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AP JESSEN Founder and Chairman (Dec 1963 - Dec 2003) “Thus began the cumbersome, at times full of set-backs, building of the new group of companies.”



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YESTERDAY Registered in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in December 1963, our business quickly grew from pure distribution into manufacturing and engineering activities. A small team of energetic pioneers drove the business, taking up opportunities and opening new markets.

AND TODAY... Our activities continue to span manufacturing, distribution and engineering. And today we operate a network of 78 facilities with entities in nine of the ten ASEAN countries. The entrepreneurial spirit of the founders continues to drive us.

REFLECTIONS AT FIFTY    Since being formed 50 years ago, our Group has worked hard to establish an integrated regional presence that is unique in South East Asia. Our people work together across borders, languages, currencies and different levels of economic development to overcome the challenges that come and go; seizing opportunities and realising visions. For me, it’s an honour and a pleasure to be part of this community of people that together build sustainable and resilient Group member companies. The commitment and goodwill of our people gives me pride in our legacy and confidence in our future. Looking back over the five decades, there are stories of personal dedication and of humour, of lessons learned and of remarkable milestones achieved. Now we’re emerging into a new era, responding to a business environment our forefathers would not recognise. Since we launched our 2009 strategy of Double-in-Five, we’ve experienced considerable growth through organic change and acquisitions. Home to 4,300 people, serving 20,000 customers - we sustain ourselves in this highly competitive reality through the wisdom we will in turn pass on from our founders. We are committed to building further on the market leadership positions that we have acquired in almost all of our diverse business activities. Working together we wish to make a better tomorrow for our customers, our partners and our people.

Heinrich Jessen Chairman Jebsen & Jessen (SEA)





1938 Jacob Jebsen and Heinz Jessen aboard the Heinrich Jessen.

1927 Heinrich Jessen (1865-1931), co-founder of Jebsen & Co.

1894 Heinrich Jessen (front right) with staff from a trading house in Shanghai, a few months before he co-founded Jebsen & Co with his cousin.

1922 Jacob Jebsen (1870-1941), co-founder of Jebsen & Co.

1900s The Hong Kong harbour: the new company’s first few years proved successful with profits in 1899 already at HK$62,500.

1940s AP Jessen and Hans Jacob Jebsen with shipping personnel in Hong Kong.

1895 The founders announce the new enterprise in the Hong Kong press.

1910s Unloading beer at Hamburg harbour: Jebsen & Jessen Hamburg quickly began trading a wide variety of goods from China.



Jebsen & Jessen Group of Companies South East Asia grew out of a trading partnership formed by two cousins in Hong Kong. Jacob Jebsen and Heinrich Jessen established Jebsen & Co in 1895 and started their business as agents of the M. Jebsen shipping company. The business grew and offices were opened in Shanghai and Guangzhou. In 1909 the company established operations in Hamburg. With the passing of the founders in the 1930s and 40s, the second generation of leaders emerged - inheriting a legacy of entrepreneurial spirit, they continued to grow the business.

By the 1950s the company was trading chemicals, vehicles and beverages. In 1961, an airline agency was taken on. By this time the political environment in China and Hong Kong raised questions about the company’s future. With liaison offices already established in South East Asia, one of the three Jebsen & Co partners, AP Jessen, took on the task of creating a new business – that would become today’s Jebsen & Jessen (SEA).





Malaysia in the 1960s: our offices were located in Mountbatten Road, Kuala Lumpur, now Jalan Tun Perak


The company was registered in 1963 on December 24 in Singapore and December 27 in Kuala Lumpur.

Our first office in Singapore, the Asia Insurance Building.

A small team established the new business; the workforce would grow to several hundred by the end of the decade.

The company traded a variety of different components, machine parts and tools.

The largest project of the first decade helped bring Polysius and Tasek Cement together for the building of the Ipoh plant.

Courtesy of ABN AMRO Art & History Department.

Beyond the trading activity, engineering formed part of the business from the early years.




Seeing the business opportunity in the newly independent nations of South East Asia, AP Jessen established Jebsen & Jessen in Malaysia in 1963. Companies were registered in Singapore, December 24, and Kuala Lumpur, December 27. Building on existing relationships with our sister company Jebsen & Co, we began trading everything from chemicals to textiles, spectacles and stationery. Key agency relationships included BASF, Lurgi and Degussa. The biggest project of the early years was brokering a deal between Polysius and Tasek Cement to build a cement plant.

The small, youthful and energetic team was led by our first Managing Director, Wolfgang Schwarz. 21 year old Udo Kuypers later gave an insight into these exciting times recalling: “I remember people coming over from Indonesia with massive amounts of cash which I’d count, take to the bank and exchange for gold. This currency game was due to a gap in Indonesian law...I could never quite believe my eyes when those trucks of cash were carried into my office.” Albert Pons joined as Business Development Manager in the late 1960s, he would later become Managing Director.




1963 Jebsen & Jessen established in Malaysia, with offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur


1965 Jebsen & Jessen Singapore becomes part of the newly formed Republic of Singapore



1968 Albert Pons joins as Business Development Manager








The Group moved into a new era in 1972 with the agreement that created MHE.

The Group’s growing management team gathered for their first conference in 1976.

Office decor, technology and faces have changed - camaraderie remains a constant.

The Group traded many different consumer goods at this time, including cameras.

Supreme House became the new home for offices in Singapore in 1971.

Udo Kuypers converted a sister company’s liaison office into Jebsen & Jessen Thailand in 1971.

Jebsen & Jessen Singapore’s football team became very successful, providing helpful PR for the Group.

