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the generosity of our philanthropic partners. This year we received the largest gift in Hospital history with the commitment of $3 million from Ruth and Tristram Colket. This gift enabled us to purchase the Cadillac Motor Inn and the adjacent Cadillac Mountain Medical Building, both of which are integral to our future space planning needs. Our Annual Fund also continues to set records in both the number of contributors who support this Hospital and the dollar amount raised, topping $325,000 in unrestricted dollars for the first time. One of the most exciting and innovative projects we’ve ever embarked upon is already having a direct impact on how our staff care for patients. After more than a year of planning, our collaboration with Penn Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania is well underway. The program brought doctors and nurses to our Emergency Department this summer to share best practices and for them to experience how a rural hospital functions. The partnership also supports educational opportunities by bringing leading experts from Penn Medicine here twice a year to share their skills with our team. Over the next three years we envision this program will offer new opportunities and become a model for other organizations to follow. These milestones are significant individually but what they tell us is even more vital to our mission, especially as we begin to write the next chapter of MDI Hospital’s history. We are currently working to map out what it will take to meet the community’s medical needs now, next year, and into the future. Over the next 18 to 24 months, this process will likely reshape our campus in a way that brings the highest quality health care to Mount Desert Island in an efficient, comfortable, and convenient way that we all can be proud of.

ART BLANK, PRESIDENT/CEO When I look back at the milestones Mount Desert Island Hospital has achieved in the past year I am reminded of the strength of the community that we are a part of. The dedication and commitment of our staff at every level is once again affirmed by the results of our patient surveys. For 2010, MDI Hospital has been recognized with the Overall Best Performer

Award by Avatar International to become the only hospital in the nation to earn the recognition for nine consecutive years. Our community’s involvement is unmistakable throughout the organization from the Auxiliary and volunteers who contribute countless hours to projects that benefit patients and families to

For regular readers of our Annual Report you may notice the following pages contain our core content. In an effort to share the story of the people who make MDI Hospital what it is, we have published a broader version of our Annual Report on high quality newsprint. In addition to being distributed in our local newspapers, the full report is available at the Hospital and online at On behalf of all of our staff and associates, I thank you for your continued confidence as we steer MDI Hospital into the future.



Chosen for their special talents, Board and Committee members are volunteers and receive no compensation for the time they give to the Hospital. Thousands of hours are devoted yearly by men and women who serve on MDI Hospital’s Board and Committees.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Terry Musson, Chairman John Adams, MD, First Vice Chairman O. Lee Haynes, MD*, Second Vice Chairman John Benson, MD, FACR Arthur J. Blank* Michael Bonsey Stewart Brecher Mary Dudzik, MD* David Einhorn, Esq. Kathleen Field Elsie Flemings Patricia Hand, PhD Julius Krevans, Sr., MD Julian Kuffler, MD, MPH* Vince Messer Norma Murray Brad Perkins* Dean Read Mickey Shattow Noelle Wolf

DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Dean Read, Chair David Allman* Loy Andrews Arthur J. Blank* Michael Bonsey Alix Diana Julius Krevans, Sr., MD Vince Messer Terry Musson Lani Naihe* Martha Nordstrom* Noelle Wolf

FINANCE COMMITTEE Michael Bonsey, Chair Arthur J. Blank* Stacy Brown* Nat Fenton, Esq. Barbara Hannon, RN, MSN, M.Ed* Stan Harmon Terry Musson

Terry O’Connell Brad Perkins* Dean Read Mickey Shattow

Brad Perkins* Susan Ray, RN, BSN, MBA/HCM*


O. Lee Haynes, MD, Chair* Arthur J. Blank* Michael Bonsey Mary Dudzik, MD* Kathleen Field Charles Hendricks, MD Lou Ingrisano, PA-C* Mark Kandutsch, MD* Julian Kuffler, MD, MPH* Terry Musson Dean Read

Stewart Brecher, Chair Arthur J. Blank* Mark Brown, MD* Ray Chalifour* Greg Corrow* Barbara Hannon, RN, MSN, M.Ed* Joe Hasselbrack* Mark Kandutsch, MD* Ruth Lyons, RN* Terry Musson Martha Nordstrom* Brad Perkins* Susan Ray, RN, BSN, MBA/HCM*



Terry Musson, Chair John Adams, MD Arthur J. Blank* Michael Bonsey O. Lee Haynes, MD* Dean Read

Terry Musson, Chair Jim Bright Ray Chalifour* Mary Dudzik, MD* Joe Hasselbrack* O. Lee Haynes, MD* Mike Healy Lou Ingrisano, PA-C* Mark Kandutsch, MD* Lynn Leighton* Brad Perkins* Hook Wheeler


ENDOWMENT COMMITTEE Michael Bonsey, Chair Nancy Ho Dean Read Brad Perkins* Andrew Shea

GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE John Adams, MD, Chair Arthur J. Blank* William Bromley, MD David Einhorn, Esq. Terry Musson Dean Read

PLANNING COMMITTEE John Adams, MD, Chair John Benson, MD, FACR Arthur J. Blank* Stewart Brecher Ray Chalifour* Kathleen Field Barbara Hannon, RN, MSN, M.Ed* Michael Heniser, DO* Julius Krevans, Sr., MD Ruth Lyons, RN* Vince Messer Terry Musson Martha Nordstrom*

QUALITY & SAFETY COMMITTEE John Benson, MD, FACR, Co-Chair Patricia Hand, PhD, Co-Chair John Adams, MD Arthur J. Blank* Elsie Flemings Michael Gilfillan Barbara Hannon, RN, MSN, M.Ed* Lou Ingrisano, PA-C* Ruth Lyons, RN*

BIRCH BAY BOARD OF TRUSTEES Dean Read, Chairman Sherri Dyer, Vice Chairman Bill Weir, Assistant Treasurer Arthur J. Blank* Betty Bryer Patricia Curtis Gail Gee Barbara Hannon, RN, MSN, M.Ed* Mike Mahan, Executive Director Brad Perkins* Rob Shea


