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SWOT Analysis

CareerBox > Self Awareness > My Future Adapted from the SWOT analysis worksheet at



What I do well: Pitch, make good of bad situations, empathetic, can read situations well, write in various mediums

What I find difficult: Asserting the real me. People assume I’m a quiet guy when I’m quite the opposite. I leave work to the last minute as well-meaning I am not able to perhaps fulfil my potential on certain tasks.

• • •

(Internal, you) What do you both do really well? What do you really enjoy doing? What do others see as your strengths?

What I really enjoy doing: Writing newsletters, blogs, press releases. What others think: Written communication, can think on my feet, hold a driving license, likeable, loyal, sense of humour, sociable, good demeanour, reliable, presentation skills


(External) • What opportunities are open to you? • What trends could you take advantage of? • How can you turn your strengths into opportunities? What opportunities are open to me? Getting a variety of work placements to help decide which path to take. The work placement gained with Carswell Gould will give an indication as to whether I will enjoy working for an agency. How I could turn strengths into opportunities: Presentation skills could be used to give the upper hand in interview situations as I will come across as confident – it’s a transferrable skill in this respect

• • •

(Internal, you) What do you find really difficult? What could you improve? What are others likely to see as weaknesses?

What I could improve: Become a more confident person in my ability and as an individual What others think Confidence issues, shy, not a morning person.


(External) • What could stop you achieving your potential? • What is your competition doing? • What threats do your weaknesses expose you to? What could stop me achieving my potential: Lack of confidence in my ability may deter me from applying or taking up opportunities. Competition: Others could achieve a higher degree classification or have obtained more work experience

CareerBox > Self Awareness > My Future Adapted from the SWOT analysis worksheet at

After completing the above, your next step is?... • What can you do next that will build on your strengths and maximise your opportunities? I can attempt to take up freelance written work at Solent Creatives to boost my experience in writing for a professional scenario. This will also boost my CV and add needed work experience in general. •

Is a specific weakness really undermining you? What can you start to do about it? Lack of confidence is undermining me at present. If I take up freelancing, though, this will boost my confidence and allow me to apply and present myself forward for other tasks. This renewed confidence will improve my job prospects as I will come across far happier and more accessible.

CareerBox > Self Awareness > My Future Adapted from the SWOT analysis worksheet at

SWOT Analysis of Myself