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Running back Jesse Vieira (25) and Lewis-Palmer fall short, but Cañon City and Florence advance.

$1.50 ❘ Sunday, November 21, 2010 ❘ Informing the Pikes Peak region since 1872 ❘ afghanistan

NATO OKs 2014 exiT plAN, mighT Keep suppOrT rOle

Obama hedges his bet on progress in Afghanistan by christi parsons and paul richter

LISBON, POrtugaL • A NATO summit originally intended to allow members to signal an exit date for the unpopular 9-year-old war in Af-

kiT CaRSON mOuNTaiN Kit Carson Mountain is next to Crestone in southern Colorado. A petition has been submitted to the U.S. Board of Geographic Names to change the mountain’s name to Mount Crestone.

ghanistan instead concluded Saturday with an agreement leaving open the possibility that allied forces will remain in the unstable country for years to come. North Atlantic Treaty Organization leaders gath- the plan ered in Lis- in brief bon signed • Seek a limited an agreement U.S. withdrawal with the Af- in July 2011. ghan gov- • End combat ernment to role in 2014. transfer pri- • Provide trainmary security ing after 2014. responsibility from the alliance to Kabul by 2014, as NATO gradually shifts focus to training, advising and logistics. But officials carefully hedged the timeline, in light of the uncertainties in the military effort and the training of Afghan security forces. Since a military buildup that has seen Western forces rise to about 150,000, this —

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medical marijuana

SpringS reSidentS tilted vote

Voters outside city limits wanted dispensary ban


debate over a mountain’s name looms over san luis valley town Petitioners say it’s time to quit honoring ‘shameful character’ By r. scott rappold —

CRESTONE• Kit Carson was an explorer, mountain man, Civil War hero and pacifier of the Navajo. His name graces a Colorado county and town, river, national forest, two mountains and a military base — Fort Carson. One San Luis Valley town says it no longer wants his name on a nearby mountain. Residents of the hamlet of Crestone, known for attracting New Age types and followers of Eastern religion, have petitioned the federal government to rename 14,165-foot Kit Carson Mountain in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains as Mount Crestone. The town and Saguache County governments support it as a way to correct what locals see as a long-ago misnaming of the peak that looms over Crestone. The proposal has spurred a debate over how far a community can go to rename a public feature that belongs to everyone. Many moun-


What do you think about renaming the mountain? Weigh in online.

Crestone resident Fred Bauder introduced a petition to keep the name of the fourteener that looms over Crestone as Kit Carson Mountain. taineers who climb the state’s 54 fourteeners, peaks above 14,000 feet, are opposed to the change, as is the U.S. Forest Service, which manages the area. The request has also sparked a debate about Kit Carson. Some in the liberal-minded com-

OutthEREcOlORadO.cOM weather, a14 High 52, Low 23 Cold, windy. Best to just stay inside and read the paper, watch some football. Vol. 139 • No. 243 Copyright © 2010 Freedom Colorado Information, Inc.

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munity say he was not a great American figure, but a war criminal. They point to his brutal 186364 campaign against the Navajo, when, acting under orders from the Union government, he led a march of destruction through their territory. When they surrendered, about

8,000 were forced on a 300-mile march to New Mexico, where they lived in captivity for several years, losing many numbers. The episode is known as “The Long Walk.” “This beautiful mountain deserves better than to be named after such a shameful character of U.S. history,” wrote one of the 104 people who signed the petition.

The naming convention

When Colorado was still a wilderness, survey parties traveled the state naming features, sometimes based on their appearance, sometimes after famous people of the time, sometimes after their friends.

by maria st. louis-sanchez —

Voters who live within Colorado Springs city limits made the difference in the Nov. 2 election when it came to staving off a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in unincorporated El Paso County. Voters outside city limits wanted to put a ban in place, according to a Gazette analysis of precinct-byprecinct results released last week. While ballot measure 1A

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To see an interactive map of precinct results go to failed by a razor-thin margin county-wide, the proposed ban lost by a much higher rate in city limits. In the city, 61 percent of precincts voted against the ban. “This is exactly what we were hoping for,” said Tanya Garduno, director of the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council. “The people in the city are the ones who primarily are living with the dispensaries now. A lot of people probably thought ‘hey these businesses aren’t hurting anyone.’”

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check out weather conditions, snow totals, ski area webcams.

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Colorado doesn’t have as many favorable tax policies as some states for drawing businesses such as Intel. Business 1

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The hourglass look is being celebrated as a refreshing new trend. Yet perfect curves don’t come naturally. “Underpinnings” are important, says “Mad Men” costume designer Janie Bryant. Life 1 Whether you want a short bootie or an over-the-knee boot, find the right shoe for you. Life 6 pet Corner > In lIFe

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City Councilman Sean Paige wants to put private security workers at the airport instead of TSA screeners. Local 1


Protests of TSA pat-downs could hamper holiday travel. Page 3 opInIon > a16-17

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