HONORARY TRUSTEES The following individuals hold the lifetime appointment of Honorary Trustee in recognition of their outstanding service to MDI Hospital. Loy Andrews David Benson Leslie Brewer William Bromley, MD Henry Brown Roger Chagnon Dwight Eaton Donald Hobbs George McVety Erwin Soule Helmut Weber *Staff Member Note: Board Chairman and CEO are ex-officios of all committees


$ 70,849,789

We did not receive the following because Medicare, State Medicaid and insurance programs pay less than the full amount of their patients’ bills

$ 17,391,127

We also did not receive the following due to our support of patients whose bills partially or wholly exceeded their ability to pay We received other operating revenues of

$ 855,315 $ 1,570,402

Our total revenues were

$ 54,173,748

Our total operating expenses for salaries, supplies, interest, depreciation costs, and uncollected charges were

$ 55,472,539

Which resulted in an operating loss of

$ 1,298,790


$ 1,265,388

Other non-operating revenue

$ 365,284

Which resulted in a gain* of

$ 331,883

FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS FOR THE FISCAL YEAR The MDI Hospital Organization provided 501 jobs and maintained a payroll of Total capital expenditures

$ 2,143,372

Free and Uncompensated Care

$ 3,820,396

Unrestricted and restricted gifts received by the MDI Hospital Organization

$ 1,732,106

*(does not include loss recognized on beneficial refinancing of long term debt - $608,152)

STATISTICS 2010-2011


$ 25,094,279

Outpatient health center visits . . . . . . . . . . . . 71,701 Images taken (Radiology, CT Scan, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, MRI) . . . . . . . . 14,472 Visits to the Emergency Room . . . . . . . . . . . . 7,081 Cases of Ambulatory Surgery . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,461 Mammograms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,686 Discharges . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,365 Employees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 501 Births . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 119 Nurses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 87 Acute care admissions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,010 Acute care patient days . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3,075 Days - Acute care average stay . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.04 Swing bed admissions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 230 Swing bed patient days . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,487 Days - Swing Bed care average stay . . . . . . . . . . . 6.47 IP Surgeries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 259 OP Surgeries. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,414 Total Surgeries. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,673 Lab Tests . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 117,693



BRAD PERKINS Vice President of Finance SUSAN RAY, RN, BSN, MBA/NCM Vice President of Ancillary Services


TERRY MUSSON Chair, Board of Trustees DEAN READ Chair, Mount Desert Management Co. Board of Directors & Birch Bay Retirement Village Board of Directors JULIAN KUFFLER, MD, MPH President, MDI Hospital Medical Staff NORMA MURRAY President, MDI Hospital Auxiliary RAY CHALIFOUR Vice President, Physician Practices FRANCO COLELLA Director, Revenue Cycle GREG CORROW Director, Physical Plant and Nutrition Services CHRISTINA COSTELLO Director, Emergency and OB Services ERNEST “CHIP” DUGANS Director, Physical Therapy TOM FISCHER Director, Laboratory Services BARBARA HANNON, RN, MSN, M.ED Vice President, Nursing JOANNE HARRIS Director, Human Resources LEONARD LYAKHOVICH Director, Surgical Services RUTH LYONS, RN Vice President, Quality and Safety MIKE MAHAN Executive Director, Birch Bay Retirement Village TOM MOCKUS, RN Director, Medical and Rehabilitation Services JEFF MURAD Director, Medical Imaging MARTHA NORDSTROM Director, Philanthropy and Public Affairs

Director, Care Management MARK WHITE Director, Information Services

ACTIVE MEDICAL STAFF John M. Benson, MD Mark O. Brown, MD Brian J. Caine, MD Elizabeth Datner, MD Edward Dickinson, MD Stuart L. Davidson, MD Mary E. Dudzik, MD Edward B. Gilmore, MD, MACP David J. Goodenough, MD Timber H. Gorman, MD O. Lee Haynes, Jr., MD Charles E. Hendricks, MD Michael A. Heniser, DO Mark A. Kandutsch, MD Kathleen M. Kotas, MD Julius R. Krevans, Jr. MD Julian P. Kuffler, MD, MPH Michael J. Mason, MD Mayur K. Movalia, MD Meryl J. Nass, MD David M. Painter, MD Burton W. Pearl, MD Ronald H. Prokopius, MD Surapaneni Ramanadha Rao, MD Silvio Saidemberg, MD

ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONAL STAFF LIST Lynne M. Assaf, LCSW, CADC Cortland P. Bassett, PA-C Martha Bucklin, LMSW-CC Pilar S. Burmeister, FNP Beverly J. Chasse, PMHCNS-BC Linda T. Crowell, FNP Angela Del Vecchio, APRN Ann M. Dundon, PA-C Ralph A. Erickson, CRNA Kathleen Garcia, PhD Alan F. Graff, LCPC, CADC Irene M. Greene-Murphy, LCSW R. David Heath, PA-C Laura E.F. Hendricks, PMHNP, CNS Mary D. Hopkins, MAC Sylvia I. Ingerson, PMHNP, CNS, LADC Louis A. Ingrisano, PA-C

Cecily P. Judd, LCSW Gerald R. Keenan Jr., PA-C Reid Kincaid, PA-C Stephen Koscherak, PhD, CADC Rosamond Kreilkamp, LCSW-CADC Virginia R. Lanning, FNP-C Barbara F. Logue, FNP Daniel E. Lorey, LCSW-CCS Bonnie B. Lundquist, ANP Edith S. Lyman, LCSW-CADC W. Guy Mahan, PA-C Elaine R. Mangini, PA-C Albert G. Marian, PA-C Betty Massie, PhD, CADC Linda S. Maxwell, PA-C Mark H. Neer, PA-C Terri Neer, PA-C Edward Oechslie, LCPC Christopher W. Price, CRNA Amie Quirion, LCSW-CCS Patricia A. Riley, FNP Linda J. Robinson, CNM Rachael F. Sharp, CRNA Walter Shelton, CRNA (Locum Tenens) Sally J. Smith, ANP, GNP Richard Doug Sutherlin, CRNA Jude I. Tardy, PA-C Jane E. Tawney, PA-C Diane A. Tennies, PhD, CADC Bruce A. Wing, PA-C (Locum Tenens) Kate B. Worcester, PA-C