New factory, new team: in 1972 MHE began life with two factories.



With a workforce of 600 people in 1971, we expanded geographically, opening operations in Thailand and Indonesia. In AP Jessen’s words, “the actual breakthrough for the Group came in 1972 as we moved into manufacturing, under license with Demag”. MHE began with crane factories in Singapore and Malaysia, and then in 1975: Surabaya. We made our first acquisition in 1976, adding packaging manufacturing to our portfolio. Many long serving key figures joined at this time including Manoj Beri, Supha Manonom, Wong Kwai Wah, Harry Kok, Jørgen Møller and Chui Tau Siong.

A free spirited time, within the Group and without, all sorts of markets from luxury watches to TVs were explored. The Group divided activities into Export and Engineering in 1973. The engineering activities began to emerge as a key pillar, its communication and broadcast equipment would ensure the first colour broadcasts in Singapore for the FIFA World Cup and the new nation’s 10th National Day.




Thailand operations are established and Manoj Beri joins the Group

Indonesia operations are established and MHE opens in Singapore and Malaysia





Group’s first acquisition creates packaging business




Heine Askær-Jensen joins the Group in Indonesia




The Group opened a new crane manufacturing factory in Thailand in 1982.

Senior Management Conference 1985: as the company grew a new cohort of leaders emerged.

Helmut Wicke (left) led the Group operations from 1981-87.

The Group was involved in several projects at Changi Airport, including the new SATS terminal.

Building on a relationship of more than 20 years, the 50:50 joint venture MHE-Demag was formed in 1986.

SL Wuu (right), joined Manoj Beri’s (left) Engineering team in 1979.

The workplace was transformed by new technology during this decade.

Continuing 20 years of partnership with Lurgi, Jebsen & Jessen Engineering continued to lead the market.



Under the operational leadership of Helmut Wicke the Group’s holding company structure emerged in the 1980s, establishing Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) Pte Ltd in 1982, the holding company and headquarters of the Group. More formalised policies were developed and the Group’s unique culture was captured in our Corporate Commitment. At this time, activities were organised in three divisions: Engineering, Manufacturing and Trade & Industry. The first of several highly successful 50:50 joint ventures was established with the agreement to form MHE-Demag in 1986.

Many of today’s longer serving management joined at this time, including Hans Ulrich Hansen who today leads Jebsen & Jessen Technology. Harold Thng joined in 1988, establishing and then leading Jebsen & Jessen Communications. Reaching our 25th anniversary in 1989, the Group employed 1,000 people across 30 entities. Befitting the scale and complexity of the maturing Group a new leadership structure emerged; Heine Askær-Jensen, Manoj Beri and Frank Schultz-Utermöhl formed the new Executive Committee.



1982 Holding company Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) Pte Ltd is established




1986 MHE-Demag joint venture is established



1989 25th Anniversary: 1000 people across 30 entities





Building on a long relationship the Group goes into a joint venture with Degussa in 1997.

Chui Tau Siong at risk management training: the Group invested in staff development

Singapore factory groundbreaking 1991: MHE-Demag went on to celebrate its 25th year anniversary in 1997.

25 Years Service awards included a trip to the founders’ hometown in Denmark.

JJ-Lurgi Engineering was officially registered in February, 1992 with an operational staff of 10.

SAP goes live: the SAP and Y2K projects helped turn the Group’s resources to good use in the aftermath of the Asian Financial Crisis.

A new generation on board: Heinrich Jessen (left) joined in 1995 and his brother Peter Jessen (behind right) joined in 1997.

Building on existing activities, Jebsen & Jessen Communications is created under the new Regional Business Unit structure.



The Group began the decade opening operations in the Philippines, in partnership with two prominent local groups. In Vietnam, Ben Hopkins helped establish a rep office which would later evolve into a number of fully-fledged legal entities. Following MHE-Demag, another long-standing relationship was enshrined in a 50:50 joint venture with the establishment of JJ-Lurgi Engineering in 1992. This was a period of unprecedented growth; between 1989 and 1996 the Group grew 300%.

Everything changed in 1997 when recession hit. The Group turned its attention inwards, investing in SAP. The current Regional Business Unit structure was adopted to add activity focus and exploit regional economies of scale. Meanwhile, the next generation emerged. Heinrich Jessen had joined the Group as EHS Director in 1995, two years later, his brother Peter Jessen joined MHE-Demag in the Philippines.

1990 Group established in the Philippines


1992 JJ-Lurgi Engineering is formed


1994 Rep office in Vietnam established



1997 Member companies organised into Regional Business Unit structure


1999 SAP goes live





Member companies in Indonesia celebrated the opening of the new office at Graha Inti Fauzi Building in 2008.

Jebsen & Jessen Communications acquired SLW Communication.


Jebsen & Jessen Technology began a strategic cooperation with NG Metalurgica, a relationship that continues to today.

The Turf & Irrigation Division of Jebsen & Jessen Technology began in 2002 through an acquisition. Close ties to technology partners Toro and Club Car continue today.

Across the Group staff bid a fond farewell to AP Jessen who retires on Christmas Eve 2003, 40 years after he founded the Group.

JJ-Lapp Cable: the joint venture between Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) and Lapp Holding Asia forms a new Regional Business Unit in 2003, led by Peter Jessen.

The Group’s first regional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme Meet a Need was launched in 2007.

Jebsen & Jessen Packaging expands business and manufacturing facilities to Vietnam with a 13,500sqm factory in Bac Ninh Province Hanoi.



