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How to Create the Perfect Party Favors for a Baby Shower

Assuming you have already decided what baby shower theme you are set on and which colors you love, creating the perfect favors for baby shower should be fairly simple. All you have left to decide is what to actually give your guests.

There is a whole edible favor craze spreading right now and just about every bakery worth a grain of salt in town is more than willing to place a custom order and create something to follow your theme. For example, you may order baby shower cake pops, or chocolate dipped pretzels. These can even be elegantly wrapped in a cellophane wrapping of your color choice for an extra touch of decor at your shower. There are also numerous other edible favor creations that fit any baby shower splendidly. If this is something that is of interest to you than I strongly suggest you hunt online to see what's out there and contact at least a few local bakeries to get a better idea of what you might like.

Please keep in mind that this can get a little pricey but nonetheless, it is an option. Now, if you are wanting to save some of that money and something that is just as eye-catching and thoughtful consider going to your local party supply store and/ or dollar store. Believe it or not, the dollar store actually sells some of the same exact items that the party supply store does. You can buy your own assortment of candies and fill whatever containers, pouches, or bags you like. This comes out to be fairly inexpensive, and if accented with the appropriate colors and maybe even cute charms or tags, can be a wonderful way to accent your tabletops and your guests will love the originality.

If you would like to incorporate a place card holder into something that your guests can take home and use than you will want to spend a little more time brainstorming and probably focus more on your theme than just colors alone. For example, if your baby shower is nest or bird themed you can have miniature mini faux nests holding a beautifully printed an cut place card and whatever else you would like in it. This would definitely accent your baby shower the most and really bring out your theme.

How to create the perfect party favors for a baby shower