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Politics, is it like any other job? I am a politician, is it respectful or stressful, is it rewarding or strenuous, is it happiness or corruption, I am confused. The other day I was looking into the possibilities of a good career prospective. And guess which option I stumbled upon. POLITICS!

And as I googled the pros and cons of this career option, something struck me. While perceived as bad, illegal, dark, dirty, joining the political system is a lifelong commitment- (Considering the fact that the most senior members never retire ever), this is a life. Someone who is willing to be in the limelight for any reason, someone who doesn’t care what others think of, someone who is sure of success, someone who is daring and willing to fight at any cost is a politician. The Pros are far too many- Money, power, responsibility, publicity come in many forms. With the right amount of exposure and good work, people will notice and appreciate you. Be aware this positive appreciation is always being followed by evil opposition parties. Being never a 9-5 standard job, commitment towards your duties is more a priority. Even if you fail to brush your teeth in the morning, you need to decide your next move or be ready for your party meeting. Election seasons/ news clips/ or any scandalous times are the most stressful. Being fluent in many languages, authoritative spirit and a friendly nature are sometimes too much in demand that you may choose to live in another’s shoes. While young Indian political leaders are never encouraged, it helps to have a family political backing. All in all, it’s just like any other job, with a few exceptions of time and amount of work. Any number of holidays can be taken provided you do your job well. The job is well paying too, but can result in illegal ventures, and greed naturally steps in. While the satisfaction of a job well done can be imagined as in any job, it’s quite an effort to step in honesty within this system. A good person is either eliminated or made to join the evil and good triumphs evil happy ending is a rare scenario. While the system is changing, students are interested in the political happenings in the country; many are coming out of their shell and voicing their opinions. Student organisations are now braver and demand a change. Rising corruption, rape cases, immorality and evil doings in the country are now open to the public. The young Indian politicians want a change and are doing their bit to water the fires down.

Let’s encourage our children, grandchildren, friends, cousins, and the next door neighbour who fights daily to burn alive the Indian oil of honesty and respect. While films, theatres are a good way to spread awareness to students, schools should do their bit to encourage people for their greater good.

Politics, is it like any other job  

One of the most dynamic and influential young Congress leaders. An MLA who has what it takes to be one of Indias most successful politicians...

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