into the room his parents were sitting in and told them, chillingly, “close their eyes because I have a surprise for you�, then he shot them both. His mother Susan Petric was killed and his father suffered a severe head injury but survived. At the trial the court rejected his plea of insanity, and because of his age did not give him the death penalty. His addiction to the game altered his brain in the same way an addiction to drugs would. Daniel never thought when his parents were gone they would be gone forever.


Daniel And Mark Petric in court

Before playing these games as a result of the accident. There is an obvious reason behind these games having a mature rating for a mature audience. Once Daniel played these games his mindset was a mess. His resolution of his dad taking the game away was to steal it back, but then shoot his parents?

After trying to make a getaway police eventually caught up to him in the family van with the copy of Halo 3 in he front seat. This helps conclude that certain games aren't for everyone. That kid could have made something with his life but is now facing a game over! He is sentenced to life with a chance of parole in 23 years.

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video games and violence


video games and violence