2003 marked the end of an era; founder and Chairman AP Jessen retired after 40 years leading the Group. He was succeeded by Heinrich Jessen, who held the dual roles of Regional Managing Director of MHE-Demag and Group Chairman until 2009, continuing as Chairman to today. Meanwhile, all member companies became ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified by 2004. The first formal Corporate Social Responsibility programme was established in 2007. In the same year, the headquarters moved to a new 3,300sqm office in Jurong, Singapore.

In 2002, the Turf & Irrigation division was established through an acquisition and Jebsen & Jessen Packaging acquired competitor Broadway. Once again an ongoing relationship with a world-class technology partner led to a successful 50:50 joint venture, JJ-Lapp Cable was formed in 2003, establishing itself in new markets by the close of the decade. There were further changes to the leadership team: Volker Schmidt succeeded veteran Harry Kok as Regional Managing Director of Jebsen & Jessen Chemicals in 2007 and Per Magnusson joined the Group as the new leader of MHE-Demag in 2009.





Acquisition of turf & irrigation activities

JJ-Lapp Cable is established and AP Jessen retires






First formal CSR programme is established

New offices in Jakarta





JJ-Lapp Cable moved upstream to include cable manufacturing in its activities, establishing JJ-Lapp Cable SMI in 2010.

Jebsen & Jessen Packaging acquired Labplas, diversifying the business into PET blow moulding in 2011.

Jebsen & Jessen Offshore unveiled: the Group acquired Halcyon Offshore, creating a new, eighth Regional Business Unit in 2012.

DOUBLE-IN-FIVE The Double-in-Five strategy expanded the Group into new markets and new business, focused around its engineering, manufacturing and distribution expertise. In 2010, the Group established Jebsen & Jessen Cambodia, in 2011 JJ-Pun in Myanmar and in 2012, Jebsen & Jessen Brunei. Veteran leaders Manoj Beri and Heine AskĂŚr-Jensen retired and Fritz Graf von der Schulenburg and Alex Chan Meng Wah joined the Executive Board with Heinrich Jessen. The Group would also say goodbye to its longest serving leaders Supha Manonom (1970-2012) and Wong Kwai Wah (1971-2013).

JJ-Pun is established: the Group expanded into Myanmar through a joint venture with Serge Pun & Associates (SPA Group).

MHE-Demag Taiwan assumed operations from Realm Corp. forming the third successful acquisition by the Group in 2010.

Jebsen & Jessen Chemicals acquired Helm Mahaboon and formed Jebsen & Jessen NutriLife in 2010.

Fusion Comms joins the Jebsen & Jessen Communications family and jointly won its biggest consultancy project to date in 2010.

By the end of 2011, the Group had acquired Helm Mahaboon, Fusion Comms, Realm Corp, Labplas and had made an agreement with Sinarmonas of Indonesia to begin the manufacturing of cables. In 2012, the Group moved into a new sector and established a new Regional Business Unit with the acquisition of Halcyon Offshore. The new businesses were integrated into the Group’s corporate platform, with investments in facility upgrades for Jebsen & Jessen Offshore and JJ-Lapp Cable SMI. In 2013, Jebsen & Jessen NutriLife and Jebsen & Jessen Chemicals opened a new 9,600sqm distribution centre in Bangkok.

The Group established Jebsen & Jessen Cambodia in 2010.






Double-in-Five strategy announced, operations in Cambodia established

Myanmar joint venture established

Jebsen & Jessen Offshore established through acquisition

Dec 24 and 27: Fifty Year Anniversary

Double-in-Five target year




EXECUTIVE BOARD Our businesses develop, manufacture and distribute high-quality products and services that require meaningful technical and customer support services. Focused on tomorrow, we work together - as an organisation, in our relationships with partners and our service to customers.


We look for new opportunities to develop relevant solutions for the complex problems our customers face; adapting to change in the individual markets and trends at a regional and global level.

For fifty years, we have worked in partnerships with industrial global market leaders to transform possibilities into opportunity. Operating across the region, our activities span manufacturing, engineering and distribution. Our 4,300 people develop meaningful products and services for the 20,000 customers we serve.

We began our history as the nations of Malaysia and Singapore were emerging. Amidst great change we took the opportunity to become part of the ASEAN story. 50 years on we’re proud to be bridging the diverse markets of the region, working together across borders.

IN YOUR MARKET, ACROSS ASEAN Our Group consists of eight business units: Cable Technology, Chemicals, Communications, Life Sciences, Material Handling, Offshore, Packaging and Technology. We operate in nine of the ten ASEAN countries through a network spanning 78 locations, including 16 manufacturing facilities.

DIVERSE BUSINESSES, UNITED BY OUR VALUES We believe in doing good business, acting with integrity and respecting the people we serve, our own staff and the wider community. Our financial and organisational stability enables us to sustain the entrepreneurial spirit of our founders, always being prepared for new opportunities. Our corporate platform provides access to the diverse markets of South East Asia, quickly and efficiently. We are part of a global family enterprise that dates back to a trading partnership formed in Hong Kong in 1895. Beyond the region we are closely connected to a network of sister companies in Australia, Europe and Greater China.

Fritz Graf von der Schulenburg Executive Vice Chairman

Heinrich Jessen Chairman

Alex Chan Executive Vice Chairman

Heinrich Jessen, Chairman Based in Singapore, he assumed the role in January 2004. Responsible for the Group’s operations and strategic direction, he also oversees four out of eight operational business units. Under his stewardship, the Group put an extensive growth strategy into effect in 2010. It has since seized numerous acquisition opportunities and expanded its regional footprint within ASEAN. Fritz Graf von der Schulenburg, Executive Vice Chairman Based in Singapore, he joined the Group in March 2010 and is responsible for four out of eight operational business units. Additionally, he focuses on external partner relations with the strategic intention of leveraging Jebsen & Jessen’s (SEA) unique value proposition in ASEAN with new technology partners. Alex Chan, Executive Vice Chairman Based in Singapore, he assumed the role in November 2011. As Executive Vice Chairman, Mr Chan has overall responsibility for the Group’s business infrastructure, productivity drive, resource utilisation and overall risk management. He works closely with the Central and Business Services teams who support the Group’s 50 member companies.




