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Ever thought about the people you’ve slept with and who they’ve slept with? Why would you even think about that right? It may just save your life. Knowing the background of your partners’ sex life is important. Get yourself checked before you go on to do the ‘wild thing’. Recommend it to your partner as well. What’s there to be afraid of? Just knowledge to gain. Are you infected? Best way to find out is by getting tested. Help us help you and millions infected world wide. True or False? You can get HIV…  By working with or being around someone who has HIV. ________ 

From sweat, spit, tears, clothes, drinking fountains, phones, toilet seats, or through everyday things like sharing a meal. ________

From insect bites or stings. ________

From donating blood. ________

From a closed-mouth kiss (but there is a very small chance of getting it from open-mouthed or "French" kissing with an infected person because of possible blood contact).________

Ever thought about the people you