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FEBRUARY 19, 2012

The Sunday Times MOTORING 11

ON TEST Opel Corsa Colour Edition

Adding colour to life

VERDICT COMFORT Handled bumps in the road well with sports suspension.

PERFORMANCE Needed a more powerful engine to match sporty looks.

COOL Very cool with contrasting wheels and roof.

QUALITY Well built cabin felt more expensive than it is.


0-100km 14.9 seconds.

ECONOMY 3.5 l/100 km.



ENGINE 1.2l 16v.

POWER 85bhp.





fter pulling up at the Opel showroom on a gloomy day last week, the three-door Opel Corsa shone out at me with its Casablanca white and contrasting black paint job, powder-coated alloy wheels and black roof that really distinguished it from the rest in the showroom. After walking around the car a few times, I was drawn towards it from all angles. From the front, looking straight on, the car sits slightly lower due to its sports suspension which offers a firm, sporty ride. Fog lights with chrome accents pop out of the bumpers and catch your vision. At its rear, I was met by smoked lights and a chrome exhaust. Every bit of the car accentuated its sportiness. The car is equipped with a 1.2litre, 16v engine, outputting 85 bhp. It is only available as a threedoor for the special edition model. I would have thought Opel would have given their colour edition a slightly bigger engine with more power to suit its sporty looks. Sitting in the driver’s seat, I was thrilled. The cabin was very bright as the car I was driving was fitted with the optional

panoramic sunroof. Shame I got to use it on a rainy day. Sporty, semi-bucket seats hugged me while I drove which kept me seated in the right position. The leather steering wheel felt well weighted and thick. When I got stuck in traffic I was able to look around the cabin in more detail. The air vents were the same colour as the exterior paint, adding a splash of colour to the cabin. Alloy pedals threw some more sportiness to the foot well.

along most of Malta’s roads. Every time I hit a bump I thought it would rattle my spine, but I was pleasantly surprised. The car absorbed the bumps very well and I was amazed at its road holding. Don’t get me wrong, you will feel the bumps, but the car handled them very smoothly. If you were planning on parking this car without damaging the lovely alloys, I would highly recommend digging a little deeper in to the pocket and opting for rear

“Every time I hit a bump I thought it would rattle my spine, but I was pleasantly surprised” I really liked the gear change indicator when driving. This little piece of technology shows drivers when it is best to change up or down a gear. Another thing that intrigued me was the indicator stalk. It can be flicked up or down and the indicator will blink a few times to alert you when you intend to overtake. But then when you actually use it, the indicator remains on till you complete the turn. I was a little sceptical about driving the Corsa with its sports suspension and 17-inch alloys

parking sensors, which unfortunately are not standard. In today’s world of ever increasing fuel prices, the look and drive of a car are not the only winning factors. Drivers are more aware of emissions and engine economy. The Corsa’s impressive 94 g/km and 3.4l/100 km mean this super mini can pull 69.2 miles per gallon for those using the imperial system. The car is available in Casablanca white, yellow (sunny melon), magma red, oriental blue and black sapphire.


NIKOLAI ATTARD COOL QUALITY 0-100km TOP SPEED The Sunday Times MOTORING 11 ENGINE Very cool with con- trasting wheels and roof. C0 2 Well bu...

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