CONSULTING STAFF Astrid Andreescu, MD Suzanne Aquino, MD John Arias, MD Patricia Barnes, MD Dean Batten, MD John W. Boardman, MD Keith H. Brodie, MD James Brull, DO David Burke, MD Marissa A. Camrud, MD Lillian W. Cavin, MD Steven Ciabattoni, MD Michael J. Cooney, MD Phoebe H. Dann, MD Susan A. Dinges, MD Scott Dufresne, MD George J.A. Eyerer, MD Amy Fenwick, MD John T. Frankland, Jr., MD A. Merrill Garrett, MD Anne Glaser, MD Britta M. Gooding, MD Rafael Grossman, MD

Laurie L. Gutstein, MD Edward M. Harrow, MD Eric Hartz, MD Andrew G. Hinkens, MD Thomas B. Jones, MD John S. Kaiser, MD Margaret Kang, MD Frederick C. Kraus, MD Karen B. Krigman, MD Ruth M. Lamdan, MD Garrett R. Martin, MD Richard J. Mazzei, MD Joseph Mcbride, MD David B. McQuade, MD Christopher J. Miller, MD James J. Norconk, MD Thomas H. Openshaw, MD Joanmarie Pellegrini, MD Linda Petrovich, MD Stephen J. Pfister, MD Leonard Poirier, MD Thomas Rachner, MD David E. Renedo, MD Richard R. Riemersma, MD Guy Ross, MD Douglas W. Rusnack, MD Lawrence Sanders, MD Russ M. Savit, MD Jordan J. Shubert, MD Chung Shum, MD Marek Skacel, MD Bradley Snyder, MD Sasha Sotirovic, MD Stephanie Swope, MD John R. Thomas, MD Paul Tisher, MD Carol E. Trask, MD Continued...


SUPPORT TEAM Continued...

Thomas H. Vreeland, MD Roger M. Wilson, MD Jonathan Wood, MD Douglas Woolard, MD Matthew Yates, MD Jay J. Ye, MD

COURTESY MEDICAL STAFF Sigrid E. Berg, MD Mary V. Collins, MD Guillermo J. Crespo, MD Thomas H. Crowe, MD Thomas E. Flynn, MD Jane W. Garfield, MD Lloyd C. Harmon, MD Walter N. Muth, MD Lawrence Piazza, MD Robert Pinsky, MD Jens Rueter, MD Donald L. Schassberger, MD Amy E. Tan, MD Nicholas S. Vachon, DPM Alan H. Wiseman, MD

TELEMEDICINE MEDICAL STAFF Amy Movius, MD George Payne, MD Sasha Sotirovic, MD Jonathan Wood, MD

KATHLEEN KOTAS, MD MAIN STREET EXPANSION PROJECT In early 2011, Ruth and Tristram Colket made the largest contribution in MDI Hospital’s history, allowing the Hospital to purchase the Cadillac Mountain Medical Building and adjacent properties.

Since 2005, the Hospital has leased the facility at 322 Main Street. Now, thanks to the generosity of the Colkets, the Hospital has purchased the property and will save thousands of dollars in lease payments. The purchase also includes the unfinished shell that is attached to the building, the Cadillac Motor Inn next door and a small home on the corner of Main and Livingston streets. Due to the increase in health center visits and a growing demand for Hospital services, the purchase of additional facilities was necessary to accommodate new space for patient care and the professionals providing it. All of us at MDI Hospital are deeply grateful to the Colkets for their generosity and their strong commitment to the health of their community. Not only have

their gifts helped MDI Hospital establish a state-of-the-art inpatient care center, they are now supporting the need for care in an outpatient setting. Our community is fortunate to have such caring and generous neighbors!



$100,000 TO $999,999 Anonymous+ Mr. Charles C. Butt^• Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Fogg III• Carol and Paul Fremont-Smith^• Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Kogod^• Mr. & Mrs. Gerrish H. Milliken+ Mitchell P. Rales Family Foundation^• Mitchell & Emily Rales• Robert P. & Arlene R. Kogod Family Foundation^• The Gerrish H. Milliken Foundation+

$50,000 TO $99,999 Edward McCormick Blair*+ Mrs. Bernard K. Cough Hans P. Utsch & Julia Merck•

$25,000 TO $49,999 C. Graham* & Joanne Berwind• John Cochran Cornelia Cogswell Rossi Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur C. Martinez• Mr. & Mrs. William R. Wister, Jr.