CORPORATE PLATFORM Continuously adapting to the dynamics of an ever-changing marketplace, our planning keeps us primed and ready for new opportunities. A network of people, processes and technology enable us to be responsive. Combined with a flat-decision making structure, this intelligent corporate platform is designed for cost-effective plug-and-play expansion.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS 50:50 JOINT VENTURE BOARDS Individual Boards of Directors








PREPARED FOR NEW FUTURES Our back-office network operates across a state-of-the-art IT platform, providing our member companies with a regional support framework. Using SAP and Lotus Notes applications the infrastructure is scalable, enabling us to be ready, resourced and committed to growth.

NETWORKED LOCAL EXPERTS Our geographic spread gives us market access across South East Asia. In each country individual entities run local-language, market focused operations. Our regional network shares real-time data with our leadership team and our technology partners. Each of our business units has a focus that enables a deep, expert understanding of its markets and of its customers. As a group we are diverse; individually our businesses are leaders in their respective fields. Today, over 4,300 staff work across nine ASEAN countries.



Providing instant access to real time regional data over SAP G




OUR BOARD (2011-2013)



Executive Directors Heinrich Jessen Chairman




Alex Chan


Fritz Graf von der Schulenburg


Non-executive Directors Heine Askær-Jensen


Manoj Kumar Beri


Hans Michael Jebsen


Peter Jessen


Raj Mitta


Dato Timothy Ong

Executive Vice Chairman Executive Vice Chairman

Board Director Board Director Board Director

Board Director and Regional Managing Director JJ-Lapp Cable Board Director Board Director

Adding value through integration with technology partners’ systems Supported by in-house specialist app development team



OUR BUSINESSES We have eight core regional businesses: Cable Technology, Chemicals, Communications, Life Sciences, Material Handling, Offshore, Packaging and Technology. Serving more than 20,000 customers between them, each unit operates across our regional platform – providing local expertise and local access to our products and services.



Regional network of warehouses and sales offices with more than 3,000 items in stock. 250 staff in nine countries across ASEAN.

Brunei | Cambodia | Indonesia | Malaysia | Myanmar | Philippines | Singapore | Thailand | Vietnam

German innovation adapted to local needs, distributing products from Europe and from Indonesian manufacturing facility. Customised solutions that maximise returns on investment.

Equipping industry players with world-standard cable solutions that work for them in the most time and cost efficient manner. We aspire to become the leading cable solutions provider in ASEAN.




Reprogramming the Cable Business We import leading German cable technology, tailor it to the market needs of ASEAN and manufacture it within the region. We hold an inventory worth millions of dollars in the region, enabling us to equip industry players with world-standard cable solutions. THE STRENGTH OF PARTNERSHIP Borne of Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) and Lapp Holding Asia, a subsidiar y of Lapp Group in Germany, we represent the finest German cable technology developed for and delivered to ASEAN. With the strengths of both founding companies consolidated under one brand, our cable solutions are fully supported by the manufacturing capabilities of a global industry leader and the regional reach of an ASEAN group. Our customers value our understanding of their business and the markets they operate in, and the localised service and support that comes with it.




“Quality is paramount. We pride ourselves on delivering the high performing, reliable and well designed solutions that, as manufacturers, our customers desire.” Peter Jessen, Regional Managing Director, JJ-Lapp Cable

2003 Building

on an existing distribution relationship, Jebsen & Jessen and Lapp Holding Asia create the 50:50 joint venture - JJ-Lapp Cable.


in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.


of 64 led by Peter Jessen.

TODAY JJ-Lapp Cable is firmly established as the region’s leading cable supplier. Network

of sales and support teams in nine ASEAN countries, with a manufacturing facility in Indonesia.

More than 250 staff across the region.

MANUFACTURING FOR THE HERE AND NOW Lapp cables, developed from German innovation and refined over the years, are some of the best known products in the global cable technology industry. To bring these leading solutions to the region, we produce them locally through a joint venture with Sinarmonas, a cable manufacturing company in Indonesia. At present, we manufacture PVC control cables, automotive cables, fire resistant cables and instrumentation cables at our facility, with plans to expand in the coming years. While localised, our manufacturing process adheres strictly to the quality and precision standards that the Lapp brand is synonymous with.




Regional technical sales and distribution network covering all of South East Asia, with direct presence in eight countries. Over 300 technical sales and customer service staff on-hand at 12 locations.

Cambodia | Indonesia | Malaysia | Myanmar | Philippines | Singapore | Thailand | Vietnam

World-class, certified warehouses in each market, with a regional hub in Thailand and five technical laboratories. Distributing over 100,000 tonnes of specialty chemicals and ingredients a year.

Promoting and distributing chemical and life science ingredients through a local-language, technical sales force. We enjoy a 50-year history of relationship building, with customers, suppliers and partners.



