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Dr. Vinod P Nair MD (Ay) Credentials • PGD in Preventive Health Care (Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad) • PGD in Holistic Health Care (Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad) • PGDEMS (Emergency Medicines) • BLS; ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) • Life Style Medicine (Apollo Hospitals & Harvard Medical School, USA)

About • Dr. Vinod Nair is one of the few doctors who has mastered in Traditional Ayurvedic Medicines in India. • He did his graduation in Ayurveda in Gurukul System for seven and half years from International Institute of Ayurveda, Coimbatore & MD in Preventive Medicine • Mastered Cardiac Life Support from American Heart Association. He is qualified in Preventive & Promotive Health Care from Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad & specialized in Lifestyle Medicines from Harvard Medical School, USA. • Also Master in Traditional Martial Arts Kalaripayattu & Yoga.

Beginning of the Era • Dr. Vinod Nair started his first clinic in Pune 12 years back along with his wife Dr. Preetha who is also an Ayurvedacharya from Kerala.

Service • After successful opening of a clinic in Salunkhe Vihar he opened second clinic in Shivaji Nagar. •

Three years back he opened his third clinic in Kalyani Nagar & is planning to start clinics in Dubai & Muscat soon.

Jeevana Ayurvedic Centre Salunke Vihar

Jeevana Ayurvedic Centre Shivaji Nagar

Jeevana Ayurvedic Centre Kalyani Nagar

Master Practice • He is practicing Traditional Ayurvedic Treatments but specialized in over weight problems, Joint Pain. And the treatments are provided by experienced therapists from Kerala under his guidance.

Contribution • Dr Nair also has the privilege of giving ayurvedic training to doctors from many foreign countries such as south Korea, USA & European Countries. •

He has also conducted various courses and training program for students from abroad.

• He also conducts specific therapeutic yoga classes for patients suffering from chronic diseases like back pain, sciatica etc

Socialist • His social activities are well proven in last year where ex. minister Ramesh Bagwe has sanctioned Rs 10 lakhs for the construction of Main Entrance of Rastha Peth Ayyappa Temple and for the same reason he nominated DR Nair for Shilasthapan • His patients and clients include many Celebrities from Bollywood, Ministers, Senior Police Officers & Govt. Officers etc.

Jeevana • Jeevana, the Ayurvedic Healthcare centre was established by Dr. Vinod P. Nair and his wife Dr. Preetha P. Nair, in Pune. • With a dream to create better and healthy well beings for the people • Jeevana, a holistic Ayurveda health care centre situated in Pune, provides ancient Ayurvedic treatments that not only cure ailments but also improve the overall health of the patients. • It offers all types of Ayurvedic treatments including Panchakarma.

Success • Jeevana’s tremendous success may be attributed to its teams passion for Ayurveda, and their commitment to create a healthier world by harmonizing the body, the mind and the spirit.

Treatment in Progress

Treatment in Progress

Treatment in Progress

Treatment in Progress

Dreams… • Setting up an Ayurveda College in Gurukul system in Pune which will help students to achieve the vast knowledge from the Treasure of Ayurveda and spread the servings ever…..

Dr vinod nair md  

Jeevana, the Ayurvedic Healthcare centre, was established by Dr. Vinod P. Nair and his wife, Dr. Preetha P. Nair, in Pune, with a dream to c...

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