$10,000 TO $24,999 Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Bass MDI Hospital Auxiliary Martha Stewart•

$5,000 TO $9,999 T.A. Cox Mr. & Mrs. Roderick H. Cushman The David Rockefeller Fund, Inc. Mrs. Shelby Cullom Davis, Sr. Mrs. Sylvia M. Erhart Fred C. Lynam Trust Mrs. Henry F. Harris Hattie A. & Fred C. Lynam Trust Mrs. Marcia MacKinnon Mary R. Morgan• David Rockefeller Roger Milliken* Romill Foundation Mr. & Mrs. William P. Stewart Noelle & Dick Wolf Jane S. Zirnkilton

$2,500 TO $4,999 Mrs. Lydia M. Barnes B.D. & Jane E. McIntyre Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Curtis L. Blake Roc & Helen Caivano Robert & Carol Calcagni The Curtis & Patricia Blake Foundation Mrs. Douglas Dillon+ The Dillon Fund+ Estate of Doris E. Karst Kathleen Field+ Mrs. Ruth Fraley Irving S. & Ada H. Ray Memorial Fund Harry R. Madiera, Sr. Alan and Vittoria McIlhenny MDI Marathon Mrs. Paul L. Miller Gerry Milliken+ Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin R. Neilson Poor Boy’s Gourmet+ Nancy & George Putnam Mr. & Mrs. Winthrop Short The Winky Foundation+ Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

$1,000 TO $2,499 Anonymous (3) Mr. & Mrs. Donald Allen Mr. & Mrs. Stockton A. Andrews Charles & Patty Ann Benore Mr. & Mrs. Frederick S. Benson+ Bessemer Trust Company Yvonne J. Black Joan S. & James G. Blaine Art & Debi Blank Mr. & Mrs. Ordway P. Burden^• Mrs. Percy Clark Mr. & Mrs. P. Hamilton Clark III Dahl-Chase Pathology Associates, P.A. Mr. Ross Dworman Judith C. Dyer E. Newbold & Margaret DuPont Smith Foundation Dr. Dianna & Mr. Benjamin Emory Florence V. Burden Foundation^• Walter & Wendy Foulke• W. West Frazier, IV Anne & Gary Galyean Robert Gebhart Mr. & Mrs. Temple Grassi Mr. & Mrs. John H.J. Guth Hoyt Hamor Mrs. Nancy G. Harris Maine Community Foundation•

Mrs. Margaretta Iselin Mr. & Mrs. David S. Kirkland Dr. & Mrs. Julius R. Krevans, Sr. Dr. & Mrs. Leung Lee Mount Desert Islander Dr. Mayer Movalia Frank Moya, MD Andrea Nicoletti Jim & Lynn Nobil Craig & Anne Patterson Mr. & Mrs. Ferguson E. Peters R. Anderson Pew• The Pew Charitable Trust• Dan & Polly Pierce Mrs. Eben W. Pyne Carol Rush Mr. & Mrs. William Russell Robert Schwartz Mr. Edgar Scott The Woodcock P. Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Peter P. Nitze Robert S. Pirie Helen Porter & James T. Dyke Dr. Raymond* & Barbara Rappaport The RD Foundation, Inc. Dean & Penny Read Edith & William Rudolf Mr. William B. Ruger, Jr. S & G Foundation Mickey Shattow & Linda Jensen Nancy Sun Mrs. Patricia R. Sweeney Mr. William C. Trimble, Jr. Waldo County General Hospital The Weinberger Foundation Mr. Caspar Weinberger Daria & Ed White Mark & Sarah Williamson David J. Witham John Witt

$500 TO $999

$250 TO $499

Anonymous (4) Roger & Maureen Ackerman Atwater Kent Foundation, Inc. Bar Harbor Bank & Trust Mr. & Mrs. Robert. O. Blake+ Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Brown John & Linda Carman Peggy J. Danneman Mr. & Mrs. Shelby M.C. Davis, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Dickey, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Gordon I. Erikson Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund The First, N.A. Ed & Patsy Fogarty GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program Mr. & Mrs. Coster Gerard Tom & Lou Glenn Greater Worcester Community Foundation Victor & Patricia Hand Mr. & Mrs. Charles Heimbold David Tollerud & Suzanne Ildstad Mr. & Mrs. John W. Ingle, Jr. The Irving Foundation Keep It Simple Group George Clayton Kyle, MD Mr. James C. MacLeod Ms. Katherine Gates McCoy William K. & Karen A. McFarland David B. McQuade, MD Charles H. Merriman, III David and Audrey Mills Phyllis Anina Moriarty Mr. Albert P. Neilson

Anonymous Mrs. Florence H. Borda Stewart & Melita Brecher William C. Bromley, MD & Julie N. Bromley Thomas S. Bury Francis G. Coleman Creative Print Services Alix C. Diana Mr. David Einhorn, Esq. & Ms. Marilyn Baum William & Helen Eisele Ms. Lauri E. Fernald Thomas & Carroll Fernald First Long Island Investors Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Flynn John & Marion D. Gay Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gilfillan Anne Glover Mrs. Margaret F. Grace H.E. Callahan Construction Co. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ho Dr. & Mrs. Victor Kelmenson Robert & Nannerl Keohane Dr. & Mrs. Edward Leiter Mr. & Mrs. K. Prescott Low Mr. Martin M. Lyons Carol C. & Rick Malone Charles A. Marinke MDI High School Mr. & Mrs. Helmut Meyerbach Mrs. Justine Morris Margaret & David Nalle


Janneke Seton Neilson Terry O’Connell & Norah O’Brien Packard Judd Kaye• Mrs. Stephen Pearson Thomas L. Piper Mr. & Mrs. John Reeves Andrew Roberts Margie Grace Shethar Mr. & Mrs. Clyde E. Shorey, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Shubert Laura E. Smallidge Mr. & Mrs. John C. Smith Valley Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Vaughan Susanne W. Wheat Emmet & Betty Whittlesey Mr. & Mrs. Rufus Williams Dr. & Mrs. Bert Zbar

$100 TO $249 Anonymous (12) Devereux H. Andrews Schofield & Elly Andrews Mr. & Mrs. Chris Arapoglou Baker Newman & Noyes, LLC Franca Bannerman Bar Harbor Motel Ms. Kristin Barbieri Backside, LLC Mary Barnett Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Barrett Charles B. Begin Mr. & Mrs. William E. Benjamin, II Mr. & Mrs. David Benson Matthew D. Bersani Bruce & Pam Bicknell Sallie Boggs & Ed Redgate Michael & Diane Bonsey Jim & Phoebe Boyer Lynne Bradford Edmund* & Eileen Branch Mr. & Mrs. Harry Brawley Ken & Ellen Brookes Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Broom Mr. & Mrs. Frederick F. Brown Gernon & Linda Brown Mr. & Mrs. William Buchala Richard H. Burgin Marcus & Sara Byruck Mr. & Mrs. Minturn V. Chace Mr. Peter L. Chandler Constance M. Clark Bob & Pat Collier Mr. & Mrs. Richard V. Collier Val Davis & Les Harbour