Connecting Customers with Relevant World-Class Technology We promote and distribute chemical and life science ingredients for industrial and manufacturing applications ranging from coatings to home care products. Our team of industry experts connects technology from our partners to customers in each local market. SOLVING PROBLEMS FACE-TO-FACE Using our technical knowledge and broad, relevant portfolio we solve our customers’ problems. In business for 50 years, we maintain relationships with the local customer – providing solutions on the ground, face-to-face. We operate across six regional business lines: Coating & Resins, Plastic & Rubber, Performance Chemicals, Feed Ingredients, Food Ingredients and Pharma, Personal & Home Care Ingredients. Local market intelligence is developed by our country based teams.





“South East Asia is becoming the market place for the rest of Asia, and Australia. Its 610 million consumers are increasing their spending power. We bring technology, be it from Europe, America or Asia, and connect it with the increasing needs of our region.” Marc Deschamps, Regional Managing Director, Jebsen & Jessen Chemicals

A PARTNER FOR OPPORTUNITY For our technology partners we offer shorter lead times, a local and regional warehouse network, attractive credit terms and a professional, local-language sales force. We use SAP infrastructure to provide real-time data that keeps us responsive and provides valuable insights to our partners. We operate a network of world-class warehouses, supported by active regional supply chain management. Over our history we evolved through our ability to adapt to changing needs. We continue to actively develop new solutions for new needs. Our environment, health and safety management structures reflect the responsibility we take towards our people and our communities.

1963 Relationships

with key partners, including Degussa and BASF, form basis of Group’s business.

Offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Small

team of entrepreneurial traders.

TODAY Jebsen & Jessen Chemicals is an established brand, with 12 offices in eight countries. More than 100 technology partners, including the world’s leading brands. More than 300 technical sales and customer support staff.




Over 370 employees, supporting more than 800 customers. Asia Pacific coverage, with partners in Europe and the United States. Nine offices in ASEAN.

Brunei | Cambodia | Indonesia | Malaysia | Myanmar | Philippines | Singapore | Thailand | Vietnam

We believe that a working relationship with the customer should go beyond simply providing equipment. It should include insight and knowledge, superior customer care, firm commitment and excellent service support.

Eight Affiliated Partners across APAC.




Unified Communication Solutions for Local and Multinational Customers We deliver business communication solutions for our local and multinational customers. Specialising in IP infrastructure, we help our customers develop unified communication and contact centre solutions over multiple sites, and across global networks. EXPERTS IN CONTACT CENTRE DEVELOPMENT Building upon IP infrastructure we diagnose, design and deploy CRM contact centres, provide network infrastructure and develop wireless & mobility solutions for different market verticals. Leveraging on our 20 years of experience and engagement, our 370 staff support more than 800 customers, with a service culture that we call I.C.E. - Integrated Customer Experience. We provide a single point of contact and back this up with “follow-the-sun” support – through every phase of the engagement. We are recognised by industry awards as a trusted partner in the contact centre space across industry verticals.




“We believe that the future of the IT services industry is in building business solutions that clearly address our customers’ pain points.” Harold Thng, Regional Managing Director, Jebsen & Jessen Communications

1988 Communications

business activities begin.

Focused on the new field of IP solutions, the business is led by Harold Thng. Company

of six.

starts in Singapore with team

TODAY Recognised and awarded as regional market leader for contact centre solutions. Building

on IP infrastructure, business now offers full life cycle of CRM contact centre deployment and wireless & mobility solutions.

Over 370 employees, supporting more than 800 customers in nine countries.

LOCAL SUPPORT 24/7 Our service commitment means that regardless of the diverse technologies, users’ needs or vendors involved in a project, our customers can depend on us to stitch all the pieces together into a coherent whole. Our consultancy services ensure that customers get the most from the technical solutions they use. Customisation provides tailored solutions to meet specific needs and training ensures effective adoption. Our deep experience across a range of industries from banking to hospitality ensures we develop relevant solutions. Beyond technology it’s about supporting people: through processes, training and ongoing monitoring and development.




Successfully delivered more than 300 process plants across China and South East Asia. Market leaders of innovation in technology and process development. Full engineering service, delivered here in Asia.

Malaysia | China

Reliability ensures sustained client relationships over decades.

Our experience provides insights into the nuances of oleo culture, influencing our work now and into the future. Our business has transformed over the years to become a fully-fledged engineering practice today.



German Roots, Asian Practise JJ-Lurgi Engineering is a joint venture between Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) and Air Liquide. Our engineering roots are in Germany; in Asia we contract ourselves locally and have established in-house a new generation of expertise attuned to our clients’ particular needs. RELIABLE EXPERTISE We design solutions that optimise resource utilisation, creating efficient processes that factor in the impact of the plant on people and the environment. With more than 20 years of experience, we produce highly customisable products that fit our clients’ needs, reducing waste and cost. Strategically located, we continue to invest in organisational infrastructure and competence; research and development are consistent elements of our work. Our technologies include: Edible Oil Extraction, Oil Refining, Fats Modification, Oleochemicals and Methylester (Biodiesel). Through a long-term partnership and collaboration with our clients, we ensure that our processes and technologies are up-to-date and relevant in the market.





“We offer tailored solutions to our clients’ specific requirements combining proven process technology with innovative engineering. Our commitment to deliver what we promise provides the basis for a long-term relationship with our clients.” Jakob Helms, Managing Director, JJ-Lurgi Engineering

1992 Building

on decades of collaboration, JJLurgi Engineering is formed as a 50:50 joint venture.

The company starts in Malaysia with a team of 10. Technologies

include Oilseeds Extraction, Edible Oil Refining and Oleochemicals.

TODAY JJ-Lurgi Engineering leads the market as a reputable engineering practise with 300 plants delivered. Headquartered

in Malaysia, a China branch brings the headcount to 110.

