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education b. architecture | second major in history university of oregon 2007—2012 2010 study abroad in vicenza, italy american institute of architecture students national press photographers association first-year student mentor



architectural designer mackenzie. oct 2012—present

01 jasper grade school 02 bellevue galleria ­— mackenze. 03 one main place — mackenze. 04 nunca caminas solo 05 brownsville public library 06 sketching & photography

photojournalist/ photo editor oregon daily emerald 2011—2012 art surveyor university of oregon 2011—2012

Jasper Grade School is nestled into the foothills of south Springfield. With grades K-8, Jasper functions much like a Waldorf school, with individual classrooms broken up by year and common spaces and activities shared by all ages. Color is used throughout the school as a wayfinding element, green for elementary and blue for middle grades. This theme is carried out to the ever-changing facade, with louvers opening and closing, changing the look and feel of the skin throughout the day, making the building come alive and change with time.

01 jasper grade school

classroom | library | communal


+26’ +22’

+12’ +10’





section a:a’






+12’ +10’




section b:b’

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classroom plan


The Bellevue Galleria in its current state can be summed up in two words: dark and dated. Mackenzie was hired by Madison Marquette for a major repositioning of the building, most promenantly a complete overhaul of the bulding skin. Under the guidance of our Principal of Design, my role was to develop the concept and excute the creation of marketing graphics for potential tenants. The project is currently in design development. *All images are property of Mackenzie.

02 bellevue galleria

floor plans and area of expansion




Originally designed by SOM in 1982, One Main Place sits in the financial core of Portland, Oregon, adjacent to the Willamette River. In the fall of 2012, the building owner reached out to Mackenzie to develop concepts for updating the tower’s main lobby. Under the supervision of our Principal of Design, I worked in a team of two to create two schemes for varying tastes and budgets. The project is currently on hold. *All images are property of Mackenzie.

03 one main place

The goal of the orphanage is to provide the abandoned children in Guadalajara the opportunitity to find themselves in smaller family units within the larger community. This is achieved through layers of building scale, starting with the communal and living plazas, down to the housing courtyards, levels and rooms. Water is used as a connecting and reflecting element, providing meditation space and a pathway home.

04 nunca caminas solo

secondary gathering places


Designed to accommodate all ages, the children grow within their community. Younger residents begin in quad-dormatory rooms. It is important for these students to develop micro-communities. Each floor in the dormatory is broken into four rooms at the corners and an atrium space to allow light and ventilation and a dedicated restroom with bathing facilities. As students grow, they graduate out of the dormatories and move into apartments, earning more space and more responsibility.

For smaller communities such as Brownsville, Oregon, it is difficult to continually update their library system. As technology grows and shapes the function of the modern library, it is important for the building to keep it’s physical roots while being able to be as flexible as possible. The design concept is one of a modular library that is supported by the furniture that holds the knowledge. The system can grow and contract, but will always serve as a reminder to the essential function of sharing and holding information.

05 brownsville public library


public and private


sun shading and reflection

An essential part of growing as a designer has come through learning to be a conscious observer of my environment. Through sketching and photography I have studied the interaction of light and material, practiced composition, and continue to discover more about people interacting with each other and space. The following pages reflect a small amount of these studies.

06 sketching & photography

peter zumthor’s residence

burnao island


san ivo

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