Dr. & Mrs. David C. Dean Mr. Robert J. Desimone Lyle & Pauline Dever Stephen Dolley Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Douglass Mr. & Mrs. John E. Drake Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Dunton Frederick Dupree Mary & Edward Dysart Empower IT, Inc. Spencer & Floy Ervin Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel R. Fenton, Esq. Anna Fernald Mr. & Mrs. Alan Feuer Mr. & Mrs. Redmond S. Finney David & Judith Fischer Dr. & Mrs. Richard R. Fox Dr. Samuel M. Fox, III Gary & Glenon Friedmann Mr. John B. Gibb Beverly L. Ginn Lydia B. Goetze Sheldon & Jill Goldthwait John Goodson & Pat Willard Ms. Neva Goodwin Ron & Karen Greenberg Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Hahn Mr. & Mrs. G. Bernard Hamilton Rosamond G. Hamlin Stephen Harder Gordon & Margy Hargraves Mr. Stanley W. Harmon Lawrie Ryerson Harris Mr. & Mrs. John S.C. Harvey, III Richard & Susan Hays Fritz & Joann Heimann Henry Flagler Harris Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust Don & Martha Hobbs Mr. & Mrs. Melville Hodder Betsey Holtzmann Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Homer Virginia Hopkins Paula M. S. Ingalls Charles D. Jacobi Mr. & Mrs. Hallett Johnson, Jr. Ed Kaelber David & Cynthia Kahler Dr. & Mrs. Jeffery D. Kashin Dr. & Mrs. Leon D. Katz Dr. Amanda Kaye & Mr. James Nicoll Mr. & Mrs. Morris C. Kellett The Knowles Company Real Estate Mr. & Mrs. George R. Lambert Jr. Mrs. Priscilla W. Lane

Hope Whitney Lapsley Robin & Bob Lawton Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. LeCompte April W. Lee Richard & Gail Leiser Celina Lin Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lipkin Mr. Richard A. Loutzenheiser & Ms. Lorraine L. Edwards Joan W. Mackie Betsy MacMackin Munroe Paul & Lacey MacQuinn Edward Madara Mrs. Constance B. Madeira Ann Marie Maguire Joel Magyar Robert & Kathleen Malaney Steve Marburg Maude & John P. March, Jr. Abigail Marsh David & Margery Matlack Marilyn M. Mays Mrs. Marion J. McDevitt Mrs. Nancy W. McKelvy Beverly M. McNeal Victor & Alicia Mellow Mrs. John L. Merrill, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Vincent C. Messer Don & Pat Murphy Victoria T. Murphy Terry & Linda Musson National Park Tours & Transport, Inc. Terri & Jeff Needham Heidi Nitze Marie G. Nolf Mr. W. Kent Olson Mr. & Mrs. Henry D. Owen Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Eliot Paine Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Paneyko Susan Bissell Parker Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm E. Peabody Geoffrey R. Pennington Mr. & Mrs. Frederick C. Phillips Dr. & Mrs. Richard Pierson Frederick * & Diana Pinkham Richard & Lori Post Charles L. & Patricia D. Pugh Mr. & Mrs. Michael Radcliffe Rev. Bob & Fran Raymond Sallie Boggs & Ed Redgate Nancy M. Reed Ken & Esther Revis-Wagner Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. Richman Frank & Betsy Roberts Ike & Debra Roberts

Hilda K. & Thomas H. Roderick Jeannine C. Ross Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey W. Ryan Joseph P. Ryan Ms. Patricia Ryan & Mr. David Westphal Norman Samet J.R. Sandin Mr. Thomas W. Saturley & Ms. Eleanor M. Baker Nancy L. Sawyer Edith N. Schafer Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Schutt, Jr. John W. Scott Valerie E. Scott Mr. & Mrs. William C. Scott The Scranton Family Mr. & Mrs. Jay D. Scribner Dr. & Mrs. Peter Sellers Gordon & Joy Shaw Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shea Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Shields Bernice Silk* Mr. & Mrs. George Sinnett Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Scott C. Smith Edith V. Sontag Ms. Diana Davis Spencer Stephen & Brenda Sprague Tim Summers Hope O. Sweet The Takenagas Family The Chart Room Judith Thompson Leslie & Mildred Thurston Truist Caroline Urvater Mrs. Barbara Waldron Tom & Cindy Walker Kim & Finn Wentworth Harriet Whittington & James R. Bright John Wilmerding Mrs. William R. Wister Richard C. Wolff Gloria F. & James W. Wood, Jr. Stuart Woods Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Zirnkilton

$1 to $99 Anonymous (15) Mr. & Mrs. J. Walter Allen Mr. & Mrs. Justin W. Alley Mr. Richard A. Alley, Sr. Alan & Diane Amendt Florence H. Ames


Ms. Danielle Anderson & Mr. Paul Day John & Karen Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Anghinetti Larry L. Augsburger Ann Axtmann & Tibor J. Pusztai Edward B. Babcock, MD Carolyn Ball Margaret S. Ballard Bar Harbor Savings and Loan Association Allyne Stimson Barnes Bass Harbor Inn Genesta Beal Harold Beal Ronald E. Beard Mr. George J. Bender, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Peter N. Benedetti Rick Berndt Mr. Christopher T. Bever & Ms. Patricia A. Thomas David & Muriel Billings Susan Thomas Blaisdell Alan & Olive Bond Mr. & Mrs. George Boyd, II Emily Bracale William A. Branlund Matthew Bratzler Ms. Milja Brecher-DeMuro Ashley Bryan Nancy J. Buck Katherine B. Burgoyne Betsey J. Burke Mr. Robert E. Burton Natalie Spahr Bush Mr. & Mrs. David E. Butler Jennifer J. Caeti Lisa D. Caiati Lucille L. Campbell Jo Ann Cantwell Bob Cantwell & Lydia Wegman Mrs. Shirley F. Catheron Central Maine Street Rod Club Robert P. Chaplin Briana & Andrew Chattin Audrey Cheetham Muriel S. Christian Sarah L. Clark Janet P. Clarke Don E. Coates Sheila Cochran Joanne & Elliot Cohen Pamala Morrison Colby Alberta Cole Dawn Carros & Larry Cole Mr. Douglass M. Compton Shirley Conklin