CONSISTENT SUPPORT Over the years, we have grown to be among the strongest in the region, enabling us to cultivate innovations in the field of oils & fats, oleochemicals and biodiesel. We support our customers from design, through to installation and maintenance, while our dedicated team of after-sales engineers assist our customers in troubleshooting, plant diagnosis and plant upgrading. Our network across South East Asia allows us to respond quickly to our customers’ needs, ensuring a sustainable future for our partnerships. Ultimately, we continue to build our reputation on the reliability and performance of the projects over time.

Expertise in Palm Oil Dry Fractionation / Downstream Processing, Hydrogenation, Fatty Alcohol Production and Bio-fuels were added to the core capabilities.




Eight factories, 40 sales and service offices and 1,500 employees. 500 service engineers and technicians across the region. Full in-house value chain from design through production, to ongoing maintenance and refurbishment.

Expert engineers combining the latest technology with regional and local know-how.

Indonesia | Malaysia | Philippines | Singapore | Taiwan | Thailand | Vietnam

With more than 40 years at the forefront of engineering, we have built over 20,000 industrial cranes, 10,000 loading bays for warehouses and more than 1,000 building maintenance systems in South East Asia and beyond.




Engineered for the Long Term We engineer, manufacture and maintain cranes and other material handling products. We see ourselves as solution providers, offering a wide range of products relevant to a host of applications combining the highest certified quality, intelligent design and solid craftsmanship. HANDLING WITH CARE A joint venture between Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) and Demag Cranes & Components, the MHE-Demag Group operates in over 40 locations with more than 500 responsive service engineers, supported by an attentive back-office, intelligent IT infrastructure and a fleet of over 200 service vans. We support customers on a wide range of projects from industrial crane solutions to innovative car parking and building maintenance systems. Excellent execution is ensured through our highly experienced, diligent and passionate staff. Local teams of experts support each project’s specific technical requirements – whether it’s product development, flexible scheduling or custom service packages.




“We’ve become the market leader through listening closely to our customers, designing highly advanced solutions and partnering with the world leading brands in our field. While growing we’ve never compromised on putting quality, safety and care for the environment first.” Per Magnusson, Regional Managing Director, MHE-Demag

1972 MHE

is established by Jebsen & Jessen, through an agreement with Demag.

Company starts with new factories in Singapore and Malaysia. The

new team grows quickly, with operations in Indonesia and Thailand opening within two years.

TODAY MHE-Demag became a joint venture in 1986, and today leads the market for quality material handling solutions in ASEAN. 40

locations in 14 markets with eight factories.

360° CUSTOMER SERVICE Our commitment to service excellence starts at the beginning of any project, from advice on the ideal solution, through to intensive operational and technical training. Valuing solid, long-term partnerships our service extends through the life cycle of MHE-Demag equipment and to other material handling brands. We fix, upgrade and modify equipment according to requirements. To ensure fast maintenance service we keep stock of the most vital and frequently used parts.

1,500 people, including a team of more than 500 service staff.




Region’s leading engineer and manufacturer of offshore lifting and pulling equipment. The world’s leading distributor of offshore cables.

Australia | Brazil | China | Malaysia | Singapore | United Arab Emirates

With a 15,300sqm waterfront yard and a 10,000sqm distribution centre in Singapore, a 3,250sqm manufacturing facility in China and dedicated service centres in Singapore, Malaysia and the UAE, we support our offshore and marine customers worldwide.

30 years’ experience in offshore & marine accommodation and installation. Dedicated offshore & marine service unit.



A Toolbox of Marine & Offshore Solutions We provide a toolbox of solutions to support our customers’ marine and offshore needs. Our 400 strong workforce includes in-house engineering, project management teams and a dedicated service & response unit. DELIVERING TO THE COMPLEX NEEDS OF THE INDUSTRY Our track record of delivering quality to our customers ensures a lasting reputation. The world’s leading shipyards and offshore service providers choose us and stay with us. As well as providing a breadth of services, the toolbox our customers need, we bring a wealth of experience and technical know-how to every project. To complete the experience, our dedicated service unit is ready to respond, wherever and whenever our customers need us. We lead the market as one of the largest manufacturers of offshore winches, cranes, A-frames, and complex deck machinery systems in Asia and as the world’s leading distributor of specialty cables to the marine & offshore sector.





“Our solid track record, in-house technical capabilities and strict adherence to tight delivery commitments have earned us a can-do reputation in the industry.” Aw Chin Leng, Regional Managing Director, Jebsen & Jessen Offshore

2012 Halcyon

Offshore joins Jebsen & Jessen Group of Companies.

The company is already well established, building on an engineering business with a 20 year history. The workforce and operations in China, Australia and Singapore become part of the Group.

TODAY The name Jebsen & Jessen Offshore is already recognised in the market as a reliable and effective partner. The

company expands the service business, with new operations in Malaysia and Dubai.

RESPONSIVE, CAPABLE AND READY TO SERVE Our reputation is built on a track record of delivering, even in the most challenging circumstances. With one of the industry’s largest teams of in-house engineers, our Equipment business develops in-house technology and we manage OEM projects for clients. The reputation of our Cables business was established and is maintained by delivering the highest quality products at all times and meeting our customers’ time-critical requirements, cost effectively. Our dedicated Service unit ensures the fast recovery of customers’ deck machinery equipment and systems; covering a broad remit from audit, repair and spare parts through to technical tasks.

An extensive multi-million dollar upgrade of the Singapore shipyard increases capacity for large scale deck machinery projects.




Award-winning packaging design services. Five ISO & OHSAS certified manufacturing facilities. Global brands as loyal customers for over 30 years. Leading innovative application of EPS in construction.

