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For this month’s photo competition we set you the theme of ‘Straight Lines’, and got all sorts of amazing images, from banded creatures to telephone wires to stripy deckchairs. We got a lot of amazing architectural abstracts, too, and this stunning example by Neal Alan Sacheck was the judges’ choice for its perfect crispness (look at the texture in the stone!) and clever use of tones, and the way that it matched the brief so exactly. The winner of the crowd vote was Chad Ehlers’ image of a woman in a lavender field, and also shows a strong interpretation of the theme. Neal is the winner of a fantastic Lowepro bag, and Chad wins a bundle of Nikon guides. If you’d like to be in with a chance to win our monthly

How much more in keeping with the theme could you get?

photo competition, you can find out the latest theme online at www.

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plane and simple Please would you consider printing my shot in N-Photo? I captured this image at the demo day for the Cosford Air Show near Wolverhampton. I’m thrilled to bits with it as I’ve just bought the awesome Nikon D3200. I used a Nikon 70A fantastic shot of aeroplanes flying in close formation

300mm lens and shot it with an aperture of f/6.3 and ISO100. Lloret Elson, Wolverhampton That’s a fantastic shot, Lloret, and definitely worth printing! I’m impressed with the way you’ve captured the planes so close together without losing any in the vapour trails.


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We shared the shot sports photographer Mark Pain took of his World Cup camera kit ( from You said… One strobe?! Paul Cresswell Make sure your insurance is up to date!!!! Just saying. It never hurts. Carlos H Perez How can you take all that on the plane? I put an 800mm lens and a D800 body and I am up to the limit with Air Canada. Geoffrey Plourde Can it all count as carry on luggage? Andrew J Chisholm

My first SLR was a Praktica MTL3 back in the 1970s. With the advent of AF I purchased a Nikon F501 and later upgraded to a Nikon F801s. When digital came along I switched to Canon. Recently I was in a position to upgrade. I decided to return to Nikon and purchased the D7100 with 18-105mm lens. I have since bought a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G. Am I happy? You bet! I’ve only had the Nikon for a few weeks but have got excellent results from it, and look forward to my step-daughter’s wedding, for which I have been asked to provide the photography. Bob Wills, Dawlish, UK Are you a Nikon convert? Then get in touch with us today at

August 2014