Marjorie W. Cough Richard Cough & Heidi Wittwer Ms. Celine A. Couillaut J. Anthony Covino Dr. Lucy E. Creevey Deborah Cressler & Susan Haggstrom Esther & Allan Cristol Barry & Ruth Crocker William & Toni Tomei Culleton Stefan H. Cushman Mary D’Alesandro Marjorie Dahl Sandra Daley Jim & Laura Davidian Arthur & Heather Davis Muriel T. Davisson Carol M. De Berry Tatiana de Fidler Ms. Dorrance S. Dean Elizabeth Del Giudice Frederick Denico Ms. Sarah E. Desormiers Mr. & Mrs. John A. DeTurris Marjorie & Arthur Dole Joseph S. Donnell Charles Donnelly & Janet Anker Debra & Richard Dow John & Rita Doyle Polly Doyle Mary Drury Elinor Dulit MD Mary “Gussie” Dunbar Ken & Pat Dutille Deborah M. Dyer Lt. Col. & Mrs. Donald E. Dyer, Jr. Eldon & Margaret Dyer Sherri J. Dyer Eleanor Eaton Sharon & Laurel Eisenhauer Barbara Elliott* Mrs. William F. Fay, Jr. Dencie & Lincoln Fenno Mrs. Margaret Finlay Representative Elsie Flemings Mr. & Mrs. William E. Fowler Alison Fox Kathleen P. Frazee-Roth Katie A. Freedman Mr. & Mrs. Ignazio Frigerio Maurice Frost Anne & Lance Funderburk David Gallup & Kyuson Yun Holly Gay Geddy’s Pub Jon R. Geiger

Alice L. Gillen Ellen Gilmore Elizabeth D. Gordon Elizabeth K. Gorer James & Eliza Gowen Lawrence S. Grant Alan & Barbara Graff Graycote Inn Mr. Arthur J. Greif & Ms. Donna M. Karlson Mr. Jeffrey Grey Edith Gross Karol A. Hagberg Mr. & Mrs. George B.E. Hambleton Marilyn Handel Raymond & Jeany Hanscom Peter & Elizabeth Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Gerard E. Haraden Ben Harper Mr. & Mrs. Seth Harper Douglas & Linda Haskell Ms. Nancy A. Hawes Donna C. Hazen Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Healy Walter & Penelope Heiges Betsy & John Hewlett Freda J. Hibbard Bertha M. Higgins Thomas Hitchcock Mrs. Eleanor E. Hodgkins Hubert M. Hoffman Onalee W. Hopkins Patie Ingenito Island Designs Raymond Iverson Helen James Dina Jellison & John Wall Henry H. Jenkins II Mildred T. Johnson Grace L. Jones Constance Jordan Steven Katona & Susan Lerner Denise Kaye Kebo Ladies Golf Association Lucy Kelley Jim & Barbara Kelly John H. Kief Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Kiley Mr. & Mrs. Dennis P. King Mr. & Mrs. Francis E. Kinsey Dr. Wendy Klein-Gracias Mr. & Mrs. Allan Kleinman Jeffrey S. Klueter & Tobie Bernstein Barbara C. Knickerbocker Wendy Knickerbocker

Mr. Arnold Krommenohl Barbara Lawrence Ms. Emily Leeser Andrea & Weldon Leonard Chong & Judith Lim Tad & Elaine Lincoln Mrs. Elizabeth Liscomb Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Lodge Doris M. Long Jeff & Beth Longcope Constance & Ronald Looke The Lynam Agency Insurance Robert Mace Mr. Joseph B. Mackay Betty Jane MacMichael Jean Maffucci Ray Carl Magoon Stephen W. Magyar Stephen & Mary Ann Mahoney Paula & George Marcus Jeffrey Mason Mr. Fred D. Matthews, Sr. Bruce Mazlish Beverly McAloon Elizabeth McCarter Pauline McEachern Roy W. McFarland & Jacqueline H. McFarland Mrs. Ruth J. McFarland* Shirley R. McGarr Mr. & Mrs. Andrew McInnes, Jr. Mr. Maurice J. McIsaac & Ms. Trisha L. Rhodes Benita R. McMullen Mr. Douglas Michael Mary Mitchell Robert & Ruth Mitchell Louise Moore Charles Mulhern Michael & Elizabeth Mulshine Christopher & Heidi Murphy Jane Murphy Debra A. Nale Network For Good John H. Newhall Mrs. A. Corkran Nimick Chester E. Norris, Jr. Philip & Sandy Norton Lisbeth O’Connell & Mark Hubley Dennis O’Donnell Edward & Christine O’Leary Mr. & Mrs. James Oakowsky Laura Olsen Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Olson Matthew & Lisa Orlowski