Malaysia | Singapore | Vietnam

40 years of evolving to meet the region’s changing packaging needs. We’ve developed deep expertise in solving our customers’ problems with innovative solutions from award winning component packaging to EPS foam for construction.




Innovative, Efficient Packaging and Foam Solutions We design and manufacture a wide range of total packaging solutions and innovative foam products. We provide global brand leaders with solutions for a variety of applications. Our foam components are used in manufacturing and our EPS foam in construction and landscaping. PROTECTIVE, EFFECTIVE PACKAGING We develop specific solutions to suit our customers’ needs, working with a range of materials including: foam, PP Danpla, paper pulp, wood and PET. We are recognised by industry and customer awards for our innovative approach to design. Our brand Labplas leads the regional market for PET bottles, jars caps and closure, with a reputation for meeting the high standards required for F&B, Pharma and Home Care applications. Across the region and beyond, our customers value our track record for just-in-time delivery and our commitment to low impact solutions using recyclable materials and CFC free foam.




“Our expertise and track record in packaging design and production are individually tailored to meet our customers’ total packaging requirements in terms of performance, environmental consideration and total costs.” Chui Tau Siong, Regional Managing Director, Jebsen & Jessen Packaging

INNOVATIVE FOAM SOLUTIONS FOR MANUFACTURING & CONSTRUCTION Building on a foundation in foam moulding, we developed foam component solutions for a variety of non-packaging applications including: air-conditioners, crash helmets, medical devices and car manufacturing. Our EPS Geofoam is manufactured from expanded polystyrene into large lightweight blocks used in diverse and creative construction and landscaping applications from roads to stadium seating, green wall systems and aquarium landscaping.

1976 The

Group’s first acquisition turned Insulpack into a Jebsen & Jessen company.

Established as market leader in Singapore. Team

of 80, with one factory.

TODAY More than 20 blue chip customers, including some of the world’s leading brands. Market

leader in Singapore, Malaysia and North Vietnam.

Team of 650 with five factories.




Global industry leaders as technology partners. Market recognition in each of the diverse industry segments we serve. Translating customer needs into solutions.

Brunei | Cambodia | Indonesia | Malaysia | Myanmar | Singapore | Thailand | Vietnam

Beyond the technology, distribution excellence is about using local insight and knowledge, standing on the firm ground of a reputation for delivery and supporting customers throughout the lifecycle of the relationship.

State-of-the-art support structures.



Distributing Relevant Market Leading Brands We bring together application, service and technology driven activities. Across the region we provide equipment and complete turn-key solutions through seven divisions: Air Conditioning, Energy, Healthcare, Industrial Services, Pumps, Scientific Equipment and Turf & Irrigation. ADDING VALUE WITH SERVICE & EXPERTISE Drawing on our regional network of industry focused resources; we bring relevant global brands to key markets. Our focus on after-sales service and our commitment to prompt fulfilment and performance excellence forms the basis for long term relationships with our customers. With a solution and application driven approach, our services aid our clients to run efficient operations – from managing a successful golf course to producing energy from bio fuels. Our strategic investments in logistic facilities and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure continuously improve the customer experience, resulting in us becoming an integral part of our clients’ supply chain.





“We build our business by delivering on our customers’ three most important needs: speed, transparency and trust.” Hans Ulrich Hansen, Regional Managing Director, Jebsen & Jessen Technology

1997 Aligning

various elements of the Group’s engineering activities, the foundation for what today is known as Jebsen & Jessen Technology was laid.

Three divisions: Industrial Processing, Pumps and Energy. The

company starts in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore with 160 people.

TODAY Turf & Irrigation acquired in 2002, Healthcare joined in 2003, Air Con and Scientific joined in 2011. Seven

divisions: 370 people in eight countries generate a turnover of $130m.

A LOCAL PARTNER FOR INTERNATIONAL BRANDS We work closely with our technology partners to create sustainable relationships. Our corporate platform provides real-time data on business activity in the varied markets and local teams provide insight on market needs. Long term relationships with leading technology partners have ensured the success of our regional divisions in each of their specialist fields: Energy, Healthcare, Industrial Services, Pumps and Turf & Irrigation; and, in our Thailand focused businesses: Air Conditioning and Scientific Equipment. Across all divisions we add value through our teams of local technical experts, our experienced sales force and our customer service.

Regional expansion led to today’s operations in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Brunei.




PIONEERS FOR GLOBAL STANDARDS In the late 1990s, we led the field implementing a rigorous environment, health and safety protocol. Until today we continue to maintain high standards, ensuring all our member companies are certified ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. We also went ahead of peers in discouraging entertainment involving cruelty to animals, giving up shark’s fin and fois gras in the late 1990s. Facility energy consumption targets and our procurement policies ensure we remain focused on reducing, reusing and recycling.

FOR TOMORROW Our entrepreneurial spirit and ability to adapt keeps us relevant to our customers and the markets we serve. By fulfilling our responsibilities for the environment and communities we operate in, we do our part in creating a sustainable future for our business, our people and our customers.

ACTING ON OUR RESPONSIBILITIES Our vision of corporate responsibility is that it stands as a constant part of what any organisation should do. In our Business Principles we document the expectations we have of our corporate behaviour. Environment, health and safety policies and procedures provide a structure for action throughout our businesses. Our CSR activities nurture and sustain connections with people in the communities we serve.

CARBON NEUTRAL SINCE 2011 Beginning in 2007, we created a system for measuring our carbon footprint and invested in exploring and instigating cost-effective carbon reduction initiatives such as converting our main offices to LED lighting and being amongst the first in Singapore to invest in solar panel solutions for power generation at a manufacturing facility. Since 2011 we’ve partnered with a leading carbon credit programme to invest in offsetting projects in the region.

