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Creative Feng Shui

Who We Are

We are a reputed Feng Shui consultant agency, based in Sydney. The company is a member of the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA).

Feng Shui Sydney Feng Shui is always considered to be a very ancient method to improve the environment conditions for bringing success and luck into one’s life, career, health, and so on. It is a very ancient Chinese concept and has been a proven one.

Destin y Analysis

1. Health –that part of the body which might have some kind of health issues 2. Career – which career to choose and what are the prospects 3. Wealth – Focusing on the LUCK CYCLE and how to enjoy good flow of income 4. Relationships - when and how they are likely to have issues with family, peers and superiors  5. Family issues like the health of parents, spouses or children etc.

Contact Us

ADDRESS:60 Shepherd Street Ryde NSW 2113 Australia Phone No: 0400 664 778 Email id:

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Feng Shui Consultant Sydney Creative Feng Shui offers the services of Feng Shui consultant Sydney who make use of the Chinese secre...