Antoinette Osvai James Owczarzak Linda M. Palfrey Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Paolino, III Mrs. Mary Paquet Mr. Alan Parks Mr. & Mrs. James M. Parrish Phyllis S. Partridge Mr. Robert W. Patterson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Pennington Mr. & Mrs. Dennis R. Perham Bruce W. Peters Marnie & Asa Phillips Robert W. Pomeroy Mr. John R. Potter, Jr. Frank H. Preble Otto Prugel Ms. Caroline M. Pryor Mary E. Purvis Kathy & George Putnam Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Raimo Natalie Raimondi Mr. & Mrs. Roger Rand Mrs. Rosalie A. Rechholtz Dana & Ponzi Reed Mr. Bruce Regimbal Dr. & Mrs. David E. Reiber Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Aldene Robbins Mr. & Mrs. Owen W. Roberts Linda Rolfe Jack Rourke Dr. Walter D. Salisbury Roger & Patricia Samuel Helen E. Sanborn Roger & Jeannine Sargent Robert & Robin Sattler Elliott & Delores Sawyer Nancy Schafer Shirley Schmitke Irving & Loretta Severance Brenda Shacklett Gerald & Laurie Shencavitz Delores M. Shields Jack Slomback Jessie G. Smith Dr. & Mrs. Richard W. Snodgrass Edward F. Snyder Ms. Louise C. Soucy & Mr. James E. Geary Mrs. June B. Spencer Lester & Harriet Sprague Nancy W. Sprowls Mike & Lynne Staggs Joyce & Boynton Stanley


Terry & Nancy Stanley Mr. Bernard Staples Dorothy Steinhilber Mr. Leroy C. Stevens Harry & Patricia Stevens Daniel & Karen Steverson John L. Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Stillings Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Strang Marjorie C. Strobel Gretchen K. Strong Evelyn A. Sullivan Mark & Peggy Sullivan Kathryn K. Suminsby Rosa & Dudbride T. Taylor Timothy & Jean Taylor Esther C. Testa Bob & Elaine Theriault Laura W. Thomas Tracy Design L. Lionell & Joan Tucker Anthony Turato Mr. John C. Van Pelt Mr. & Mrs. Juan L. Varela, Jr. Les & Carol Vokes Victor & Karen Voydock A.S. Waldron Mr. & Mrs. Milton Walls, Jr. Bernard O. Ward Harlan J. Wechsler James T. West Mr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Weymouth, Jr. Michael J. Wiley Geertruida Willems Raymond & Laurie Williams Stuart C. Williamson Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Wright Joe & Cassandra Wright Mrs. Pauline D. Wright David and Terri Zabala Mr. & Mrs. David Zaslau

employee campaign Gale Abbott Jennifer Abbott Jane Adelmann David Allman Donna Beals Greg Berry Arthur J. Blank Jeff Boal Jacqueline Bolt Lauri Braley-Kandutsch Daniel Breen

Stacy Brown Patricia Buccello Ray Chalifour Nicole Clark Elizabeth Closson Franco Colella Christina Costello Vanessa Dalton Cynthia Darling Dr. Stuart Davidson Chris DeHaas Joseph Delaite Joan DeLaittre Margaret DeLuca Kati DeRevere Michelle DeWitt Marianne DiMauro Tracy Downing Michelle Edwards Frank Evans Karen Farley Michelle Farley Tracy Farnsworth Taylor Fernald Thomas Fischer Paula Foster Theresa Fronczak Jaime Garcia Dr. Edward Gilmore Jennifer Gott Sherry Gray Shari Gulledge Michelle Hackett Barbara Hannon Joanne Harris Gene Haselton Joseph Hasselbrack Kathy Hawes Amy Henderson Caitlin Henrikson Linda Hodgkins Scott Hughes Debbie Innes Julie Ireland Kasey Jackson Catherine Jones Kate Joseph Cecily Judd Michelle Kane Roberta Kearney Susan Kelley Candace Kerley Kelly Kohute Kathleen Kotas Lisa Krautwald Dr. Julius Krevans, Jr.

Dr. Julian Kuffler Kelley Lane Ann Marie Laurendeau Shannon Lehto-Adams Lynn Leighton Heather Lewis Lindsey Lewis Barbara Logue Laura Lounder Lenny Lyakhovich Ruth Lyons Diane Mann Scott Marasco Sam Markie Sarah McEachern Gayle McKeige John Miller Betty Mitchell Jon Mitchell Tom Mockus Sandy Mosher Kathleen Mulligan Lani Naihe Jeff Nichols Patricia Nickels Martha Nordstrom Katie Norwood Elise O’Neill Kristin Parker George Paulson Gail Pennartz Marty Pennartz Brad Perkins Kimberly Peterson Nicholas Petroulis Sheila Pierson-Roy Jennie Poirier Lin Polen Susan Ray Audrey Reed Taylor Reed Patricia Riley Linda Robinson Michelle Rollins Rachel Russell Carmen Sanford Donna Scott Charlotte Skiff Brenda Smith Brenda Sprague Bryan Stevens David Stover Brandie Strout Denise Strout Roberta Strout Jane Tawney


Tom Thompson Fran Wade Lois Wade Aimee Walls Kimberly Ward April Wenger Althea Wentworth Roberta Wessel Denise White Jay White Mark White Michala White Susan Whittaker Rena M. Wrobel Karen Yaeck Kimberly Yeo Cheryl Young Jean Young Lisa Young Carol Zdziarski Jody Zeisloft * Deceased • Collaborative Campaign ^ Annual Fund + Community Dental Center


Estate of Doris E. Karst Fred C. Lynam Trust Henry Flagler Harris Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust Irving S. & Ada H. Ray Memorial Fund

GIFTS-IN-KIND A & B Naturals Acadia Corporation Bar Harbor Bank & Trust Bar Harbor Bicycle Shop Bar Harbor Club Drs. John & Lynn Benson The Bud Connection Christmas Spirit Cottage Flowers Fiore, LLC The First, N.A. House Wine Ms. Rose Iuro-Damon Jesup Memorial Library K. A. McDonald Picture Framing The Kimball Shop Machias Savings Bank Mariaville Grange #441 MDI Hospital Auxiliary Susan Mitchell Mount Desert Islander Ocean Properties, Ltd. Queen Anne’s Flower Shop Raising Readers Reel Pizza Cinerama Sherman’s Books and Stationery Peter Smallidge Stitches From The Heart Stone Soup Village Soup Ms. Noella Voisine West End Drug Company Westside Florist Window Panes



