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A digital signage enclosure can help to slice deployment costs. A monitor enclosures are becoming very well-known in the outdoor digital signage industry, making projects more risk-free and low-cost. Outdoor digital signage is not new and it has been in existence in America, Canada and Australia for the past 15 years, but previously contractors have been told what as to what devices they can use by the sector, now integrators are free to employ inexpensive TVs to present the same awesome digital advertising campaigns they previously installed with more costly system. What made this big change in one of the few untouched business markets unaffected by the economic collapse? The creation of the digital signage enclosure, this is a stainless LCD enclosure that will accommodate plasma, LCD and LED screens that are readily available from most electrical shops. Dedicated weather proof TV. Years gone by, engineers and integrators had to fit displays that where dedicated for out-of-doors use, these were built with more stable elements and the TV was in its very own casing. Previously integrators and contractors had to install dedicated televisions that where developed and created to supply a waterproof solution, nevertheless one of the troubles where that the manufacturers of the data players that stow the advertising campaigns has to be situated locally and this was impossible with lengthy cable runs from the media player inside to the external TV. Another drawback for the projects was the investment, these dedicated TV screens were extremely expensive and on very long lead times, so unless the project was planned properly the complete project could fail if the lead times had not been taken into account. Then several entrepreneurial makers created many ranges of outdoor digital signage casing that provides weather proof fortification and physical defense from attack by humans, these let the audio-visual contractors to install standard LCD flat panel screens in these cases and fit the media player to the internal mounting frame providing a complete solution that will cope with any attack no matter if it is from The elements or yobs. Now with the significantly diminished prices of domestic and commercial grade screens, storing a digital signage network outdoors can come in almost half the outdated price, this reduction in cost does not provide a lesser quality solution, the end product is exactly the same to the previous solutions using the waterproof TVs. Previously a traditional install based on 40" TVs would cost US$7999, now utilizing an outdoor

plasma enclosure and regular telly screens the price falls to US$3990 per site, this is a fantastic saving specially with 3D TVs being readily available. This now puts outdoor digital signage in the reach of every company for them to set up outside their shop or retail outlet to promote their services or products to the passing public. Depending upon the services or products offered the payback time can be anything from 2 months to 7 months, the additional benefit is that the same gadgets can be used to advertise other businesses and you charge them a month to month fee, this usually covers all the hardware and installation costs of the equipment, so that your business can create an addition stream of revenue that otherwise you would not consider.

Dave has over 20 years experience manufacturing protective enclosures, he also owns LCD Enclosure Global who are the worlds leading manufacturer of a range of LCD enclosure used for outdoor digital signage. The digital signage LCD enclosure range from 17" to 80".

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==== ==== For more digital tv product reviews please click below. ==== ====

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