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NW Design in the United States, before the new wave begun, was undoubtedly constrained. Companies such as Mobil, Exxon and Aristar had a wellordered and structured system while their literature and visual work were totally lifeless and predictable. The design form took by these companies was very Modernist. Modernism was taken further in a more corporate way in the United States compared to Britain. In Britain, Postmodern culture was accepted quicker, the new wave was identified by youth culture and popular music. Designers became more open minded and extended their style of work outside of standard rules of professionalism.


The graphic movement developed at different paces internationally. American critics were quickly concerned that the movement should be labelled the ‘new wave’ or ‘postmodern’. However, in Britain there were no attempts to define the existence of a new wave in reaction to Modernism. Design in England around the start of the movement found young designers interested in a new, more aggressive and provocative form of design called ‘Punk’. Punk affected not only graphic design but also other genres such as fashion and music. Punk was brought into the field by youth and the aim was to shock, similar to the way psychedelic design did in the 1960’s.