In the Spring of 2011, MDI Hospital unveiled one of its most innovative In the summer of 2010, fundraising began for a new Community Dental projects ever: A comprehensive clinical collaboration with Penn Medicine, Clinic in Southwest Harbor. Thanks to the support of generous donors, a an exceptional, nationally-recognized health system and school of medicine. house that sits adjacent to our Community Health Center will be transformed into a dental office to serve all residents of MDI and the outer islands, with Made possible by the support of several generous donors, this project provides a special emphasis on underserved children. The new Community Dental the opportunity for two hospitals of very different size and mission to learn Center will offer solutions for families who use MaineCare for their children’s from each other, build mutual support and improve patient outcomes. health insurance, for low-income working families with no insurance and for those who have dental insurance and want a conveniently located provider.

BIRCH BAY RETIREMENT VILLAGE 25 Village Inn Road Bar Harbor | 288.8014

THE BREAST CENTER AT MDI HOSPITAL 10 Wayman Lane Bar Harbor | 288.8435

CADILLAC FAMILY PRACTICE 322 Main Street Bar Harbor | 288.5119

COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER 16 Community Lane Southwest Harbor | 244.5630

COOPER GILMORE HEALTH CENTER 17 Hancock Street Bar Harbor | 288-5024

DOWN EAST DERMATOLOGY 322 Main Street Bar Harbor | 288.4177

FAMILY HEALTH CENTER 9 Hancock Street Bar Harbor | 288.5606

MDI BEHAVIORAL HEALTH CENTER 322 Main Street Bar Harbor | 288.8604

MDI HOSPITAL MEDICAL IMAGING 10 Wayman Lane Bar Harbor | 288.5081




10 Wayman Lane Bar Harbor | 288.0242



16 Community Lane Southwest Harbor | 244.9716

NORTHEAST HARBOR CLINIC (seasonal) Kimball Road Northeast Harbor | 276.3331

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Depending on who you ask, this old French proverb speaks to the paradox that ‘new’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘never before seen,’ it may simply mean RE-invention or RE-introduction. That’s certainly the case with Mount Desert Island Hospital’s updated logo. It’s different and its meaning has stayed the same.

STRAUS CENTER 16 Community Lane Southwest Harbor | 244.3267


During the Hospital’s strategic planning process, it was determined that the former logo did not offer an up-to-date graphic reflection of the sea change of modernization that has taken place in recent times. Nor did it provide quality reproduction on color copiers, which is an important cost consideration when you think of the volume and array of paperwork that accompanies health care. What the former logo did do was offer a recognizable sense of place that is uniquely Mount Desert Island through the three geological elements that define this island – water, mountains, forest. They are each metaphors for MDI Hospital and the community it stands

394 Bar Harbor Road Trenton | 667.5899

for from the solidity of the mountains, to a safe harbor, or proud like a tall pine. Most of all, this representation of the island says this is


As a matter of practicality and to provide the most economical transition possible, most publications and documents that are still in

8 Wayman Lane Bar Harbor | 288.8100

as signage, will be considered during the master planning process that is now underway.

home and home-away-from-home.

stock will continue to be used and the updated logo will be introduced when new supplies are fulfilled. More permanent displays, such

Mount Desert Island Hospital Annual Report is a publication of the Mount Desert Island Hospital. Martha Nordstrom, Director of Philanthropy and Public Affairs. Bill Swain, Public Affairs Officer. Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.



Due to a publishing error, two important groups of individuals were inadvertently left out of the printed edition of the 2010-2011 Annual Report. We sincerely regret the omission and thank you for your understanding.


The following were recognized by friends and family through gifts made to Mount Desert Island Hospital in memorial

Dr. John M. Benson Dr. Mark O. Brown Dr. Brian J. Caine Cardiac Rehab Staff The Cardiopulmonary Department Chris Costello Dr. Stuart L. Davidson Angela DelVecchio, APRN, FNP Dr. Mary E. Dudzik Laurence Dowling E.R. Staff Dr. Edward B. Gilmore Dr. David J. Goodenough Timber H. Gorman Karol Hagberg, RN Dr. O. Lee Haynes, Jr. Dr. Charles E. Hendricks Dr. Michael A. Heniser Cookie Horner Lou Ingrisano, PA-C Dr. Mark A. Kandutsch Dr. Kathleen M. Kotas Dr. Julius R. Krevans, Jr. Dr. Julian P. Kuffler Joyce MacIntosh, RN Albert Marian, PA-C Dr. Michael J. Mason The Medical Staff Dr. Meryl J. Nass Dr. David M. Painter Dr. Burton W. Pearl Dr. Ronald H. Prokopius Dr. Surapaneni Ramanadha Rao Dr. Silvio Saidemberg Henry H. Smith Sally Smith, ANP, GNP

Dr. Donald W. Bailey Theresa Black Phyllis Coffin Vincent Cough Ellen Emery Dr. Mary Alice V. Fox Gian Galleazzo Frigerio Mary James Rita Johnston Harvey R. Kelley, Sr. Dr. Charles H. Knickerbocker Dick Lee Bertha Lynk Sally Magyar Marlene Marburg Reginald McDevitt Robert Elliot McGarr Stephen Mitchell Morosoff/de Fidler Families Barbara Orlando Virginia Orsi Ruth Rigg Marilyn Robinelle Lisa Stewart Marion Juanita Stover David Waldron Mr. and Mrs. Francis Wood Ralph Wright

Photography CREDIT Skye Chalmers

Dr. Diehl M. Snyder Dr. Norman L. Sykes Jane Tawney, PA-C Dr. Edward R. White


Mount Desert Island Hospital  

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