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Give your photographs more impact straight out of the camera – Chris Rutter reveals all the mission

■ To give shots more impact using Picture Controls

time needed ■ 5 minutes

skill level

■ Anyone can do it ■ Some tricky aspects ■ Advanced technique

Kit needed

■ Nikon D-SLR

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Found on the Shooting menu, Picture Controls alter the in-camera processing of your images, such as saturation, sharpening and contrast. They are useful for giving your shots more impact straight out of the camera. Unlike the scene modes, they don’t affect the camera settings such as aperture or shutter speed. Like many in-camera processing options, Picture Controls will only be permanently applied to JPEGs. If you are shooting RAW images, then the Picture Style settings will only be applied if you open the file in Nikon’s own processing software (Capture NX-2 or NX-D), where you can also switch between Picture Controls. Picture Controls applied to RAW files will be ignored by any other RAW software, such as Lightroom.

vivid Picture Controls subtly alter the way your shots are processed in-camera to suit particular subjects

Take it further Tweaking Picture Controls

You can boost your Nikon’s existing Picture Controls, or even create your own!

01 Quick adjust

This is available in all Picture Controls except Neutral and Monochrome, and allows you to change groups of settings rather than altering them individually. For example, if you want to use Portrait Picture Control but want a punchier look, you can set the quick adjust to +1 or +2.


August 2014

02 Individual adjustments

This screen gives you control over all the settings available in each Picture Control. In the colour modes you can alter the Saturation and Hue, while in the Monochrome setting you have controls for Filter effects, Toning and Toning saturation instead.

03 Customising Controls

If your Nikon has a ‘Manage Picture Control’ option on the Shooting menu you can create custom settings. This is usually done by using a preset as a starting point, then using the controls available to adjust the settings, and finally saving the new Picture Control.

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