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The Punk dress code made frequent use of household items such as pins to avoid having to sew ripped clothing and a subversion of mainstream clothing outlets through the frequent use of charity shops and handme-downs to get clothing. The Doc Marten is synonymous with the Punk movement and was first popular with dock workers, policemen, postmen and factory workers though its origins are a redesign of the standard issue military boot in Germany during World War 2.

The Punk era only officially lasted between 1974 and 1976. Bands such as The Stooges and the Velvet Underground were considered Proto Punk due to the fact that the Intellectual Avant Garde upper art scene heavily influenced them. Punk stripped away the growing arrogance of the music, art and even political scene bringing things away from the largely corporate controlled world of the mainstream, which at the time was in massive amounts of disarray due to economic depression and domineering right wing politics. The repurposing of found artwork (particularly political and tabloid) became the visual calling card of Punk.