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A great example of the Bauhaus’ mark on design is the “Wassily Chair” invented by Marcel Breuer and named after Russian painter Vasily Kandinsky. During 1925 and 1928 Breuer became fascinated with experimenting with industrial materials and techniques. Inspired by the lightweight durable frame of his bicycle, he began

experimenting with creating a lightweight, comfortable chair that was both cheap and easy to manufacture. The chair is simply a tubular steel frame with a canvas type material stretched across this to support the sitter. This design was adapted and refined over the years to become the classic standard chair, which can

be f o u n d in almost every school, office, café, library, etc. This chair is representative of the Bauhaus and their design p r i n c i p l e s because of its simple yet highly functional design, fully encompassing the “less is more” quote which became the Bauhaus’s calling card.