50 companies, all certified ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 150,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions offset since becoming carbon neutral in 2011 14 communities impacted by CSR projects and investments in seven years




MEETING A NEED Since 2007 this in-house CSR programme has delivered 14 social and environmental projects targeted at a defined need in communities across the region. 200 members of staff from all levels of the company have participated as volunteers, learning not only about the environment and the lives of the wider community but also about each other as colleagues. The impact of the projects includes fresh water supplies for a remote island community in Malaysia and school buildings for a rural Philippine village.

14 projects in six countries, affecting the lives of thousands of local people Over 2,000 applications from staff and 200 lucky participants More than S$5m invested in meeting a local need

RESPONDING TO ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL NEEDS Partnering with international and local charities Meet a Need helps respond to defined needs in local communities. Running two projects a year, one is focused on social needs including education, housing and food security, and the other on environmental issues such as conservation, animal welfare and restoring natural ecosystems.

COMPANY LED COMMUNITY ACTION As well as Meet a Need, our business units develop their own programmes for supporting and interacting with the communities they work in. From tree planting to education sponsorship, companies develop relationships with charitable organisations in their local communities. Our staff generosity ensures the success of fundraising drives in response to disasters within the region.

WORKING TOGETHER FOR TOMORROW All staff across the Group are entitled to join a Meet a Need trip. Beyond the impact on beneficiaries the experience of working as a team has a lasting effect on participants. Overcoming language and cultural differences, they’ve learned about each other’s countries and the diverse work done across the Group’s member companies.





CAMBODIA Jebsen & Jessen 2nd Floor, Delano Centre #144 Street 169 Phnom Penh Tel: +855 23 992 610 Fax: +855 23 992 613

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Privately owned, the Jebsen & Jessen Family Enterprise employs over 7,000 people worldwide. The various members of the Jebsen & Jessen Family Enterprise operate as independent entities, shouldering their respective responsibilities while subscribing to the vision and philosophy of their founding fathers. The enterprise began with the establishment of Jebsen & Co in 1895. The founders, Jacob Jebsen and Heinrich Jessen, went on to establish Jebsen & Jessen Hamburg in 1909. In December 1963, the partners established a trading interest in Singapore and Malaysia - this became the Jebsen & Jessen Group of Companies South East Asia. The guiding principle has been to work for a common goal, mindful that, as the Chinese philosopher Mencius explains: “Within the four seas, all men are brothers”. An unbroken chain of three generations’ commitment ensures that nearly 120 years later, the founders’ legacy still prevails and thrives. The power of core values such as respect and autonomy are evidenced in the loyalty of staff and the reputation amongst customers, partners and vendors.

PHILIPPINES Jebsen & Jessen Unit 704, PhilPans Corporate Centre #1012 Triangle Drive, Bonifacio Global City Taguig City, Manila 1634 Tel: +63 2786 7700 Fax: +63 2786 7716

INDONESIA Jebsen & Jessen Graha Inti Fauzi, 7th Floor No 22, Jalan Buncit Raya Jakarta 12510 Tel: +62 21 2753 7088 Fax: +62 21 2753 7099

Jebsen & Co

Jebsen & Jessen Hamburg

Consumer | Industrial | Beverage | Luxury

Textiles | Chemicals | Garnet

Sister company Jebsen & Co markets and distributes a wide array of premium products, employing 2,200 people. With a uniquely long established presence, Jebsen & Co offers companies around the world local market access along with a high degree of specialisation and knowledge. From the broad spectrum of products, Jebsen & Co is responsible for bringing unparalleled quality to the markets of Greater China, adapting to the rapidly changing business landscape.

Established in 1909, sister company Jebsen & Jessen Hamburg is an international trading group, connecting customers and suppliers across the globe in more than 80 countries. Comprising companies in Europe and Asia Pacific and the Americas, the group itself employs 700 people. Member companies include leading global garnet supplier GMA and ready-made garment merchandiser Triton Textile.

China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

SINGAPORE Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) 2 Corporation Road #03-06 Corporation Place Singapore 618494 Tel: +65 6305 3400 Fax: +65 6305 3444

MALAYSIA Jebsen & Jessen 16, Jalan 51A/225 Petaling Jaya Selangor 46100 Tel: +60 37861 6228 Fax: +60 37861 6229

THAILAND Jebsen & Jessen 23/110-117 Sorachai Building Soi Sukhumvit 63 Bangkok 10110 Tel: +66 2 787 8888 Fax: +66 2 787 8889

MYANMAR JJ-PUN Building No. 1, 5th Floor Myanmar Info-Tech Hlaing Township Yangon Tel: +95 1 2305135

VIETNAM Jebsen & Jessen Unit 1206, Sailing Tower 111A, Pasteur Street Ho Chi Minh City Tel: +84 8 6288 7688 Fax: +84 8 3827 2677

Australia, Bangladesh, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and USA Ayutthaya






Shah Alam


Hanoi Melaka



Batu Hijau

Ho Chi Minh City Miri


Simpang Renggam



Bekasi Jakarta



Binh Duong


Johor Bahru Pelambang

Sungai Buloh


Kaohsiung City Penang



Taipei City

Chiang Mai

Karawang Petaling Jaya



Chonburi Klang

Phnom Penh





Kota Kinabalu


Rio de Janeiro


Ulu Tiram




1963 We would like to acknowledge and thank the talented staff who brought this book to life with their photographs.

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