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The best monitor in the word is no help if it hasn’t been properly calibrated

seeing is believing N-Photo carries out many helpful reviews, including of ‘editing software’. However, to use such software to its full potential it is surely necessary to have a ‘photographic sensitive’ monitor. Would it not be a good idea to have a review of such monitors, and also an article on the best way to calibrate these? Brian Davey, Fareham, UK

What’s new, pussycat?

See issue 30 for a roundup of tools for ensuring your monitor reproduces colours accurately. We’ll be reviewing monitors in issue 37, assessing them with photos in mind.

Vernon Haley’s careful stalking paid off – isn’t this Caracal magnificent?

I have been ‘hunting’ this wild cat (correct name: Caracal / Rooikat) for goodness knows how long. They are very elusive creatures and do not wait for anybody. Thanks to N-Photo, the day I ‘shot’ this cat my camera was ready and set up – ‘always ready’. More important, I shot this photo in RAW, which enabled me to make some

minor alterations to the image afterwards, to the colour balance in particular. The full metadata is: Nikon D3200 with VR 70-300mm f/4.5 zoom lens, 1/320 sec, f/5.6, ISO800, and the Direct Sunlight White Balance setting. (I had to adjust the White Balance later as this cat was very much hiding in the shade.) I used Capture NX2 to

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edit the RAW photo, and then saved it as a small JPEG file. Vernon Haley, Port Elizabeth, South Africa That’s the sort of hunting we like to see, Vernon! It must have taken some very careful stalking to take that shot – an animal like that will be able to hear you coming from a long way off.

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August 2014

Hot topic In the May issue’s Lightroom project, Step One talks about adjusting the Temp to 5500. This works fine in the video because he is working on a DNG file. However, the file on the disc is a JPEG and Lightroom will not allow Temp adjustments on it. Richard C Griffin, via email Sorry about that! We’ve put the DNG file online now, so go to to download the correct one.