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What do I need to watch online satellite TV Channels? Firstly, online TV is simply television broadcast over the internet. Most of the free world TV networks and stations have started to upload their programming into the internet in a bid to have a wider reach. Imagine what a global viewership would do to advertising reach and reaction. What one needs to do now to watch these services online, is to connect to the internet and either use the free WebTV websites or install the much clearer pc softwares. In order to be able to watch web Television however, you will need to check your computer's compatibility with this new invention. Where else most of the computers that were bought in the last 3 years are compatible, it's necessary to ascertain that you have the right combination of requirements as stated below. 1.Your computer or laptop should have a CPU with a Pentium III processor. Pentium III will be good enough to process the picture and sound files channeled through the internet. It is advisable to use branded computers which use Pentium processors as opposed to clones that have suspect processor units. 2.The computer RAM or Random Access Memory should be at least 520MB. This is basically the virtual memory that holds a picture on your pc screen. If this memory is too low, your computer will have a hard time displaying the video files and you might end up with more than 10 seconds delay in sound signals. 3.The pc or laptop speeds should be above 300MHZ. This speed is necessary if you are to have good quality picture and sound flow. Since you will be using high speed internet connectivity, your computer should likewise be well suited to receive the files at the same rates as they are delivered. 4.Your usual cathode ray computer monitor should be perfect for receiving the web TV signal. Other people that can afford will install an LCD computer monitor. The LCD/flat screen /plasma monitor improves picture clarity and enhances your online movie viewing experience. 5.You will need to have installed, a high speed internet connection. Most major cities already have DSL connection which is ok for online TV. The best high speed internet connection is the broadband wireless or fiber optic internet connection. You will never experience a delay in the pictures and sound with these services. 6.You will also need to download a free media player to your computer. A media player is a multimedia playing program or software that usually comes with the original operating software.

Most Windows softwares come with a basic version of media player which is good enough. There are other updated versions of this media player which you can download online at any time and for free. 7.Web TV is compatible with most of the Windows Operating Softwares including WIN 2000, 2003, XP, and VISTA. These, you must be having at least one already installed in your computer. 8.Lastly you will need to download and install PCTV software into your computer which acts as a discrambler for online TV stations. Most of these are available online at a fee less than the cost of a few movie tickets. Some of these are easy to download; you will be able to watch shows within 2 minutes flat. One of the softwares I use has over 3000 satellite channels to choose from. The software also comes with 1000 satellite radio stations. The service is offered at a rate of less than $50 for a lifetime membership that includes free future upgrades.

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==== ==== Click here to watch tv now!! ==== ====

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