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Official Newsletter of the HSMSE Key Club

A Word From Our President

Volume 1 Issue 1

There's something really special about Key Club. In this issue! A word from our President………………..1 Leadership Training Conference.................2 AIDS Walk.....................2 Walk MS........................3 March for Babies.........3 Hemophilia Walk.........4 New School Term and Upcoming Projects.....5 Every year, the Key Club organization manages to group up regular high school students all over the world to come together for one purpose: provide service. What's even more amazing is the fact that we can contribute just an hour of our lives to support a huge cause such as Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, AIDS, Hemophilia, and more. Another great aspect of Key Club is the fellowship we have in school. Students from all grade levels are able to interact with one another, working together for a common goal. Throughout the year, we make new friends, go to new events and service projects, explore conventions and conferences with our New York District, and much more. The fact that we're so young yet we have the opportunity and ability to perform these acts is really amazing. It shows me how powerful the youth is and most importantly, our potential to benefit our community and even the world. With greater potential, the greater the goals. This year, HSMSE's Key Club is planning on participating in more events, get involved with the New York District's projects, hold fundraisers to support causes such as Breast Cancer, have individual Key Club events such as Charity Flix (also a fundraiser), create numerous in-meeting projects for students to get involved directly during the meeting, and much more.


Letter from our president: Tina Lee

Leadership Training Conference The old and new board together for the last time

This year our club attended the leadership training conference. This was the last conference for our former board as they were all seniors, not only our board but the district governor, who came from our school, stepped down. The conference was a 3 day and 2 night stay at the hotel inn, in upstate New York. The conference consisted of most other key clubs in the entire state of New York. This allowed for the club to meet other clubs. For most of the new board this was their first

The new 2011-2012 board

Conference. At the conference the new board learned how to perform their jobs efficiently. The board attended different workshops to help them improvise and build leadership skills, skills the board would need for there jobs this coming term. The conference was a fun experience and showed the board, and members of the club, just how much of an impact there is made when they participate in events throughout the year.

AIDS Walk Janet Nelson

Need energy? Well the walkers did and bananas were one of many thing we helped give out ensuring they were energized!

Volunteers of all ages willing to help in this amazing event.

Aids Walk 2011 took place on Sunday May 15th. Most of HSMSE key club met up at 6:15 am at the band shell inside of central park, 72nd street. After separating to our designated posts, the walk began around 9:00 am. Although it was raining and cold, there were still about 47,000 people that showed up, not including the volunteers. The coordinators provided lunch and neon hats in order for the walkers to be able to distinguish the jobs that designated people had in case of an emergency. For example, a neon green hat signified a crowd control monitor, and a neon pink hat signified a radio monitor. The majority of the key club was stationed at various intersections, directing the walkers in the right direction as well as cheering them on. The walk ended around 2:00pm and despite the rain, there was a huge turnout and the event was a great success.


HSMSE Key Club newsletter

Walk MS Wendy Lee

Walk MS is a walk dedicated to the people with MS, or Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and the spinal chord. Upon arrival to the event, there were many people who had already started walking. After signing in with the volunteer tent, we were charged with the duty of distributing the T-shirts. Those who have donated one hundred dollars or more get a white t-shirt and the ones with MS gets an orange t-shirt. Soon, Stanley, Ilan, and Sara came and Steven arrived with his friend 30 minutes after them. The temperature kept changing with the clouds. When it was cloudy it became chilly and once the sun is out, it got very warm. On the Seaport stage, there was a singer who also has MS herself but found time to sing for everyone there. Then as lunchtime neared, the food was nowhere to be seen. So Cecilia and I set out to hunt down food. But when we walked towards the sponsor tents, all the other volunteers from the other schools were eating pizza! We became very confused and grabbed some snacks and drinks and headed back. At random intervals, we sent out people to scavenge for food. Fortunately, Stanley and Ilan found the pizza and muffins. We continued our job until the release time, which is about 3:00.

Don’t worry we found the muffins Food, the second best part of the

Our lovely club helping out

March for Babies Stanley Munoz

March of Dimes was a walk which was meant to support the awareness of premature babies to help bring the level of premature babies down. The walk harbored a large group of people from all walks of life including volunteers to people who had given birth to premature babies. The thousands of people who had shown up for the walk so early in the morning truly gave the walk a motivational and even exciting sense. The walk went for a long stretch starting at Lincoln Center and ending on the East Side on 23rd street and the entire walk was lined with a crowd of people, even cheerleaders rooting the walkers on. Such motivation and energy was a beautiful sight to see and the March of Dimes was truly an amazing and inspiring event.



Hemophilia Walk Jeff Lee

S Walk submitted by Janet Nelson The Hemophilia walk is a another rather large event the club participates in. It is an early start although the pay off is amazing. Hundreds upon thousands of citizens participate in the walk. The volunteers participated by helping to coordinate where people should go in

according to the Program. The Hemophilia walk is a follow up to a previous event that the club also participated in. The project was enjoyed on a nice sunny day where the walkers were all nice mannered, which is one of the greatest parts of events. Cheering people on was our job and cheering is what we did.

Which way Stanley?


The New School Term Our board is ready and waiting for the challenge of leading the club. We are looking forward to another great, fun year! We hope that you all join us as we make our own stories in peoples lives the way only we can, by caring.

BOARD OR NAME LISTING President: Tina Lee Vice President: Sara Louie Treasurer: Julie Zhou Secretary: Jessica Chang Webmaster: Barry Lee K-Family Relations: Steven Eng Project coordinators: Dagny Miller and Janet Nelson Editor: Jeff Lee

Upcoming September Projects Ecofest BBBS Race for the Kids World Wide Day of Play Strut Your Mutt ;

Contact Information: phone, email, address, etc.


First Newsletter  

Jeff Lee's first newsletter in 2012