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History of Young in the Indian System India is known for many things, the land of the greatest democracy will be expected to unite the entire country for a real development.

It’s fascinating to note the drama that happens right before the dance of democracy. The election fever is upon everyone; the voters are in a dilemma to choose the lesser of the devils, and the politicians are gearing up to woo the voters. Slogans, speeches, rallies, and even social media posts all form part of this big season.

But one thing that has changed the political system is the entry of young politicians. With the entry of young Indian political leaders, the face of politics is seen on a lesser old note. But the trend is quite slow, though picking up slowly. The once ruled by old warriors, is now taking a young road. It is interesting to note the history of young leaders in the democracy system. Ever since the struggle for our independence broke out, the fight against the British was spearheaded by many young blood, apart from the Mahatma’s ahimsa fight. Unfortunately the young weren’t given a fair chance in the share of leader’s position. And born was the era of the senior political seniority.

Times have changed, and the youth have started taking an active interest in the politics of India. Probably it’s the era of youth revolution around the world, and the Indian youth have been inspired to follow their counterparts and bring in transparency. Just like how the entire world has been under the spell of the youth revolution, India is too. And with the coming of young Indian political leaders, it’s time for corruption to end. A lot has changed since these young men and women entered the great political drama. Developmental action has sprung up like never before. For example, the district of Navi Mumbai boasts of two developmental project- Panvel development and Kharghar development. Much needed problems have been solved with the entry of young people? The huge number of young population of India deserves a better future and they realise how important it is to act responsibly. While some of them managed to march to the voting pools to show their democracy rights, others have taken the one step ahead to join the political system. In the hope of changing a few things, some have managed while the rest were swept along with the current phase. The future of this country lies in the youth and it is in their responsibility to make things right. Apart from electing the right government, there is a dying dearth for educated youth to join the political system. With the ever increasing population, the number of working youth, energetic, enthusiastic people will be higher than any other nation. It will be these graduates who will be responsible for the country’s future. This biggest economic strength can only be achieved if everyone unites and works in unison for a better India.

History of young in the indian system